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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
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A customer received an order wrong three times, so I took it off of her bill and let her come back for a free breakfast.
There was a time were I did more then asked in my last job by dealing with an outragious customer and I did everything and anything she possibly asked for and more just to make her happy.
In my last position there were handicap and elderly people that were frequent shoppers and I would walk with them and help them shop.
I had a customer who came into my office very upset and wanting to stop service due to technical problems. The next appointment available was 2 days away . I was able to contact my chief technician and schedule an appointment for the same day.
I saw a lady tripped and dropped her tray on the floor. So I voluntary cleaned up for her and asked the manager if she could have her food without charging her.
I asked a lady if she needed help and she said yes. I walked her to the aisle when she would find what she needed and then I asked her if anything else that I could help her and she gave me thanks for being so helpful to her.
I remember this elderly lady her name was ms Travis she came in every day with coupons.
I do that all the time when I go out to stkymain cheverolate to help was vehicles. Most on Saturdays when a car needs wash I wash it clean the inside and put I nice smell good in it.
At Bearaboo coffee shop, we have regular customers. If I saw them coming I would make their drink sometimes before they got to the counter, and they would be very appreciative that we new them and could serve them more efficiently.
I had regular customers who would call ahead of time to set aside a specific item. I would go out of my way to get this item for them for they arrived.