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How will Nordstrom benefit from hiring you?
Talking about ourselves in this way can be challenging. We recommend reaching out to a few colleagues, family members, and friends. Ask them for their opinion. You'll probably be surprised at the consistency in their responses! Their answers will give you insight into how to answer this question. Tell the interviewer what sets you apart, and explain how your co-workers, family members, and friends have encouraged you with your gift in this area.

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User-Submitted Answers

How will Nordstrom benefit from hiring you?
Nordstrom will have gain an entusiastic employee that absoutely loves what she does. From being a life long customer I know what is expected of me as a member of the Nordstom family and how vitally important it is to make the customers feel like they are THE most important person in the store.
Apart from me loving fashion and helping the customers. I am also very reliable, multitask, teamplayers.
I am a little ocd I am very organied so I would always have my area clean and perfect.
What is customer service?
I have 12 years of awesome customer service and sales and I work hard for a company known for the best customer service to the clients.
Nordstrom will benefit from me because with me I will bring my skills as a leader and my constant drive while on the floor to not only cater to customers but, also to make and/or exceed my daily and monthly goals.
By hiring me, Nordstrom will succeed in continuing to offer ideal customer service - I am a very positive, happy, and outgoing person. I love to talk to people, and offer my fashion expertise. I like to communicate with people, and I am always eager to learn from professionals. I am self motivated, and I liek to take initiative, but I am also not afraid to ask for help when I need it. As a nordstrom employee, I would be committing to enhancing a brand I love, and offering the same outstanding customer service that I recieve as a Nordstrom customer.
I would provide excellent customer service and beat my sales goals.
I have excellent customer service skills.
I will make significant contributions under the Nordstrom business philosophy with outstanding customer support satisfaction and sales performance.
I am an extremely enthusiastic learner and hard worker. I am passionate about fashion and love working with people.
Nordstrom will benefit by having an amazing employee, sales will go up, customer satisfaction will go and overall store will increase.
Nordstrom can count on an employee with exception customer service skills, outstanding sales skills and vast product knowledge as well a very clear understanding of how the company operates.
By gaining someone who is completely dedicated and interested in their company.
Since I want a job in the fashion industry, hiring me will give me a better chance with staying with the company for years to come.
You will gain hard-working and capable employee, who genuinely love what they do.
I am punctual and know how to provide great customer service.
I am reliable and I belive the sutomers will enjoy my presence.
A hardworking employee that strives to be the best I can be. That will give 110% of herself to the job she is hired to do. Someone that will be honest as well as carry the integrity of the company.
I will be an asset to their team of highly qualified professtionals leading by example to their highest standards.
Nordstrom will benefit from hire me because I live the philosophy of customer service and goin the w=extra mile to satifiy our customers.
I am a honest person who finished everything she starts.
Nordstrom will gain a worker that would work proudly by its philosophy (to give to costumers the best possible service, selection, quality and value).
I will be the most dependable employee Nordstrom has ever had. That alone is a benefit.
Nordstrom will benefit from hiring me, because I have a very well rounded retail background, and I identify very much with the Nordstrom mission and values.
They will be adding a hard-working, makeup-loving employee to their roster. I can guarantee you that I want this job more than anything and I will work as hard as I have to, to get it!
I believe that bringing my experience, my management style, and my desire to always reach for the next level of guest satisfaction at all times will be extremely beneficial.
I am a good customer service, you will get more customers.
Given my background in modern languages, I am sure and capable I could establish great relations with international clients as well as local ones.
My passion and interest for fashion, and for this company, motivates me to continuously try and stay on top of newest trends and my work history in both the retail and beauty industry show that I have a solid base of understanding for sales, customer behavior and developing solid customer relationships.
With my extensive retail experience,I feel I could be a valuable member of the Nordstrom team.
I have perseverance and passion. Never one to give up, I will give my 100% and see through my commitments. When opening in a new Canada, a new market, there are challenges. But I shall overcome them and lead my team to be proud that they were the trailblazers.
I have great costumer service skills and great retail.
Well, I know that you guys are big on customer service. I am someone who likes to build a relationship and gain trust with the customers and would be committed to making sure that I can help the customers to the best of my ability.
I believe I am very friendly and am great at making customers feel welcome. I love helping people and I feel that customers will want to return because of my customer service.
I am self-motivated and a goal oriented individual. I will always give my very best in the position in which I hold. I could benifit Nordstrom in being a new addition to the already effective team they hold.
It will be a very big help for me. Not just financially but specially my inner self. Nordstrom will enchance my skills and abilities. They will help me to become a better individual that has a dream of becoming successful.
I think I could be an asset to the company because I have a problem solution mindset, I understand that my success in the company affects the company as a whole.
Nordstrom will get a hardworking motivated and positive employee. That wants to put the customer first.
I am a star employee, thriving for excellence in everything I do.
With me, I bring a positive attitude, great work ethic, and my customer service skills. Because I know Nordstrom is well known for its customer service, these qualities and skills that I bring with me will guarantee that I will do my best to ensure customer satisfaction.
I work very well with people. I am responsible.
Being a very passionate person in terms of personal fashion I hope that my love of style will help increase the already great environment that Nordstrom brings.
My education, skills and experience will be a precious aspects for the employer.
They would benefit from my great people skills, as I enjoy making customers happy and I happen to be a very outgoing person and friendly person. I am also good at upselling.
I have the variety of skills, such as organizational, communication, problem-solving, high level attention, adapt to a new environment. I used to travel a lot, so knowledgable about diversity and know how to attract new customers.
I have great customer service skills as I understand well what a customer wants and I am attentive and will provide the best solution for any problem they might have.
My position now at my current job is a Sales Lead. I am a natural leader and dedicated to following through with personal and sales goals. I always strive to motivate my team to give their best efforts and provide coaching so that their efforts will create strong customer relationships and ultimately lead to more sales for the company and happier customers.
I am a very fast learner who is enthusiastic patient and able to perform multiple tasks atthe same time or under pressure.
Nordstrom will benefit from hiring me because I have excellent skills in the experience that I have and I believe I can help benefit the company in any way possible providing the skills that I wish to apply to the store.
I am the best at what I do.
I know fashion and I have great work ethics. I shop and nordstrom so I want see it succeed.
Nordstrom will benefit me tremendously because besides being a public health major I am also looking into being an entrepreneur and starting a clothing line of my own.
I bring experience, maturity, and an inquisitive mind followed by a need to serve others in the best way possible.
I am a young and energetic teenager who really has a passion for this company and making people smile. I will try my hardest to exceed the standards, and.
Hard working, great with customers, and listen to them.
Nordstrom will benefit from my presence in so many ways! However, the way they will benefit the most is from my ability to connect interpersonally with others. I have a gift of making people feel comfortable, welcomed, and cared for. Even at a corporate level, this is so important to me because it sets the stage for the work environment, customer service, etc. I think this is a firm base for success at any work place, along with being professional and organized.
I am a motivated person who believes that customer service is the number one priority is retail sales.
Dependability and honesty with a skill for sales.
I have a strong work ethic, love people, and am good at sales. My life experience, education and competitive drive woud also aid in my success.
By hiring me, Nordstrom will gain a new member who will contribute to the success of the company.
A company that looks out for the customer and puts them first in any situations and have a great customer service.
They will gain a dependable, eager employee ready to serve the customers.
They will benefit by getting an employee has a strong work ethic and positive outgoing attitude.
My previous retail and customer service experience.
I am young and eager to work, I have lots of energy and can be chatty with customers.
If I was hired, I would work diligently and quick, giving customers satisfactory customer service.
I am highly competitive and a great team player.
I am a loyal person with the curiosity to excel with a new company. It is so exciting to think that I could be on the "Ground Level" of a Company here in Honolulu. I worked at Ameristar Hotel & Casino for over 10 years which we opened also.
I'm willing to be honest with costumers, selling for the sake a selling isn't right when they just return something.
I'm passionate about customer service and retail. I'm a very hardworker I absolutely love working. I'm dependable and a people's person.
With the skill set I have and the bubbly personality I have you wouldn't regret how hard of a worker I am.
My reliability & willingness to learn and grow with the company.
Nordstom's will gain a valuable employee who deeply cares about making a lot of profits for your company while assisting customers with finding whatever they are searching for. I want to ensure that the customers are happy and want to return to the store frequently.
To have a positive person who can have a good relationship with the customer.
Nordstrom will have long term relationship with me. I am very dedicated to my work and will show my compatibility at every given chance.
They will benefit from mean because they will be gaining another hard working employee with the and insatiable need to learn.
I would be a great asset to the Nordstroms team. I am hard working, dedicated, and good with communication. I like to have fun and I am a upbeat person, but I also know when to be serious. I will do my best to drive up sales and always have ideas on how to make things better.
I am a great sales associate and an excellent motivator.
I am a passionate and discipline person.
Nordstrom would benefit from hiring me because I am a hard worker and I am passionate about people. I will passionatly protray the Nordstrom brand to customers and because I am a leader I bring hard work and positivity with me to the work place and will contribute as a team member. My attitude and experiences embody the Nordstrom brand.
I would bring my experience to Nordstrom. As well as my enthusiastic, motivated and team player positive attitude to not only fit in, but compliment the team.
Will have a happy department manager whose team find she approachable, respectful, fun to work with, and can make sales and motivate others to meet sales targets.
Nordstrom will gain another family member in for the team.
I achieve deadlines and projects on time with the given budget and team, and I am realistic with what can be accomplished in the given timeline. I have great communication skills and positive reinforcement with colleagues, and I am looking to help run a successful business with the resources given to me.
If hired, the benefits Nordstrom would receive from me would be efficiency and diligence. I am the type of person who does my job to the best of my effort and abilities- always putting in 110% effort into all the work I do. Another benefit is that when taught something I always make sure to focus 100 % and listen and learn the things that are being told or taught to me, so I can imprint it in my brain and add it to my skills and projects I will work on in the future.