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Which department would you most like to work at?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nordstrom interview

Interviewers want to ensure you are placed into a job that you will enjoy. Now is the time to candidly share what your perfect fit is in the store! Start off by telling the interviewer that you will happily work in any department, but if you were able to choose a department, you would choose 'insert your desired department here.' This will show the interviewer that you are a team player willing to work in other areas to support the store, and it opens that door for the interviewer to place you where you want to be!

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Which department would you most like to work at?
Intern for Retail sales.
Customer service representative.
BP Juniors department.
The department I would most likely to work at would be in restaurant work.
I am very flexible. I can work with any department.
I would most like to be your Specialty Coffee Shop Manager.
Which ever department needs my help.
I am flexible to work in any department but I would like to work in Sales.
I would love to work in BP, shoes or the mens department.
I am most interested in working in sales for now to really get the feel of what it means to work on the floor, but would eventually like to explore planning.
I would most like to work in the Shoes department because I absolutely love shoes and I know that Nordstrom originated as a shoe store.
I would like to work at the service desk since I feel that would just be the department I have the best knowledge and where you can actually communicate with the customers instead just being another cashier at the store.
I strongly believe that I would excel in cosmetics along with any department. My faith in the company and the quality of every brand and product Nordstrom carries allows me to be able to show the customer my personal faith in what they are purchasing. Without voicing that I am a believer in the product, I am able to convey that with confidence and guidance.
I would like to work on the retail floor because I enjoying interacting with customers.
I would like to work in the collectors department.
I am the most comfortable in accessories but would love to venture to other areas as well.
Savvy would be my most interested department, as well as independent. This is where I personally shop and have a lot of interest in. I do like BP as well, because of its variety. But Savvy is probably the one I fit in with the most.
I would most like to work in the cosmetics department.
I would love a chance to showcase my skills in the restaurant sector.
I am being interviewed for the Barista position at the eBar.
The Topshop Department and I would love to learn about visual merchandise.
Lingerie, because I am most familiar with the product.
Cosmetics! It is a hobby of mine and I am very passionate about it. I love doing it for other people because I know that I can make them feel good! I am always trying out new trends or looks on myself!
As I mentioned earlier, I am obsessed with shoes so I would love to work in the shoe desperatment.
I woulld love to work in childerens department or in mens. I have 4 older brothers and I love mens fashion.
Design team, but for now, stock team.
I would enjoy working in the plus size department the most. I want to show other gals that are bigger you can have fun with your wardrobe too.
I would love to work in clothing department because I love the latest fashion trends and I would love to help to love the customer with anything they need.
Salon shoes and designer apparel.
Either shoes or clothing they always attract me the most.
I have a passion for all things fashion, but my greatest passion is in cosmetics which I feel would make me a perfect candidate to be a great leader and seller of Cosmetics. I currently have a beauty youtube channel as a hobby and have found over the last two years for it to be extremely rewarding to be able to do what I love. And who doesn't want to do what they love for a living right?
Like I said I most related to the Nordstroms beauty. Makeup is something that really inspires me and is definitely the direction I want to take my career in.
I would love to be in any department but my top would probably be the kids or mens department. I've grown up babysitting and having many of my friends with little siblings and I believe I am really good with kids and satisfying there parents very well. For the mens department I have grown up with an older brother and my dad who are very big into fashion and what looks good to them. Normally its the girl who asks if "this looks okay" or if this "makes me look fat" where in this case I've grown up with it and have gotten very good at what truly does look good and how different clothing pieces fit together.
I am mostly interested in kids, juniors and women's apparels. But if it doesn't have positions I am very much interested in women's shoes and bags department as well.
I would love to work in shoes. Shoes have always been one of my favorite things and there are many times where I pick my outfit based on what shoes I want to wear. Picking the right shoe for any outfit or event is key and they can take a look to the next level.
I enjoy mens and womens clothing. However I do love shoes and I find myself enjoying mens clothing. But I am open to any option.
I'm versatile in any department, I'm experienced in styling both men and women and I have an interest in all aspects of fashion.

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