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Are you a reliable person? Explain.
Yes, you are a reliable person. The interviewer needs to hear that you are reliable and that you understand what it means to be a trustworthy employee. Start off by telling the interviewer that you are reliable and do not call off from work unless you would have an emergency or are very ill. Next, share with the interviewer how few times you have called off from work in the past year. If you were sick with the flu and had to call off work 2 days in a row, that's to be expected! Simply tell the interviewer that you had the flu and had to call off 2 days in the past year. We are all human and get sick from time-to-time. Missing work for those 2 days will not be a deal breaker. Finally, mention that you always complete all of your assigned tasks for the shift to help the team keep the store in top-notch performing order.

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User-Submitted Answers

Are you a reliable person? Explain.
Absolutely. It is probably one of my best strengths.
Yes, I am reliable because I am punctural and always willing to help.
Yes, I am reliable because I am punctural and always willing to help.
Yes, I am reliable because I am punctural and always willing to help.
Extremely. I keep my promises, arrive early, and follow through on assignments until completion.
I am a reliable person. Whenever any asks me for something I always put their priorities ahead of mine. I find it important that you show others how you want to be treated in return.
Very reliable, if you say somethig is due or there is a deadline I will meet it. I am very reliable in doing what needs to be done and meeting what is required of me.
Yes. I work especially hard when I know that others are counting on my work.
Yes. I take initiative and always do what it right and ethical, despite what others might tell me.
Absolutely. I can promise there is no person that could be relied on more. I take initiative, apply myself to everything I do and put the needs of others before myself on a constant basis.
I am. I always keep my word and work the hardest I can to fulfill my responsibilities.
Yes. I go to work and school on time and everyday.
Yes. I always on time and perfect attendance.
I am a reliable person. Whenever my friends or family members need anything I usually go assist them unless I am truly busy.
I would definitely consider myself a reliable person. If someone asks me to do something, by a certain time, I make sure that I get it done with time to spare, to allow for any mistakes or interferences. I am reliable in regards to my work ethic, as well as with my friends and family. If I make a promise to someone, there is no breaking it.
Yes. I am very dependable. At my former place of employment, I was often called to come to work on my days offs because they were short staffed.
I am a reliable person. I work very hard and finish all of my work. I am always ready to help out my boss or co-workers no matter what. I believe all my previous employers would say I am very reliable.
Yes, and I have been told time and time again so. Many have described me to be approachable, reliable, and hardworking.
Yes, I am responsible and never breaks a promise. I am always willing to lend a hand and will do anything that is asked of me.
Yes. I can be easily counted on and fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my ability.
I am very reliable. I love to be on time at work, I love to take care of things ahead of time, and I really love to keep customers happy.
Yes, I am a very reliable person in the sense that when someone needs something I am there to fulfill my duties. I tend to go out of my way to get things done or help others.
Yes, I take being reliable very seriously because I want people to know that I can be there for them.
I am very reliable, I take every responsibility that I have seriously and never put 100% into my work, I ensure that I always go the extra 10% to give 110% to every thing I do.
I believe that I am a pretty reliable person. I have excellent grades.
Yes, very. I am quite loyal, and I never break a promise.
Yes. I take my job very seriously. I am big on being on time and always giving your best effort.
Absolutely, I am usually the person that will not mind being called in on my days off or when someone doesnt make their shift.
Yes. When I say I am going to do something I do it. I give 110% of myself to whatever I am doing.
Yes. I work well as a team player but am also confident and comfortable having to make decisions, within my capaciity, on my own always representing my company to the best of my ability.
Yes, I am reliable be I am flexible and being a part of a winning team flexibility is a must.
Yes, I am pretty steady with my schedule and like to be organized. I communicate early when something might arise that can conflict with work or a schedule. I like to be prepared and always have other be prepared so I dont often surprise people with a move or something that I did not communicate at first.
I am. I love helping people and going the extra mile to offer my help and effort.
I have excellent work ethic and am honest and I have integrity. I was raised to depend on myself and when I give my word, I will follow through.
I am a very reliable person. As a keyholder, I must be there to make sure I open and close the store as I am scheduled.
Yes, I have only had two jobs, the first was for 5 years and the only reason I left was I left the city to go school, and the job I have now is the first I got when I came to the city.
Yes. I have proven in past employment to be available whenever I am needed, along with filling in whenever is needed to make sure that the restaurant performs optimally.
Yes. I have proven in past employment to be available whenever I am needed, along with filling in whenever is needed to make sure that the restaurant performs optimally.
Yes I am. Whenever my friends need anything like a ride to the airport, or ask a favor they know I will pull through.
I consider myself a very reliable person. I always like to help whoever is in need of assistance and I take said responsibility seriously. I like to be punctual and if I make a commitment I always do my best to keep my word.
Yes, I am very reliable, I have a lot of people and family that count on me. I always have to be there for them. My co workers at Bareminerals are like family to me, if I say I would do something I do.
Yes, whenever someone needs me to do something weather it is friends, coworkers or family they can always count on me.
Yes. I believe very strongly in punctuality and reliability.
Yes I am, I do my best to perform the task given to me as perfect as possible.
Yes I am. I can assure people specifically the customers that I am a person who they can trust.
Yes, When I am given a task to complete or a simple favor I make it important that I succeed in completing that task.
Yes, both at work and in privite life I am reliable. I keep my promisses and deadlines.
Definitely. Arrive to work on time i. E. Punctual and as scheduled. Always meet deadlinesfo r assignments and on time delivery.
I am very reliable. I have never no called no showed to a shift and I always give enough time in advance if I need time off. I have always been able to cover shifts for co-workers if they are sick or need to switch a shift with me. I am always doing my best to ensure that I am reliable when it comes to my work as well as with outside priorities.
Yes, growing up in church has taught me faithfulness is key. My biggest pet peive is being late.
Yes, I always perform my part and execute my responsibilities. I never miss assignments. People can count on me to be there.
I am very reliable. If I say I will do something, I make sure it gets done. I dislike the idea of disappointing someone.
Yes, my pep peeve is time and very punctual I give my 200 percent into my work.
Yes , Keeps my promises, arrives before/ on times, handle any Conflict in a patient manner, team working player, higher customers service, focusing on achieving my daily and monthly goals.
Yes. I'm a reliable person because once I commit to something, I always follow through to my best capability. I do not like having unfinished business.
Yes, when working at Zara I always made sure to come into work on time, and to complete tasks for my coworkers if necessary. For example, one of the product leader's at our store, was in charge of accessories and she was unable to complete all of her tasks because of school and had asked me to do so.
I used to work in Melvyn's by dealing with so much cash I never gave a problem to the management in macys also I did not get problem with jewelry count.
Yes, whenever someone needs me for anything I never let them down. To me commitment is everything and you cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle without being reliable.
I am a very reliable person. Punctuality is important, I go out of my way to insure this. I will always help someone if possible. I commit to my promises.
Yes, when I say something or commit to something I always back it up. I don't believe in people going back on there word or not doing something they committed too.
Yes I am a reliable person, if im asked to do soemthign im going to do it imediatly and not wait around. if I need to show up at work at a specific time im going to be there if not on time ealriwr.
Yes, I am reliable and when I say I am going to accomplish something I will reach my goal. I am highly motivated to succeed in my goals and the goals that Nordstom's has for me.
I would say I am extremely reliable. I firmly believe in sticking to my word, being timely, and making that extra effort. For the sales rep job that I did in Miami this past July, I was actually contacted a week prior to the show and last minute was asked if I would be able to drive down and help and I did. I knew she needed me and I drove 4 hours there and 4 hours back, to help the designer with a 4 day show.
Yes! Very much. I am very hardworking and punctual person. If certain duty is given to me I give my 100% and make sure its complete without any errors.
Yes, because as i've said parents can rely on me that I will be able to take care of their children when they are having problems picking them up on time.
Yes. I am very reliable. I am always going to class and extra activities and I am always on time. You can count on me for anything.
Yes, I believe on being on time and ready to work and accomplishing my tasks.
I am incredibly reliable I am always early and I have had many friends and co-workers who had confided in me a problem or feeling to me and I have always been there to listen or help them in some way. I always follow through with my decisions or actions that I say I will do.
Very reliable . The rispect I have for my job and the fact that honesty is my policy.
30 years in the airline business. Always had to be reliable and flexible.Yes! Absolutely! 100 %
Yes, I always come prepared to follow through. I come to work happy and every shift.
Yes, is how up for work on time, rarely sick, if someone is not available to work I will fill in.
I am very reliable. I am there for friends, colleagues and family. I take my work responsibilities very seriously.