OB-GYN Physicians Interview Questions

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Darby Faubion has been a Nurse and Allied Health Educator for over twenty years. She has clinical experience in several specialty areas including pediatrics, medical-surgical, critical care, and hospice.

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At OB-GYN Physicians, in an effort to attract diverse patients, we strive to employee individuals from different backgrounds . What are your thoughts on diversity in the workplace & do you have any experience working with people of different backgrounds/beliefs?

OB-GYN Physicians Interview Questions

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    At OB-GYN Physicians, in an effort to attract diverse patients, we strive to employee individuals from different backgrounds . What are your thoughts on diversity in the workplace & do you have any experience working with people of different backgrounds/beliefs?

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    Like most employers, OB-GYN Physicians likes to attract employees that want to build a long-term relationship with us. What changes, if any, do you anticipate in your personal or professional life within the next 2-3 years?

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    At OB-GYN Physicians we often see patients with different types of mental health diagnoses. Are you familiar with post-partum psychosis?

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    Will you share one of your most difficult cases and how you handled the stress of it?

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    As much as possible, OB-GYN Physicians tries to accommodate employees by working to create flexible work schedules. Is there a schedule that fits best with your family/education responsibilities?

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    Unfortunately, the drug crisis worldwide is no respecter of persons when it comes to the unborn. OB-GYN Physicians often cares for patients who are addicted to drugs, or are pregnant and addicted to drugs. Do you have any experience with addiction disorders?

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    Many healthcare employees express that at one time or other they have experienced stress or anxiety related to work. Has there ever been a time when work-related stress interfered with your job performance?

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    One issue that many women have difficulty dealing with is unresolved grief. OB-GYN Physicians would like to offer opportunities for patients to have an outlet to discuss these issues. Do you have any experiencing working with bereavement care?

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    Women's healthcare covers many different aspects of care. What is your favorite area to work in?

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    At OB-GYN Physicians we value education and are supportive of employees who seek higher education or certifications in their specialty areas. Have you ever thought about continuing your education?

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    A growing area of women's health is mental health wellness. One common condition is postpartum depression. Do you have any experience caring for patients with this diagnosis?

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    Specializing in women's healthcare, OB-GYN Physicians takes care of many obstetric patients of all ages. Have you ever dealt with pediatric patients (16 or under) who were referred for obstetric care?

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    At OB-GYN Physicians we are proactive regarding education of our patients. Have you ever participated in patient education?

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    If you were the person responsible for hiring new employees, what qualities would you be looking for during the interview? Do you feel that you display those qualities yourself?

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    Everyone you meet has a different personality. What is something you would like for people to notice about your personality?

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    OB-GYN Physicians understands that healthcare careers can be very demanding and we encourage employees to have balance between their work and personal lives. What do you do to help promote healthy work/life balance?

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    OB-GYN Physicians offers planned parenthood counseling. One topic that people often have different opinions on is abortion. What are your thoughts on this option for unwanted/unplanned pregnancy?

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    Statistics show that one out of every two people between the ages of 15-20 will be exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. What are your thoughts on educating school-aged children regarding safe sex practices?

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    Infertility is a diagnosis that is difficult for families, especially the women that it affects, to cope with. Have you ever cared for a patient dealing with infertility?

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    Holistic care involves caring for the whole patient: mind, body, and spirit. What are your thoughts regarding combining physical and spiritual care within a healthcare facility?

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    At times, OB-GYN Physicians may have an expectant mother who is 15 yrs old or younger. Have you ever dealt with a maternity patient that is this young?

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    Has there ever been a time that you considered changing career?

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    While OB-GYN Physicians likes to give all candidates for employment an opportunity, salary is one thing that is often commensurate with experience. What are your thoughts regarding someone with same job title as you making a higher salary based on experience?

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    OB-GYN Physicians offers a number of prenatal care and counseling. Some of the prenatal services offered include 3D and 4D sonograms. Have you ever performed sonograms?

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    Often women's health providers have to deal with patient and family disagreements regarding what care should be sought. Can you think of a time you have dealt with this in the past?

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    OB-GYN Physicians values strong relationships among our team members and with our patients. Do you consider yourself to have strong relationship building skills?

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    Healthcare workers have a high incidence of what many call 'burn out.' Have you ever experienced a time that you felt like you needed to take a break from your job? If so, will you share what led up to the incident and how it was resolved?

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    Do you know how to perform a breast self-exam and do you know how to teach others to do one?

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    When dealing with different scenarios such as those often seen in Women's Health, some employees show a tendency to distance themselves from others. Why do you think this is so?

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    Have you ever had a disagreement with a co-worker? If so, how was it resolved?