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Are you a trustworthy person?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Yes, I am a very trustworthy person. I value trust in others greatly and I think being honest and reliable to a person is very important.
Yes, I am a trustworthy person, i'm someone who can honest.
I'm a very trustworthy person I believe that characteristics is something you need when working with people and being a person loves and cares about her job feels that is very important.
I like to believe I am trustworthy, My last job had me taking care of young children, so I believe that qualifies me as a trustworthy person.
I have a very strong moral values and believe in keeping my word.
Very trust worthy person I worked in my high school store managed other kids opened and closed store on my own handled cash box , interned with technology coordinator had to keep keys and passwords to laptops and admin computers and personally I am very trust worthy because I would hate to put my trust into someone and they betray that thats something that I take serious.
Yes I am, You will be confident to assign me anything.
Yes. A lot of people confide in me and I'm used to having responsibility.
Yes, I believe that trust is the main component when it comes to a job because without trust you are not able to gain the trust of the other employers and employees. You need trust in order to build team work and have a stable team.
I am a very trustworthy person. I am respectful to everyone and when someone confides in me, they have their word from me.