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Why do you want to work at Lowes?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you are looking forward to working at Lowe's. Lowe's is focused on helping people create great homes. Tell the interviewer why you look forward to being a part of something as an employee of Lowe's. Recognize that you would be helping families take on DIY projects. Be mindful that you would be educating them on selecting great new gadgets for their homes. And, acknowledge that you would be the setting for people to make selections for creating their dream home! Be excited to share that you would get to be a part of something great by being an employee at Lowe's!

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Why do you want to work at Lowes?
Why do I want to...(what)... At lowe's.
I admire the company and feel that my skills would be a good fit for the position.
I feel im a people person and enjoy helping people make the right decesions in there purchase.
Customer service and being on the sales floor.
I feel like I can help the company to grow.
I am currently an employee of lowes and I want to continue to work for Lowes because I love this company and what they stand for.
It is a great company and offers a great retail experience.
Great company to work for that has good benefits and will help me improve to start my career with a company that is I the abc industry.
I want to contribute my skill set I have learned from past work to help Lowes grow as a company. To be a part of a team environment that puts the customer first.
I would like to learn and be an empoyee in such company.
I have been with the company for a few years now and would like to continue to grow along with Lowes.
For the experience that lowes can give me and room to grow with the company.
I want to be part of the team and gain experience.
Because am a person people can look to for results.
It is the second largest home improvement company and I have heard it was a good company to work for.
I want to work at lowes because I see lowes as a fast growing company that appreciates hard work and loyalty.
I have heard wonderful things about lowes as a company. I know it is one of the largest home improvement chains with over 1700 stores. I am very much interested in home improvement and remodeling. I feel that my talents would be a great fit with lowes.
I enjoy interacting with customers, as well as employees and working together as a team to prove exceptional customer service.
I believe lowes is a great company to work for and I will have the opportunity to make this my career.
From what I read about the company, I see that the company cares not only about its employees but also the community and I would like to be a part of that.
I enjoy the team work and friendly environment. By far, this is the best employer I have ever worked for.
It a great place to learn retail and advance if you work hard.
Excitement, daily challenge to meet and exceed customer expectations.
I like the working environment of being around many people and helping customers with their projects.
I like working in an environment of many people and personalities. I like being able to help customers while being creative with solutions.
I love the customer servce, I love the people, I love that I am not sitting in an office all day that I am out and about, home improvement is exciting, I like to keep up and hear what customers are doing and what thier ideas and dreams are. Lowes allows me to to enjoy this asc]pect of life.
I like working in retail and getting to know customer and the different projects they go thruogh is something I feel I can tell my kids about and the different lifestyles of people I endure each day.
It is an opportunity for me to work on no one with the customers, find solutions to their home improvement or renovation projects, and to do so in a fun, energetic fast PAC environment.
I like helping people and solving problems they may have.
I want to be part of a team, and I want to learn more things so that I could move up in loses.
I admire the reputation the company has built over almost 70 years. I also feel that the company cares about its employees and their success as much as the company and stores success.
I believe this is a great company with lots of room to grow.
Because I always liked that feeling when you got to help someone and know that in a way you did a good deed. Even though this would be a little different then working at the hospital its still helping. Your helping someone make dreams and ideas come true.
Its the number one home improvement store... Appliance sales are not full commission and I believe I could definitly learn a lot.
It is a good company and it gives you the opportunity to grow.
When I go into a Lowes store I see how friendly the employees are and how happy they are to assist customers and want to see you have a great shopping experience. I would love to work as part of a team atmosphere like that and think I would fit in perfectly.
I used to build house so I feel like I can fit in good with helping people with there issues.
I am a people pers and enjoy helping people make the right decision in their purchase.
To utilize my skills and knowledge in the all the departments that you offer. To not only give them a good product, but to give them good advice and instructions about the item from personal experience.
Because I think it would be a great opportunity and it seems like a place that I could advance in. I also love doing DIY home remolding projects so it would be an environment that I like being in.
I love to work with people who are doing projects and yhey can also teach me.
My past work experience with Wickes blends well with skill necessary at Lowes.
I look at Lowes as one of the best managed companies, its postive employee relations, community service involovement.
Progressive company with great potential for advancement.
Because lowes is a good company and with lowes traing I have the potential to be whatever I want to be.
I was in the construction business for 3 years and have knowledge of building a home.
I enjoy customer interaction and the relationships that come with working in retail.
Lowes is my store I buy all my hardware needs thier. I enjoy speaking with customers discussing projects looking at all the merchindice new products . I feel at home thier.
I want to work for Lowes because it is a professional and personable company to work for.
Lowes is a company that is always on the go and looking for ways to help customers improve their home and their life. This is alligned with my personal values.
I already work for Lowes but if I was to say a reason it would be that we have good customer relations and relationships I always had a problem with the way home depot treated there customers.
Your company has great opportunities for expansion. And at the very least I would be able to gain more knowledge about home renovation.
Yes. The most recent one was when we moved in the home where we are right now. Was not something major. We did some paintings and put in some shellvings on the pantry.
The career growth and fair pay. I love how it is different each day you enter work.
Lowes is all about taking care of the customer which is what I want to do. I care about the well being of people.
I like the company and I feel I have the drive and skills to excel in this field.
I like to interact with and help people and lowes gives me that oppurtunity.
I enjoying helping other people and want to service customers.
Lowes is such a solid company dedicated to customer relations and I like being part of their journey.
I like engaging customers and helping them with their needs. I like the casual work environment.
I enjoy working with the public and sharing in the planning and execution of their various projects.
I feel I would be a great asset to the company. I would also like to further my career in a top company.
I have learned, that working with Lowes, are many opportunities to advance professionally if one is willing to apply themselves accordingly.
Because it is a solid company. They have always tried to be a leader in the industry as opposed to following the lead of everyone else.
Because it is a solid company. They have always tried to be a leader in the industry as opposed to following the lead of everyone else.
Have enjoyed my time hear working with everyone. Lowes to me is the home improvement leader. Store are clean and the customer service is great.
I like working help people solve their problems and to help the company acquire repeat customers.
Because it is where I already work and I enjoy the people both employees and customers. I love the product, and I love how much I have leared about my house from workign here.
When you work at lowes you work as a team, that is the type work environment I want to work in.
Great company with dedication to customer service and quality goods. Also a lot of help is offered to customers, ie MyLowes card, porch. Com, delivery and ship to store available.
Lowes is a great company that is growing very quickly. They are team-oriented and empower employees to provide exceptional customer service that will keep customers coming back, which is job security.
I like the company and its reputation.I want the challenge of selling their products.
I would like to work for lowes because I feel that it would be a great environment.
I admire the company and feel that my skills would be a good fit for the position.
Enjoying helping customers and and working on issues. Making people happy at the end of the day is what I want.
I want to work at Lowes to be the best I can to serve the community.
With over ten years in the home improvemnet industry I feel I will be a great asset as well as gain valuable experience.
I can make an inpact for lowes in customer servive & sales revenue.
I have looked around for a company that I feel I will be a good fit and I know lowes has a lot to offer loyal employees, also I want the company I go to work for to be my last.
I believe lowes is a great place for me to start at the bottom and work my way up. I can bring positivity to the workplace. Also with the help from lowes I believe that I can make something out of my self, and help people in the process.
I have worked here for 7 yrs now love my job and planning on staying until I retire.
Besides needing money for bills, I think it would be a great environment for me to work in.
Lowes is a very good company they are involved in the community and it looks like a fun place to work everyone gets along.
I feel it is something I will really enjoy and can excel at. I am a crafty person myself, and I alway enjoy being the the presence of building supplies. I also enjoy making people happy, and find myself at home in customer service situations.
Because I think lowes is the best place around for home improvement, etc and I want to be a part of this great company that is customer focused and I think I will be a good fit for the job.
My husband and I have been in the remodeling business for 8+ years. We have purchased a home in Lexington NC and want to relocate to this area on a permanent bases. I have enjoyed kitchen and bath design but would now prefer to work for a corporation that offers benefits and I think I would be an asset to Lowes.
Because I can make a difference.
Because I like shopping there.
I believe it is the best home improvement store out there.
I love the people that work in this store. They respect each other so no one feels inferior. I have experience in the products and services Lowes sells and I can be effective in the maintenance of the department.
It is a good fit for me with my background and my knowledge of what customers expect.
I here they pay well and take care of their people.
I think they are a stable company and offer state of the art products and provide great care to their customers.
I would like to work at Lowe's because the work environment seems friendly and welcoming. I want to work at Lowe's to build on my customer service skills and helping people in any means possible.
Convenient location, good reviews from employees, meets the needs and wants I have.
I love this environment and the way you guys performe helpful task to people everyday. I love the feel of being in this envirnoment and I believe you guys have alot to offer me and alot that I am ready to take in.
I'm not looking for just a job. I'm looking for something I can turn into a career. And that's what Lowe's offers. Not only is it a big corporation but it cars about its employees and that's what I love.
I want to continue to work for Lowes because I enjoy working in this environment I like helping people.
I want to help people love where they live.
There is a lot of jobs lowes as to offer and also has a good atmosphere.
To extend my knowledge of the work place.

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