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25 Interview Questions & Answers

Tom Dushaj
Tom Dushaj is a business and technology executive and an accomplished author of the book "Resumes That Work".
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NetEnrich seeks to hire those with above average communication skills. Describe your communication style to me.
At NetEnrich we believe in continued education of our employees. If you could take a course or workshop on any topic, what would you choose?
Can you describe the difference between a Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat hacker?
What are the benefits of leasing a private data center vs. building one from scratch?
Even though we have taken measures to protect our client's data and create a secure cloud environment, some of our clients have had incidents of potential intrusion from unauthorized sources. Tell me how you advise clients to prevent intrusions.
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Since you are interviewing for a position in which you will make recommendations to customers about protecting their company's network, I'm curious about what you do to protect your own network at home.
At NetEnrich we deal with sensitive and confidential client information. Are you willing to complete a full background check?
If a client is considering moving from an internal data center environment to our platform. What are the key issues you would recommend them addressing before making this move?
Many companies are new to the cloud computing environment. How do you brief them about what security aspects come with a cloud?
Can you explain to me the basic characteristics of a hosted cloud?
As I understand it, the network is the most vulnerable part of a company's IT infrastructure. What is your opinion of this and how would you define the threat and risk to a company in terms of network security?
What are the various ways to inform employees about information security policies and procedures?
How would you convince a company that is still undecided about whether or not they should continue managing their own data center or move to a hosted cloud?
Can you explain the security requirements we must adhere to in order to confirm that our customers' data is secure in the cloud?
Explain to me the concept of hyper-converged infrastructure.
Can you name some open source cloud computing platform databases?
There are different levels of data classification, how are they structured, and why are they required?
During the implementation of a hosted cloud environment, our IT team emphasizes that the most insecure component of a cloud infrastructure is the data transmission process. How do you recommend customers secure data while transferring it to the cloud?
What is your opinion on the best network monitoring performance tool that allows for easy anti-virus software installation in a network environment with multiple servers and workstations?
We put a great deal of pride in our customer service at NetEnrich. How will you contribute to our high customer service standards?
What is the difference between Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption and which one is better?
There are many different definitions of a 'Cloud' in the IT industry. In order to make sure we are on the same page can you provide your definition of a cloud hosting environment and describe its components?
What is a false positive and false negative alert in the case of Intrusion Detection Systems?
At NetEnrich we seek to hire those with a passion for the IT industry. How do you stay up to date on industry changes and current events?
What are common hardware-related network problems that can be improved by using network monitoring software tools?
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