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What do you believe makes a great company to work for?
Think about the best company you have ever worked for. What made this company great? List 1-2 things that you think make a company great. Some common answers might include: having excellent people to work with, giving back to the community, understanding that it is not all about the money, focusing on improving people's lives, or having outstanding leadership.

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User-Submitted Answers

What do you believe makes a great company to work for?
I believe a company who cares about the customer more than anything else and a company who cares about their internal workers so that they can move up within the industry.
A company who strives to hire employees who represent them well.
Having respect for each other is really important. It is also great to help other employees out and not just think about yourself.
I admire when any company has good values and practice corporate responsibility. Treating your customers as well as your employees is extremely important.
A company that works with the customer, and the employees. A place where everyone is treated with respect.
I think the employees are the most important part of a company, because they directly represent.
Appreciation for employees, fun yet professional atmosphere, organization, high yet reachable standards for exployees,
A company that cares for their partners as well as customers.
A happy, friendly, professtional team environment.
Have people believing in the same thing striving for the same goal of excellence.
A company that has a goal and a purpose, that cares for the ones keeping them in business and that has the best staff representing who they are.
A great company is constantly evolving, and helps their associates evolve with them.
Friendly and nice people people work with and good benefit.
I think that if you have great customer service and are willing to do everything for you customers then the people behind that must be amazing.
A company that takes care of its clients as well as its employees. That has great values and standards in terms of service and quality and a strong drive to uphold those standards.
The quality and delivery of their mission statement.
A great company to work for is one that has a strong relationship with their employees. One that care about the customers and not just the gaining profit. But by keeping a good reputation.
Nordstrom is such a dynamic company, always changing and innovating keep the customer at the center. The moral nordstrom uphold is great, nordstrom strives to make customers happy, by keep their employees motivated and happy as well.
A company that understands how to allocate their resources effectively, appreciate employees and support customers is a great company to work and learn at.
A great company to me would be a company with the same goals and values as everybody else apart of that team. Along with great teamwork. These are true key factors to a great company in my opinion.
From past experience, I really admire a company that holds strong emphasis on building good relationships with their team. Realizing you spend a significant amount of time with your team provides an opportunity to bond and establish a healthy working relationship.
I believe that a company that offers the right products for their for their customers as well as good customer service makes a great company.
Company who puts customers first.
Currently I am employed with La Provence, and in that position I am a manager and leader in food sales as well as the Social Media Marketing Manager.
Culture. Where teamwork and loyalty are expected and the employees care about the success of the company.
Up to date fashions new policies great environment to work.
A company that empowers employees to build their own business by encouraging them to work the hardest they can and a company that establishes great relationships with its customer in order to provide the best customer service possible.
A company with high class but treats people with the respect they deserve. With big companies sometimes they will act as if they are better than you or treat you not to the par of what a person deserves.
A company that appraises good workers and creates a fun environment.
One who values their customers first and foremost, and also values their internal workers, so they can move up within the industry.
The company should challenge employees with new tasks so that it brings something new in them which even they did not know it existed.
A great company to work for is one that puts integrity first.
Sucsses, customer satisfaction, creat a big impact on the idustry etc.
One where you can grow, reach the next level, feel respected, valued, rewarded.
A great company to work for cares about their customers and their employees.
A diverse team with open communication, especially when there are situations or work related complications occur. I appreciate honesty and constructive criticism to become a better worker and colleague.