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Where do you see yourself at Nordstrom in three years?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nordstrom interview

If you plan to stay in the position that you are hired for, that is great! Simply tell the interviewer that you would like to be in the same position.

If you have aspirations of being promoted or moving into another role, tell the interviewer that you look forward to the opportunity to move into that role some day, but you understand it may take several years to get there. Next, mention that if you are able to do that in three years, it would be a nice perk, and you are willing to keep working in the role you are hired into until you are able to make this transition.

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Where do you see yourself at Nordstrom in three years?
I'd like to see myself as possibly a buyer or buyer assistant.
I see myself becoming an expert in sales and hopefully gaining a lot of expirience from my job as far as communicating well with custormers and being able to sell products easily..
In a higher postion. I want to move up in the company.
I see myself as the Assistant Manager, work my way from the bottom to the top.
I see myself out of school and at that point working a successful interior designer.
I really hope to be still employed with Nordstrom and working in either the BP department or women's shoes as a floor manager or just a normal sales associate.
I would like to be a manager of a department.
Working full time with more responsible position.
Working in the corporate office.
I would ideally like to be involved in management. I am studying business so I have an interest in that field. But right now I'm just going to work as hard as I can with the job given to me and try to prove I am worthy of doing being a committed and hard working associate of Nordstrom.
I see myself promoting the brand from a marketing standpoint or communications (ad/pr) - that is my major and very parallel with my career goals.
Yes. I see myself in a management position.
In three years I would see myself in more of the business sides of things because I will be three years out of college with an economics degree that will help me more forward in the company.
I see myself having learned a lot and moving upwards within my department, or possibly exploring other departments.
Possible a high end supervisor or even department manager if possible.
I see myself as a top person in retail sales and continuously creating new goals for myself to better serve the company.
I see myself three working a nordstrom being a higher position.
Possibly the manager of a department. And perusing my goal as a fashion buyer.
In 3 years I hope to be in a higher position maybe management of the cafe.
Promoted to higher positions and fulfilling my career.
Yes, I see Nordstrom as more of a career job then a side job. Along with going to school, until I finish I would like a job where I enjoy the work and it relates to my field of study.
In an office position. Getting closer for design opportunities.
I see myself still going strong. Right now in school I will be part time however, I would love to stay with the company so that when I am able to, I could possibly climb up the ladder.
I dont know, Hopefully working with Nordstrom but not in store. I would love to work as the people that goes and looks for new trends and product lines that could be brought to Nordstrom stores.
There are so many facets to this company that I would like to learn each one. I would like to have learned about the company itself in the next 3 years and also would like to learn about some of the different departments as well.
I see myself as a very successful counter manager.
You never know what to expect from the future, BUT if I had to choose I would definitely try to work up to a manager position. Or possibly work at all makeup counters!
Being a regional lead in the cosmetics department.
I hope to have a higher position in the company in 3 years. I plan to work hard and prove that I am capable of handling more responsibility. I know that I will have to start at the bottom and learn the basics, but I hope to grow and expand my skills into a managerial position.
I see myself becoming an expert in sales and hopefully gaining a lot of experience from my job as far as communicating well with customers and being able to sell products easily.
Sales possibly working for the marketing department.
In three years at Nordstrom I feel I would be on top . I feel I will be one of your best selling associates because I put passion an dedicate in my work and I take it very serious in making sure that people come and get exactly what they wanted and always come back again.
I see myself being a leading manager in Nordstrom in three years and be happy because I made a career of working for this great company.
I would love to continue learning and gaining experience at Nordstrom. I would love to work in many different departments so I can be knowledgeable throughout the store. Hopefully I can work assisting managers in the future.
Hopefully in a place that I am really proud of, and comfortable in the position I hold. I am a person that needs a challenge, constantly, to feel good about the work that I am going. If Nordstrom is able to provide this, I see myself sticking with the company long term.
I see myself as a successful career woman. I know and I believe that nordstrom will be a big part in achieving and fulfilling my dreams.
Manager.. Who knows. But I know that I will work hard and take it from there.
Product Development Manager, Marketing Manager.
I hope to be a top performer within the company. I am always seeking opportunities to move up ad advance myself so I would like to ay that I see myself being very successful and knowledgeable about the company.
I would love to be moving up and maybe looking into managment.
Hopefully in a leadership position or maybe even on a design team at HQ.
Working and helping the customers have an enjoyable shopping expierence always.
Possibly working as an Assistant Manager in a department I have proven proficient in.
I see myself succeeding and moving up in the chain, perhaps to head of a department.
Work my way up to be a personal shopper.
I wouLd love to work as personal shopper or buyer.
Designer management, VIP personal,
I see myself much more experienced and maybe even having the opportunity to grow within the company.
Although I do love shoes, I think in three years I'd like to take my skills to other departments and try something new. I'd enjoy working in BP or Active wear.
I see myself in a high visuals position, perhaps regionally if an opportunity exists.
I see myself being an assistant manager. If possible, maybe an entire store manager too. I am looking to advance myself in the company.
To be honest I don't know so much about Nordstrom but hopefully in the next three years im either still working in sales or maybe in customer service rep.
I see myself excelling with my profession and moving up within corporate and helping Nordstom's achieve high levels of sales/profits.
I hope to continue to learn and grow in my career at Nordstrom. I hope to be working closely with the merchandising team.
In headquarters in buying and merchandising team.
Hope working full time with the marking or styling department.
Well once I graduate I would definitely hope to have a position available at Nordstrom. I see myself as an assistant manager that works really hard and also loves my job. I would be happy and content but always working hard to be promoted.
I hope to be managing perhaps more than one department if possible.
Hopefully I am promoted to higher position. I am confident with my work.
I would have to learn the corporate structure to answer that correctly. But, I can tell you this... I see myself being a part of a team. A successful, results driven team.As a leader, as well as a motivator to co-workers.
Manager of ladies wear after demonstarting theat I am ther best sales person.
Definitely working my way to a social media and marketing position.
In three years, I would like to be a DM of a high volume department.
Hopefully doing what I am doing to the best capability, considering I will only be able to be part time for now.

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