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MaxBounty offers a few different online marketing tools to its clients and we are continually evaluating opportunities to expand our offerings. What types of online marketing tools have you had experience with from the developer side?

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    MaxBounty offers a few different online marketing tools to its clients and we are continually evaluating opportunities to expand our offerings. What types of online marketing tools have you had experience with from the developer side?

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    Tell me something you have taught yourself and how you went about it.

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    How many impressions, would you estimate, an advertisement on a subway car would garner in one day?

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    Companies partner with MaxBounty because of their arsenal of up-to-date marketing technologies and knowledge. What marketing tools do you work with regularly and how do you stay current on development updates and new product releases?

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    MaxBounty believes that results should be measured to determine the success of marketing efforts. What are some key performance metrics you look at to decide whether marketing efforts have fallen short of, met, or exceeded expectations?

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    At MaxBounty, we put a lot of value on industry experience. What experience do you have working in the field of Affiliate Marketing, specifically from a technical perspective?

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    There are several components of a robust advertising platform. Which ones do you find to be the most valuable to a company running frequent advertising campaigns?

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    Thinking about some of the well-known advertising platforms available, how do you think MaxBounty's compares?

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    What are important reporting and analytics capabilities an advertising platform should have?

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    Working at MaxBounty, it is important to have at least an understanding of how important data analysis is and how it is used in Affiliate Marketing software and platforms. What do you know about the role that data analysis plays in Affiliate Marketing?

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    If you could start any company, what venture would you choose?

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    Describe your experience working with advertisers/marketers or publishers.

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    MaxBounty prides itself on investing in the growth of its team members. In a constantly changing industry as ours is, how do you ensure that you continue to grow professionally?

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    Technical groups at MaxBounty work with many other groups within the company and clients, particularly in the field of Marketing. With respect to this, what would 'effective communication skills' mean to you as a technical team member?

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    Based on your experience with Affiliate Marketing software and platforms and the industry overall, what product capabilities and features do you find to be the most important to include?

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    Technological capabilities of advertising platforms of constantly changing. How do you ensure you are aware of all the new advertising platform developments?

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    The customer avatar is key to building the right audiences for MaxBounty's clients. How do you collect data needed in order to create an ideal customer profile, then determine the strategy for targeting prospective customers that are a match?

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    MaxBounty delivers great results to clients by using the best marketing tools and technology. Can you describe a time a client required a customized solution, your role in the process of creating and deploying it, and any collaborative efforts involved?

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    Reporting and analytics are crucial for MaxBounty to monitor and gauge results, and demonstrate ROI to clients. What is an example of a report you've created for a client and how the data from it helped you to plan the next steps of their campaign?

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    As an active member of MaxBounty's team, what is the most valuable skill you would be able to contribute as it relates to Advertising Marketplaces?

  21. 21.

    Why do you want to work at MaxBounty?

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    Customization is one way in which MaxBounty provides value to its customers. Why do you believe customization is important for Affiliate Marketing software and technology?

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    Based on your knowledge and experience, what is the difference between Advertising Marketplaces and Demand Side Platforms?

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    As a team member with MaxBounty, it is important to have a solid understanding of online or internet marketing. Based on your knowledge and experience, for what types of products or services would online marketing be effective?

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    Companies have several different advertising platforms to choose from. What skills would you bring that would help MaxBounty remain a competitive option in this industry?

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    What is your experience working with either private or open Advertising Marketplaces?