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Top 15 Nordstrom Interview Questions
List of Nordstrom Interview Questions
  1. How will Nordstrom benefit from hiring you?
  2. What do you believe makes a great company to work for?
  3. How often do you shop at Nordstrom or visit Nordstrom?
  4. What aspect of fashion do you enjoy the most?
  5. How many hours do you expect a week?
  6. Which department would you most like to work at?
  7. Why do you want a career in fashion?
  8. Who are your favorite designers?
  9. Where do you see yourself at Nordstrom in three years?
  10. Why do you want a job at Nordstrom?
  11. Are you a reliable person? Explain.
  12. What was one of your biggest setbacks, and how did you overcome it?
  13. Do you enjoy talking to people about fashion?
  14. In what areas does your fashion knowledge need to be improved upon?
  15. What do you know about Nordstrom?
  16. How long do you foresee yourself working at Nordstrom?
  17. Tell me about a time that you went above and beyond for a customer?
  18. What skill do you have that will qualify you for the position?
  19. If I asked you to pick out an outfit in the store right now, what would you pick?
  20. What skills or knowledge do you possess that will make you a great sales associate at Nordstrom?
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Nordstrom Information
Nordstrom is headquartered in Seattle, WA. The company has been in operation since 1901 and has yearly revenues of 8.6 Billion with approximately 61,000 employees. Nordstrom is a publicly traded company, trading under the symbol JWN. Follow Nordstrom on Twitter at @nordstrom. To get an even further insight into Nordstrom, check out their Blog. Read about the company culture, corporate mission, and discover any job openings at Nordstrom, by visiting their Career Page. If you need help finding more information about Nordstrom, visit their Website.
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