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Have you ever accidentally missed a shift at your last job?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Old Navy interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to know that you are a reliable person. Tell the interviewer that you are reliable and do not 'accidentally' miss a shift. Next, share with the interviewer how few times you have called off from work in the past year. If you were sick with the flu and had to call off work 2 days in a row, that's to be expected! Simply tell the interviewer that you had the flu and had to call off 2 days in the past year. We are all human and get sick from time-to-time. Missing work for those 2 days will not be a deal breaker.

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Have you ever accidentally missed a shift at your last job?
No, I have never accidentally missed a shift at my last job.
No, I held a 100 per cent attendence record at my previous job.
No, but I have accidently showed up to work for the wrong shift upon coming back from a vacation.
The closest I've ever come to accidentally missing a shift was when I thought I was supposed to go in at 6, but it was actually meant to be 5. My manager called, and I offered to stay an hour over my shift to cover for the confusion.
Since this would be my first job, I have no experience in the job field. But if given the opportunity I would never miss a job shift. And if the situation was urgent and I had to miss it for some reason I would contact the manager right away.
No, I am very good about calling out if I can't make a shift.
No, luckily, I have not missed any of my shift and its because I take my responsibilities seriously, therefore, I always try to be available on time during my shift.
No I haven't. I've actually had so much perfect attendance that they gave me several perfect attendance points.
I have never missed a shift at my last job because I am very punctual and very responsible when it comes to an assigned job.
No because this would be my first job.
I have never accidentally missed a shift at my last job. I have always been there when the parents need me.
My last job was babysitting and I was never late nor missed it.
No, I am through with checking my schedule.
No, I have never had a job before. However, if I become a part of your team, I will be motivated to come to work on time, and put in my best effort for the day.
When I first started my Job at a parking company, I did and I sloved that problem by really observing the date and time.
I do not have any previous work experience.
I have not previously had any other jobs, but I know myself and part of me is being dependable.
I have no previous job experience, but as a Sunday school teacher and an intern at Prudential I am 99.99% never late.
I have never ever missed a shift.
This would be my first job so this is not applicable.
The only time I've ever missed a shift was due to illness and I called in to a manager to tell them I wouldn't be coming in.
This is my first real job. But I've never missed a day babysitting.
No. I have never missed but one day due to illness.
I have never had a previous job.
No, if I need to miss a shift I am really good of informing my manager hours before missing out on a shift.
Being as I lived there where I worked one time I slept in for about 5 minutes and then my roomate who also did the same woke me up and we ran to the theatre.
No, I always try to be on my shift and on time.
No, I worked as a babysitter, so the times I knew I had to be up early, I would set an alarm or two to make sure I was out the house by the time I needed to be.
This is my first time applying for a job, but that would be highly irresponsible and out of character for me as an employee for Old Navy.
No, if I've missed a shift it was always for reasons such as sickness.
No. I have always informed them that I was coming late.
No I have never missed a shift in mu previous jobs. Every time I was not able to go was called for ahead of time or arranged with the manager.
Yes I have, it was my second week at the job. I had never worked in retail before and no one ever told me that the schedule changes every week.
No. I have always been punctual and rarely take time off.
I do not have any experience working.
I have not had any previous work experience.

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