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What aspect of fashion do you enjoy the most?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nordstrom interview

The interviewer wants to learn more about your passion for fashion. Start off by telling the interviewer what makes you excited about the fashion industry. Next, share how you stay on top of new fashion trends. You might share that your favorite aspect is helping people feel good about themselves through fashion, and you love following the latest fashion trends on Pinterest.

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What aspect of fashion do you enjoy the most?
Some thing new and different that expresses your personality.
Why do you what to work for us.
I enjoy the development side of fashion.
I enjoy the creativity most, I love how it allows people to express themseleves through what they wear and allows every person to be their own unique individual.
The creativity, trendy and the sense of being unique.. Is what l like abt fashion.
The creative aspect, you could be a different person everyday, given a great selection of garments, or even a few signature pieces.
I really enjoy the mixing and matching part of fashion! Being able to buy pieces of clothing and reusing them in different ways is always fun!
Fashion is ever changing. Keeping up with what is hot at that time is half the fun of shopping.
Th clothes themselves and the artwork that they are!
Love how fast it changes.
Creativity in personal style; dignified; free and liberating.
The creativity and being able to express your personality and indivduality.
Fashion is about changing and progressing with the times. I love that with fashion every woman becomes a chameleon.
I always enjoy seeing different fashion trends from the past come back to life in new and redesigned clothing, shoes, or accessories.
Helping each customer find an outfit that helps them look and feel their best.
I enjoy how fashion can boost your spirits and make you feel like a whole new person.
How new clothes make you feel confident and boost your self esteem.
I enjoy the creativity of fashion the most. I love being up to date with the styles and trends of the season and being able to use my creativity through the clothing I wear.
People are able to express themselves with their jewelery clothes and whatnot.
I love that fashion is an expression of oneself. No words necessary, just creativity and mood displayed for everyone to see.
I absolutely love clothing. I always help out friends and family with what they should wear, or what shirt comes with what pants, or what dress looks good on them. I believe that inspiring fashion is what I enjoy the most.
The aspect that I enjoy the most about fashion is the way that it allows people to express themselves.
I truly believe that every aspect of fashion appeals to me. The overall appearance of a beautifully put together look requires every aspect of fashion. With that being said I think that personal styling is the aspect I enjoy the most.
The aspect I enjoy of fashion is that it by creating your own sense of style .
The aspect I enjoy the most is the feeling of confidence you have when you are wearing a very fashionable outfit.
I love fashion as a means to express ones self. I always find it funny when the girls on my team and I are wearing the same jeans, but each have our own way of styling them. It truly shows your personalitly. The fact that fashion is ever changing.
It is always changing. It is an expression of who you are.
I love fashion that is timeless and classic but also fashion that can give the customer a sense of individuality.
I truly enjoy mixing different time-periods of fashion into one. Looking for styles and elements that can be added to an outfit or truly finish a look. Whether it be accessories or bringing in a new color to an outfit, finding that unique twist is what makes each fashion statement its own.
Definitely seeing new styles and providing them to customers who enjoy fashion as much as I do.
The art, the colors and the patters which completes an outfit creating a masterpiece. I love how fashion can identify you among others.
I think in fashion you can express yourself differently each day. Your sense of fashion can communicate what mood you are in, and evolves along with your personality.
I enjoy creating dishes that adhere to to the highest standards of Nordstrom and the ultimate satisfaction of the guest.
Cosmetic fashion because it is so interchangeable. It really can change the aesthetic of an outfit. Also it can affect how a person feels.
I guess it would have to be the variety and the different creative ways you can take with designs and colors to create something practical yet aesthetically pleasing.
I enjoy the instant when a brand, product and price align. I feel excited, anxious and want to wear what I bought out-of-the-store.
Putting together entire looks for the client, including accessories. Creating a memorable customer experience, while creating multiple sales.
Fashion is ever-changing; just like life. Fads can become trends and trends can become classics. Life works the same way. Success stories become icons. Icons become legends.
I enjoy the seasonal trends of fashion, I love how diverse fashion can be and that it has no limits.
Being able to put different things together to make a unique creation that reflects you.
The trendy styles and how fast new brands and styles appear quickly.
I enjoy the excitment I get when I purchase a new item and plan on when I am going to wear it.
Hat I enjoy the most about fashion is the sense of creativity it gives you, being unique, and the fact that you have an oppurtunity to express yourself. Fashion is a huge part of my life I love it because I never want to look like a complete duplicate of someone else and I love to get compliments on my style. It is a great feeling. When you feel and look good inside and out it gives you that boost of confidence. And thats what fashion does for me.
I enjoy learning how creative ideas form concepts then those concepts turn into designs in my mind its like works of wearable art, that in turn make people more confident.
I really enjoy the aspect of continuos repeating trends.
All of it…fashion is everything and its what makes you.
Serving my customers happy and contented to what they have chosen regarding a style.
Look fashionable, and help others be in trend. Also, communication, fashion requires people be communicative, so this aspect makes me feel that I want to work in a fashion environment.
I love that you can have fun with it and make it your own. You can take a trend and put your own little twist to it to make it your look. A small example would be Alex and Ani bracelets. Everyone would wear 5-10 at a time. But I would wear one or two and mix it with other different bangles or bracelets that I had. I know its not a major example, but little things like putting your own twist on it is what I love about fashion.
What I love most about fashion is its ability to constantly renew itself.
I love shoes and pairing things together.
The design process and delivery of those designs.
The aspects of fashion I enjoy most is putting together my own outfit with my style in mind. I do enjoy dress and accessories the most.
Fashion is always changing. Trends go in and out and new styles are developed.
I love fashion because the way we dress ourselves shows individuality and it shows someones personality and it is unique. Because you are standing out and creating a new style with every fashion and that you can wear clothing in a different way and express your individuality and personality in a wonderful creative beautiful way.
Coordinating colors. When you can get everything to work based on shades, monochromatic themes, opposite or clashing colors, accent colors playing off each other, it helps create a unique factor to your look and accentuate your personality.
I believe fashion is an art, I love how fashion changes every season and every year allows customer to show creative side of them.
How it makes me feel with fashion it allows me to express my self.
I enjoy being able to feel much more confident in the outfit you have on, I feel like fashion is extremely important, it lets people know about you by just looking at your outfit, it lets you express yourself and your taste by just putting a piece of clothing or shoes on.
Fragrance & make up Shoes Handbags Burberry Tory-birch.
I enjoy the aspect of how fashion makes you look sharp. Even when you are not feeling your best, I believe your fashion empowers you in the moment to look and feel great amongst people.
The artistic talent from all over the world. The fashion trends intrigue me.
A balance of functionally and aesthetic.
I love everything about fashion but I must say I love handbags and accessories more.
I enjoy the most is the outcome of how a person feels when they put on a dress or a shoe or Jewlery and feel confident and beautiful in it.
I enjoy all aspects of fashion-colors, textures, fabrics, design. It's all very interesting to me!
I love that its always changing and people can possess their own kind of style. That something that you thought may never come back in style comes back because fashion is always evolving in different ways at different times.
I love creativity the most. How it allows people to express themselves. If you mix and match your own wardrobe and wear two things which you have never even thought about pairing together you will feel like a new person, even though its your own clothes.
The styling because I love to recycle clothes, so enjoying putting something old together to make something new.
I really love how fashion gives you the chance to show your true colors and to inspire others.
I love the fact that you can express your individuality and become more confident through fashion.
The aspect that it travelles overthe the world fast.
My favorite aspect of fashion is the fit.
I would have to say the confidence, I love the feeling of fashion, a good outfit can truly enhance your self esteem in the matter of seconds. That to me is beyond the fabric, it's truly powerful.
The design aspect and the vision of what the product started as to what it has become.
Founded by John Nordstrom in 1901 as a shoe retailer in Seattle and expanded.
I enjoy styling the most and working with women to help them feel better about themselves.
I enjoy being able to express myself through the details of my clothes and accessories, and being able to inspire other people to make their outfits unique.

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