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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have helped with shyness.
I help one of the youth group member to learn how to play drums and he did very well.
Yes i have i have a friend who wanted to loose some weight but he needed people to push him and make him work at it so i took the time out of the day to help him with his problem.
Yes, with my friend she was looking to bring up all of her grades so that she could get a new ipod for her senior year and I helped her study and tourted her so that she could bring up all her grades. She was really happy,
Yes, I helped one of my employees to achieve his goal in getting a higher degree.
I had a new co-worker start. She actually cried in the interview, but she had great experience. I suggested taking a break and I got her a cup of coffee. The interview was fine afterwards and we hired her onboard.
Some of my friends have been shy to try something out, but if its good for them id try to encourage them to do it.
I volunteered at the YARN foundation over the summer where I helped tutor kids who may have had some struggles during the school year.
A freshman in Forensics class was super shy about performing in front of other people. I was a captain and so I took time out of my day to help her and her partner overcome their shyness and they ended up getting into semi-finals at the state competition.
Yes I have, one of the employees at the health and rehabilitation was having troubles picking up some of the duties and so I offered to help them get better and now they're fine.