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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the rest of the applicants?
User Submitted Interview Answers
My ability to connect with a customer and make them feel comfortable. If a customer isnt comfortable with the associate and doesnt feel they have strong knowledge then they are less likely to want to purchase. I have built some strong relationships with some of the contractors that come in and I feel that is very important and keep their loyalty to lowes.
I am a customer oriented person. I have demonstrated in past jobs that I will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I have the drive and passion for this kind of work that not many others can match.
I continually provide my customers with up to date knowledge on info about products and information on promotions from vendors and Lowes to support the customer with everything they need in the purchase of their prooduct
I have the drive, knowledge and excitement to administer and manage in a fast paced environment.
I currently have 3 years experience in the department im applying for and I have played the role of deparment manager many times. I am considered a fill in for when a department manager is gone, I help with the work load. I am also a team player and help out in anyway I can and I have alot to bring to the table.
I feel that my time in Interior design school gives me knowledge of some of the aspects of this job that other applicants may not have. I have a creative flair and an eye for design, while having the ability to tailor a design to give someone the most bang for their buck while still sticking within the budget.
I help worked at Target as a stocker.
The ability to bring a depth of professional experience from past sales and leadership positions to provide mentoring and an exemplary model to fellow team members.
Have over thirty years working with teams and experience in deferent fields .
I have worked in so many different aspects of design and selling, especially through lowes. I understand the clientelle in this area and the way lowes works.