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Why do you want a career in fashion?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nordstrom interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you are excited about working in the fashion industry. What makes you passionate about this field? Is it your love for design and color? Do you enjoy helping people find their personal style? Or, do you really like helping style evolve over time? Whatever makes you passionate about the field, share it with the interviewer, and share that you desire to work in the field because you are passionate about it.

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Why do you want a career in fashion?
Fashion to me is an art form that a person can wear. I love helping people put outfits together, and watching their reaction of how much it up's their mood. Fashion has it's own language, and is something that can be translated between different countries around the world, almost like music. Fashion is creative, challenging and interesting.
Because so many people need help with how to dress, and first impressions are lasting impressions.
I feel like I would exceed in it and I have the personality to.
I love waking up and the morning and knowing I have the ablity to look and feel good just by putting on something amazing.
Be better educate myself and others.
I want a career in fashion because its a good industry and its constantly changing, it will always keep me wanting more.
I love fashion, love helping and talking to customers.
I love fashion, and helping people looks and feel good about themselves.
I love talking to customers and enjoy sales and fashion.
How flexible is your schedule?
I'm passionate about it and I enjoy helping people find what they need.
I would like a career in fashion because it is something that I love and to be able to have a career in a field you love is the ultimate dream come true.
Because it' represents me I love fashion and I keep up with the latest trends.
The fashion industry is something I have always enjoyed looking at. I believe a career in fashion will help me develop fashion skills that will help me in the future by going up the corporate fashion latter.
I love fashion. Its easy for me to relate to customers that are looking for the latest look. I would be happy helping customers in the fashion industry.
I have a great passion for apparel and textiles. It is the most direct way of creative expression.
I am opting to choose a career in fashion because it blends very well with my interests in the field of Communications and Fine Arts. I have always been inclined to explore the creative and fashion is just that, along with being able to interact with people and understand the marketplace.
I want a career in fashion because fashion is one of the major things in life that I always look upon. Without fashion, there is no style. And nordstrom inspires me to have a taste in fashion because of the beautiful clothing brands that are in the store.
I personally love fashion and exploring the different worlds that fashion has within its very large spectrum.
Yes, I always have loved the industry and especially the sales aspect.
Fashion for me is helping people create style and form their personal selves.
Fashion has always been a confidence thing for me. I always feel most confident in the clothes that I feel most comfortable in. And sometimes the item I feel most comfortable in is 4 inch heels and a dress.
I want a career in fashion because it is a passion of mine. I find joy in it and want to share that with others.
Fashion is one of those things that is always changing so I love learning about new trends. I think if you dress well it makes your outlook on life better because you feel better.
Because I feel I could sell fashion because I have an affinity for it and I am passionate about style.
I have a natural drive and talent for textiles, colors, and shape. I have a very good eye for detail and good design. I want to be a curator of taste and style. I feel the most fulfilled when I work with designers, or fashion in general.
As I mentioned earlier, I love fashion and I am a people person so I think that being able to give advice in bettering someones opinion would be ideal.
Because I enjoy helping people in need of fashion advice, who want to look good and feel good in their fashion choices.
The perfect balance of my creative and business sides.
I have always been in the fashion industry. I have worked soft lines as well as leathergoods. From Ann Taylor, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Brighton.
I love that people can buy a product that they know is quality and something that makes them happy, elevating their self esteam.
Since I was younger I have always strived to find my own unqiue style, while doing this I found a few brands and designers that truley helped me do so. This has always been a form of art to me and dressing yourself, and finding and having your unique fashion taste. I love everything about fashion and would enjoy a career that is centered around helping other find that.
I really like merchandising, but most importantly helping people explore their sense of style. Working at Nordstrom is a great company for me to continue to do that. Since Nordstrom heavily emphasizes on turning customers into loyal clients, I think it would be awesome to help those clients develop their style and help them choose products that express their individuality.
I dont want a career in Fashion but I love fashion and style.
I want to learn more about fashion - how to make clothing look the best it can look, on different body types, hair colors, etc.
A career in fashion, and specifically cosmetics, allows me to express my creativity while meeting new people all day.
I would like to expand my opportunities with a career in Nordstrom Restaurants.
I would like a career in fashion because I enjoy the visual aspect it. From the clothes to the accessories to the makeup. I have talents to lend to the makeup aspect of fashion and I have the drive to succeed.
I love fashion. Its a great way to express yourself and imagination. Nordstrom is one of the bigge.
I love fashion - I was born to shop and therefore I appreciate, on the level of a customer, what they want and expect.
I want to continuously learn new things and experience hands on the excitement that comes with working in such a diverse, fast-pace, everchanging industry.
I am a business administration and marketing student, loving consumerism is one of the major reasons why I selected my major. Shopping, discovering different designers to add to my closet and influencing others to buy certain brands are my passions.
Because its a product I know fairly well and I am seeking a career with a creative outlet.
I think it would help me keep up with the latest fashion trends before it becomes a trend.
I want to help people feel good about themselves and the way they look.
I am passionate about the fashion industry and also have written several articles pertaining to fashion.
Well, I am a person who likes shopping a lot. So, I do research for every season "what is in trend? which colours are in trend?" Enjoy helping people to choose their style and colour. Fashion career also requires lots of motion, be on public and sometimes travels, so that kind of a person, who will enjoy it.
I would love a career in fashion to fulfill customers needs as wanting change in themselves to make them pop out of the box.
Because I love and know fashion.
I always felt fashionable, even if it were a quick trip to the store, a first impression always makes a difference.
Like to work with customers and dress them.
In addition to my passion for garments and shapes, the fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is essential to everyday.
I love fashion it is wonderful way of creativity and shows individuality and a career in fashion is exactly what I want because you are showing of you creativity and promoting your company.
I enjoy putting together outfits and coordinating pieces.
I love fashion, clothes, designers.
Love fashion, clothes, how clothes makes woman feel.
I love fashion, designers, being around people.
I want to get into the fashion industry and hopefully become a stylist one day.
Ever since I was young I have wanted to be a part of the fashion industry. I spend hours a day finding the newest trends and beauty secrets. I really love how fashion allows people to express themselves.
I would like a career in bar tending with a Nordstroms Restaurant .
I've always been interested and loved putting clothes together for my friends and family and this would be my first real fashion job which excites me more than what I have done in the past, with the knowledge I know I want to expand that and learn within what I already have.
I have always been interested in fashion and im always expandign my nowledge in brands and makers and nordstomss sells such a wide range of clothign and brands I feel like thats perfect for my expansion in nowldege.
It feels more appealing then general retail for an artistic inclined person like myself.
Not only it's a career it's more of a hobby. I love fashion and I love sharing ideas and tips to everyone.
Ever since I was a child, I have always had a passion for the fashion industry and I feel like I would be an asset to your company as I will work very hard to deliver all goals that are set for me.
I think that it is an easy way to portray a sense of who you are, its more than fashion its a lifestyle.
I have been into fashion either learning or working for past 9 years. I did learn a lot in these years and every day I learn new things which makes me fall in love with fashion by the day. I moved from India to U.S.A and my interest in fashion grew with it. I cannot imagine me doing anything else in life but having a successful career in fashion.
Because like I said I love recycling clothes and putting the old together to make something new, fashion allows you to be as created as you want its, almost like a release because I can be home for house putting together new outfits.
Because I am an artist that likes to express myself through clothing.
I want a career in fashion because I like that it is fast paced and pressure filled. I enjoy the rush of making a sale. I enjoy the creative side of things but I also love that there are multiple ways to address an issue and to accomplish tasks.
It's fun, everyday is new, every season is new. Everyone wants to feel and look good. It als drives the economy. I love fashion.
The only constant is change. I love that fashions are constantly changing. Keeping one on their toes.
I love fashion and retail. I have been interested in fashion since I was a small girl.
I enjoy helping customers dress for important occasions and to provide fashion forward advice when they are revamping their closets.

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