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What are some of your weaknesses?
How to answer
Some variation of this question will always be asked in the interview. Remember to apply this equation: 'My work style is X, and that means I am bad at Y, and I try to compensate by doing Z.' An example would be: 'I do not enjoy talking in front of large groups of people, therefore when I have to give instructions to a large team, I have to spend an hour beforehand writing notes and making sure my presentation is rehearsed.'
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User-Submitted Answers

What are some of your weaknesses?
My only weakness that I would I have is that im a little bit shy.
I would have to say some of my weaknesses are that I sometimes get a tad nervous with talking to some people but I still maintain to be very confident.
Maybe that I am a bit of a perfectionist and focus on the details more than the big picture.
I used to want to finish one job before starting another, but now I can do multiple ones at the same time.
I am a tad bit of a perfectionist.
My only weaknesses is that I get very nervous.
Sometimes I can be over zealous and opinionated.
Doubting myself on if I could have done a better job.
My greatest weakness would have to be not having retail experience. However I am a fast learner and I have had experience in helping other people.
Doubtfulness of myself if I had completed the job perfectly or not.
Doubting myself on if I could have done a better job.
I am a hardworking, first I finshed one job before statring new job.
I am a dedicate worker and I am easily getting frustrated if my co-workers are not the same pace.
I am a very dedicate worker and this will make me frustrated when my teammate is negative or lazy.
Sometimes I try to take on more tasks than time handles.
Well, for this job, I guess it would that I dont have much experience in retail, but I could always learn.
When people ask me to do 5 things at once I get kinda frustrated.
I can get nervous the first week but after develop to get my tasks done.
One of my weaknesses is trying to hard sometimes I get so carried away I could mess things up.
I would say that one of my biggest weaknesses is that I can be shy or not as quick to open up at first. Not necessarly with customers but with fellow employees. I have learned over the years of working that it is actually easier to open up because it opens theline to communication up.