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Tell me about a time when it was better to be agreeable in a situation rather than continue the arguement.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Menards interview

When you come to work, you are there to work. Not be in constant arguments with fellow employees. Unless you are an executive and making a high level decision, your argument with a fellow coworker is not that important. Specifically in a retail setting where customers are always around. Now, this question could also relate to your engagement with customers. Just ask yourself, Why in the world would you ever get into an argument with a customer? Customer is always right, you are there to serve the customer and help them with their project. If Customer would like to rip off every roof shingle with a putty knife, who are you to tell them otherwise? Sure, tell them that would be a long painstaking process and they should at least consider the claw on a hammer, if they are unwilling to spend money on a shingle remover. With that said, tell the interviewer this job is not about your pride, but about helping customers, and your only concern is that they leave happy and with any knowledge you may provide. If they reject it, so be it.

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Tell me about a time when it was better to be agreeable in a situation rather than continue the arguement.
When you have an irrate customer.
When the customer is getting angry.
When working together or on a team project.
I had a coworker who was a bully and found it better not to engage her.
At Bearaboo coffee shop occasionaly it happens where the customer does not like the drink, or does not think it was the one they ordered- wheather or not we made the mistake it was better for us to be agreeable and make something different for them than to lose a customer over a 4 dollar cup of coffee.
Do not recall a specific situation but this notably comes to mind with dealing with the elderly.
Probably when theres a customer, whos angry.
I am more laid back and agree with someone even if I dont so I wont hurt their feelings or start conflict.
It is always better to agree to disagree than to argue. If there is no resolution.

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