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Are you a trustworthy person?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Old Navy interview

How to Answer

Absolutely! At Old Navy, you are being trusted with a lot of merchandise and cash, and the interviewer needs to hear that you are a trustworthy person. Simply tell the interviewer, "Yes, of course, I am."

Are you a trustworthy person?
Answer example

"Yes, of course, I am."

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Are you a trustworthy person?
Yes, I am a trustworthy person, i'm someone who can honest.
I'm a very trustworthy person I believe that characteristics is something you need when working with people and being a person loves and cares about her job feels that is very important.
I like to believe I am trustworthy, My last job had me taking care of young children, so I believe that qualifies me as a trustworthy person.
I have a very strong moral values and believe in keeping my word.
Very trust worthy person I worked in my high school store managed other kids opened and closed store on my own handled cash box, interned with technology coordinator had to keep keys and passwords to laptops and admin computers and personally I am very trust worthy because I would hate to put my trust into someone and they betray that thats something that I take serious.
Yes I am, You will be confident to assign me anything.
Yes. A lot of people confide in me and I'm used to having responsibility.
Yes, I believe that trust is the main component when it comes to a job because without trust you are not able to gain the trust of the other employers and employees. You need trust in order to build team work and have a stable team.
I am a very trustworthy person. I am respectful to everyone and when someone confides in me, they have their word from me.
Yes, everyone around me including my teachers professors always tell me that I am a very trustworthy person. I like to believe that every action has a reaction, and so I always do what is right.
Yes I am a trustworthy person.
Yes very much so, and I never give anyone the impression not to.
I am a trustworthy person. If I am working on the cash register, I can be trusted to give back the correct amount of change to a customer. Knowing that I have good work ethic at school, I can also be ethical at work.
I am a trustworthy person. I keepp.
Yes, I am a trustworthy person. At my current job, I am trusted to handle a till of my very own, to hand out banks to the drivers from the manager's till, and to run the store when the manager has to step out.
Most definitely. All my friends come to me when they need a trustowthy person because they know I am.
I am a trustworthy person. I am a trustworthy person because you can rely on me to get the job done. I am a reliable and dependable person.
I would say that I am. I dont lie to people and I like to think that I do what is right.
Yes, I was in a senior position previously.
Yes my parents have raised me to be a very responsible person and with that they taught be me to very very honest and relable.
Yes, I hold trustworthiness above many qualities.
Yes, I have always been a trustworthy person, I do not steal, and when I say I will do something I do.
Yes, I am a trustworthy person.
Yes, I always feel horribly guilty for even thinking of lying.
Yes. People often tell me that I am highly responsible, and have faith that I will do what I say.
Very much so. Honesty and trust is of high importance to me, especially in relationships.
I believe that I am a very trust worthy person. I always make sure that the things that matter come first before anything recreational. I always manage to get the job done and do the best I can.
I am an extremely trustworthy person because I believe in handwork.
Yes. I am always on time and I know that other people depend on me to do right thing.
Yes, I am the person my friends come to for advice, or someone they need to talk to.
Yes. Trust is something I value in everyone, mostly myself. I strive to be a trustworthy individual because it is important to me. It is important to my values.
Yes, anyone can rely on me.
I would consider myself an extremely trustworthy person.
I believe I am very trustworthy and honest.
Yes, I do believe I am trustworthy and honest. You can count on me to get the work done, or even just a friend to talk to. I respect other peoples' privacy and will not share anything they do not want me to.
Trust is something that is very valuable to me and is something that I like to build with other people and my job would be no exception. I am dedicate and like to reach my goals to the point where others can rely on me to accomplish a task.
I am a very trustworthy person. I can barely tell a white lie because honesty is a strong moral of mine.
I am a trustworthy person. I take things seriously and if I am left with a responsibility I know it is my main priority to get it done.
Yes, and I believe that keeping my word is very important.
Honesty is a value that I hold dearly, I am very trustworthy.
Yes. I can be counted on both interrelationally and by other team members to be honest.
I like to believe I am trustworthy, because my last job dealt with taking care of little children.
Yes, I am a very trustworthy person. I value trust in others greatly and I think being honest and reliable to a person is very important.

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