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What steps do you take to improve yourself and value of yourself?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nike interview

How to Answer

Nike is focused on continually being great at what they do, and they want team members who want to be great too! Part of this is showing that you do not want to settle for being mediocre. Instead, the interviewer wants to hear that you love working on getting better all the time. How do you grow yourself? Get excited to share with the interviewer how you were enjoying improving your performance.

Here are some ideas for personal and professional development:

- Reading business books
- Watching TED talks
- Attending conferences and seminars
- Taking on new wellness challenges
- Engaging a mentor
- Having a philosophy or motto

What steps do you take to improve yourself and value of yourself?
Answer example

"I am an avid reader and will find myself reading a new book every week, if possible. It's important to me that I fee my mind and teach myself new facts, and skills."

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What steps do you take to improve yourself and value of yourself?
I just try to be the best person I can be everyday.
I always work hard to expand my knowledge beyond what many would consider an average understanding of things.
Keep morals and values and staying healthy.
I try to learn as much as I can on what I have to do and ask as many questions as I need to.
I always look for ways to improve in doing my job. I try to find more efficient ways to be able to accomplish more.
I always try to research different courses I could go and even not courses just simply talks. Talks are always good as you get knowledge from someone who's been there before and they give you first-hand tips.
I try domto new things although im frightened sometimes. Imtry to break my fears.
Take care of everything that happends and learn.
I like to stay active, happy, and interact with new people.
Life is a learning experience and you have to stay positive and learn from it.
Working in my previous job I was able to mediate a conflict between two customers on the cashier line, brung one of the customers to the front of another line since she spoke about waiting too long.
I use my mistakes as a way to improve my value and experience because rather than feeling guilty I learn from them which helps me be aware and ready for the next time.
I always work to the best of my ability and ask questions in under to better my understanding of all the things I must learn.
I previously took the landmark forum and I am continuing to do that for myself and take my personal health seriously so that I can not only be present for myself personally but mentally, and professionally as well.
Learning something new every day.
I never stop trying to learn. I keep an open mind.
I am always willing to learn and I ask a lot of questions so that I can bette imporve my work.
I try to work my way to the position/status where “I am being told”. This means that I believe in developing strong and efficient communication relationships to “each corner” of the business in order to success in business planning and budgeting/forecasting world. In practice this means that I constantly try to get involved to conversations and discussions with more experience functional leaders and utilize their experience on my learning journey and eventually business planning execution.
Taking chances, leaps of faith, staying healthy, refresher crash courses, staying uncomfortable.
Carpe diem. Just seize the day and live another day in paradise. Stay thinking positive.
Being open minded is something I try to practice and get better at everyday.
I like to take a moment to reflect on myself on how I could improve in my services I give to customers and learn from my mistakes.
I try and hit all my targets and exceed in success of the targets. If I feel I can do better I will, 100% of the time.
I like to do webinars, video learning, asking questions, being part of a new department to learn new skills.
Continue learning about new things, experience new things, and try my best to do things.
The steps I take to improve my experience and value for myself is to learn from my mistakes and past experiences and apply them to current situations.
I evaluate my performance daily and try to pin point the areas I can do better in.
I constantly reevaluate my actions and figure out what works best for me and others.
Each new job I take is a new challenge and a new lesson learned. I am trying to diversify my market and learning how to Merhcandise for different clientells and different product. I worked for younger more teenage brand such as american eagle, then moved to DeJanerio which had more business ready wear, and Miss hoe was boutique and vintage. I want to know what I can take away from working with Nike and working with this huge clientell.
I ensure that I am always positive and always work to better myself.
Learning new tools and technologies, looking at people around, and obviously learning from past mistakes.
I am continuously pushing myself to new limits in all aspects of my life, just constantly trying to improve myself in any way I can.
I try to take challenges and step outside my comfort zone.
I like to think about how I did at night and think of what I can improve.
I always try to come into any situation positive and be myself. I started to work out more and getting healthier and being with family and friends more.
I take time out the learn previous mistakes, build, edit and reinvent my skills and developements.
I can take criticism well, if I upset someone by my actions or words. I try to keep in mind what may have upset them and not do it again. I pay attention to body language a lot, it tells me if I am making the person uncomfortable or not. I take every lesson that I learn into mind every day.
I always try to find new and improved ways of doing the work I do. I am always interested in learning new technologies.
After each day, no matter what my day consisted of, I think of the positives and the negatives. I review my challenges that I went through that day and I ponder on how I responded to the situation. Afterwards, I think of alternative ways I could handle my challenges to come out with a more positive outcome. In this way, I gain perspective on how I reacted in the moment and how I would act when I have more time to think of my actions and I will then be better prepared to take on tasks in the future.
I recognize my mistakes and learn from them so I dont mess up later on.
Dammed memes. Iskenderun djkejmmd.
Meeting with new people, sharing knowledge and doing some marketing research.
I would say Michael Jordan because not only is he an amazing Basketball player but he also is a great person. He popularized Basketball throughout the world and developed one of Nikes products.
Continued education, fitness, time for myself outside of work.
I read a lot and look for changes in my area of work as well in the industries around me.
Read, get out of my comfort zone regularly to learn new things.
By learning from my past mistakes.
I set goals for myself and hold myself to a high standard. I am my biggest fan but I am also my biggest critique.
Keep communicating with people and keep trust high.
By learning past mistakes.
I will make the most of my time and accept myself for who I am and have a good self esteem.
I frequently take time to introspect and evaluate my life and actions, with the goal being that of self-empowerment.
I make sure to always try new things. As a graduate looking to enter the workforce, I do not want to subject myself to a limited number of options. I try to keep an open mind and am willing to try new experiences in order to find the right position for me.
I reflect on myself and my decisions and learn from my mistakes.
Having a positive mindset to accomplish anything I set my mind to will allow me to learn from my mistakes and grow in areas where I fall short on.
Stay focused and be respectful.
I am constantly learning new things and reflecting on how to make positive improvements to my life.
I try to expose myself out there, get taken out of my comfort zone to be confronted with a reality or a task that will lead to a learning process while confronting this.
Getting involved, volunteering.
To follow all rules, do as told. Just to become successful with the company the more I work with them.
I ask questions from friends and family how I can improve, I read and apply personal development books.
I think that the only way we can improve ourselves is by questioning everything that we think we need to know in order to develop ourselves as human beings, and learning from the mistakes that we make through life because is the only way that we can value ourselves for what we can do and not for what others want us to do.
I am always learning as much as I can and asking alot of questions.
I reach out to professionals and experts in what is it that I want to achieve.
I work hard at everything that I do, I like to make myself very knowledgeable about certain topics in the work that I do.
I am always doing community service almost every weekend.
I tend to ask a lot of questions to those who have further knowledge to me. I watch those who are superior to me and try to copy what they're doing. I also tend to evaluate myself every day and reflect on how I did in certain situations.
I ask questions from friends and family about my ablitlies and ways I can improve.
Just to improve day by day and learn form my mistakes and try to be a good judge to judge myself and my mistakes.
Continuously reminding myself that the differences in people is what makes each of us beautiful and unique.
I always try to think outside the box and also think that what way would work for me the best. I get easily very enthusiastic about the projects that I´m working on and I always try to exceed mine and others expectations because I want to be proud of my own work ans proudly present it to the employer.
Everyday I try to improve my self with the little things in my life, because its the little things that mater to me, in the long run the tiny milestones that I have made in my life will add up to be more that the larger ones I have accomplished. By trying to accomplish more than three goals a day I am continuously proving to my self that I can do what I set my mind to and that after all the hard work is over at the end of the day I have molded myself into a better person, ready to take on the next day head on.
I always try to eat healthy and go to the gym 5 times per week as well as gymnastics sessions and coaching which in my eyes is weight training itself. I think that if I feel good about myself and respect my body then others will too.
Be proactive knowing that only you can improve yourself. Being a team player when in a group environment.
Regularly assessed as a referee to improve my performance as well as assessing junior referees in order to improve their performance. At university assignments are constantly assessed in order to improve myself.
I like to take a moment to reflect on myself on how I could improve in my services I give to customers and learn from my mistakes.
Evaluate my self on a regular basis to find out what areas I need to improve on aswell as asking others what they think of me.
I am always one to learn as much as I can in what I do. I am always asking questions to get as much knowledge on the job as I can. This helps me improve my work.
I reflect on my self and my decisions daily and learn from mistakes I have made.
Self improvement.
Always trying to better myself, theres always new stuff for you to learn day in and day out.
I enjoy researching, I enjoy expanding my knowledge on whatever it may be. Whether it is more academic oriented, or things just for fun such as new work out routines, or fashion.
I continue to learn and grow, I'm not afraid to make mistakes.
Self development I am always willing to learn so I will always ask questions to build more knowledge and expand my ablitys.

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