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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the rest of the applicants?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

Talking about ourselves in this way can be challenging. We recommend reaching out to a few colleagues, family members, and friends. Ask them for their opinion. You'll probably be surprised at the consistency in their responses! Their answers will give you insight into how to answer this question. Tell the interviewer what sets you apart, and explain how your co-workers, family members, and friends have encouraged you with your gift in this area.

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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the rest of the applicants?
I continually provide my customers with up to date knowledge on info about products and information on promotions from vendors and Lowes to support the customer with everything they need in the purchase of their prooduct.
I have the drive, knowledge and excitement to administer and manage in a fast paced environment.
With past management experience in retail and in industrial environments, I am knowledgeable of situtations envolving vendor/customer and customer/vendor. I acknowledge the chanllenges that come with being a manager and am prepared to take on these challenges to assist my team in becoming a strong knowledgeable team in areas of customer service and department performance. Both of which will ensure repeat business which will increase overall sales.
Because I have a lot of drive and committed for success.
I am currently in the position at my store and I feel that I am a strong assest to the department and I am consistently learning and molding myself to be better employee everday.
I am a team player, flexible, patient, will go out of my way to make a customer happy, and will make sure I have the extra knowledge to offer them the best possible experience.
I currently have 3 years experience in the department im applying for and I have played the role of deparment manager many times. I am considered a fill in for when a department manager is gone, I help with the work load. I am also a team player and help out in anyway I can and I have alot to bring to the table.
I am a customer oriented person. I have demonstrated in past jobs that I will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I have the drive and passion for this kind of work that not many others can match.
Like I mentioned before, I have been working in the store for a couple of years now. I also have a background in interior design and space planning.
Because I have a sense of commitment, dedication and prepared to work hard to achieve my goals and believe I have the skill to accomplish them.
I started to work for Lowes in 2010, and since my time working with Lowes I made it my goal to learn everything possible that is needed to manage the front line. I feel compatible applying to this position now because I feel I have reached that goal.
I feel that my experience working in several different areas of the store will be an asset . I have an understanding of how installs work because I work so closely with home decor and flooring.
Many year of retail knowledge and customer service to back it up.
I have observed learned, trained and I am ready to excute the skills learned to reach the next level.
I take my jobs very serious. I retain the information well. I have high standards for success. I believe I will b a success.
I have experience working with the public and it will be my joy to make customers smile knowing they got the best customer service possible.
Personal skills, knowledge of the products and how to install them.
I think that my many years of experience and training give me the expertise to make me the best candidate for the job.
I believe that I have the experience on the front end that the other candidates are lacking. In the 3 years that I have been with the company, almost all of that time was spent working on the front end. I started as a seasonal cashier and worked my way up to head cashier before my first year was up. I understand the policies and procedures that the company has set down for the effective running of the front end. I also have a good working relationship with the head cashier team. They know, that even in my current position as a specialist, that I am willing to help them in any way I can and answer any questions they may have.
I feel that my years of experience and training give me the expertise I need to be the best candidate. My record shows that I am one that likes to produce results.
As a current deparartment manager in a leadership roll I have the skills to train and coach current and new employees to empower them to reach their goals as Lowes employees.
I have many years of experience and training along management skills in this area.
I have been with lowes for 10 years, I have worked in 3 departments, and been a head cashier. I have a lot of experience behind me and I have a very strong will to get this job and be the best I can be at it and succed for myself the company and my family..
I feel I am customer oriented and that I can provide the associates with a positive experience.
I am always customer oriented as demonstrated by my training from Disney on customer service, my work in marketing and my years at Lowes in customer services as a leader and having that recognized by the store manager o put me in a position of specialized sales.
Have over thirty years working with teams and experience in deferent fields .
I am dedicated to my job. I love what I do and I know what the job entails. I know that I will bring a terrific work ethic and great leadership skills.
I have very high ambitions and I feel I can out sell any other applicants that you will speak to.
I have 15 years experience as a assistant manager.
I have a lot of experience with customer service and selling appliances.
I am customer oriented and have always demonstrated performance going above and beyond the call of duty. I have a drive and passion for this kind of work that not many others can match.
I have had experience in this field and I plan on going above what is asked of me.
I probably have more experience in all the aspects of completion.
I know that I am a hard worker and I am very resourceful and believe with my customer service experience both as a worker and as a supervisor I have a lot of experience to offer Lowes.
Because I am very passionate about home remodeling and I have great customer services skills.
I know the team and how they work and we have a good track record.
Helping my female customers match paint to their fabrics when thet did not have any ideas of what to do.
My vast experience with lumber retail stores, which included management and staff evaluation.
I have successful track record of retail customer service experience, sales ability, merchandising, and working with others that would benefit this position.
I am older and have experienced so much more than the others. I have made mistakes and learned from them.
My ability to connect with a customer and make them feel comfortable. If a customer isnt comfortable with the associate and doesnt feel they have strong knowledge then they are less likely to want to purchase. I have built some strong relationships with some of the contractors that come in and I feel that is very important and keep their loyalty to lowes.
I have 20 years of design experience and customer experience. I enjoy working with people, bringing their ideas into reality, and making a contribution to the company.
I am self motivated enjoy selling products . I have worked on all the appliances in 1 form or another from changing timmer boxs to uplugging a sock stuck in the drain tube . I understand how the appliances work and what would be best suited for thr customer and in what price range.
I have a passion for it and I am detailed oriented. I have performed this job when doing price audits and when I helped the previous pricing coordinator and I was dedicated to getting it done right.
I will go that extra mile for every customer to ensure they will return again. I am trustworthy, dependable, and know the product.
I work really hard, I like to stay busy and I like working with people.
I have the passion and drive. I have demonstrated in my job that am willing to go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. Will go out of my way to make customer happy.
Previous work experience. Ability to connect with customers and associates.
I believe that I have a lot of skills that will be a good asset to your organization but I also believe everyone has something of value they can add.
I am even tempered and lead by example I promote teamwork.
Because I care about the customers and my team. I want us to succeed. I like a challenge and I like to set short term and long term goals. I am really good at training and I have alot of product knowledge.
Reasons why I would be good:quick learner, able to delegate, not easily frustrated.
I have management experience, I have proven myself in this store to be an asset. I have proven myself to be worthy of every position that I have been trusted to be in with this company and I strive to continue to do that and continue to grow and develop others to be leaders as well.
My past experiences in both reporting and change manager has given be the opportunity to develop an over all sense of what is needed in a.
My past experiences in both reporting and change manager has given be the opportunity to develop an over all sense of what is needed in a.
I feel that is am good with people and I can talk with them and build a personal relationship and build their trust that I will do everything that I can to make sure they are taken care of.
I always put the customer first, and will do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness, I also have a work ethic the is hard to match no matter what job im doing.
My back ground involves many aspect of the job discription. Safety, shrink, customer service, damages, training, communicating, training.
Because I really enjoy helping people, customers and coworkers. I also have a great deal of passion for any job I have weather its my full time job volunteer work or just renovations around the house.
A lot of integrity and very hard worker that is dependable. Great with customers and a team player.
No one has the experience and passion for customer service that I have. I believe. Some may have more experience but no one have more passion to satisfy the customer then I.
I have a very strong work ethic, love working with tools, and my hands building a variety of things, and love interacting and helpng people.
I am trained to perform the job and already work in the dept. I work well with all the employees and have a great repertoir with my customers.
I am an extremely hard worker with experience and I can bring a lot of good to this company.
Because of my years of experience and my excellent customer service.
I have a true understanding that this position is basically a hub of our buisness. It is very detailed oriented, multi tasked, and I know the frontend well, therefore allowing me to continue to help the frontend.
Because of my experience, I have been in the construction supply business my entire career. I have experience in all factions of the industry from sales to management as well as a background in construction, delivery, material handling and a basic knowledge in electrical, plumbing and cabinets.
Because of my experience, I have been in the construction supply business my entire career. I have experience in all factions of the industry from sales to management as well as a background in construction, delivery, material handling and a basic knowledge in electrical, plumbing and cabinets.
Without knowing the other applicants, my experience at lowes with customer service and product knowledge will serve the company well.
I am highly adaptable, have confidence in my abilities, learn fast and provide excellent customer service.
I will be very detail oriented and stick to policy and procedure and do the best job I can.
I know that I am a hard working, and am good at organising and following up on things.
I have experience in this department therefore I know how the department is currently running and what things that may need to be changed to improve it.
I like what Lowes offers custmers and am eager to sell their products.
I really have a strong work ethic. I pride myself, being a really hard worker my entire life. I have worked construction my entire life and it has given me a very strong work ethic. I love knowing that when I am done with a job that sense of gratitude from it. I also have a very vast amount of knowledge about the materials sold here. Because I have worked construction my entire life I am familiar wwith it all. I am a fast learner and when you tell me something once youll never have to tell me again.
I will give my best. I have worked with both home depot and lowes. I myself know what I want and should expect and I would also do that for our customers.
I feel that my time in Interior design school gives me knowledge of some of the aspects of this job that other applicants may not have. I have a creative flair and an eye for design, while having the ability to tailor a design to give someone the most bang for their buck while still sticking within the budget.
My passion will stand out above the rest, I always ask for more responsibility, I strive to be the best in all I do and my consistency in my work ethics shows this.
I have a lot of experience. I am a team player and a fast learner and able to contribute to this department . "My experience as a Cashier has given me the perfect background for this job.
The ability to bring a depth of professional experience from past sales and leadership positions to provide mentoring and an exemplary model to fellow team members.
Accustomed to fast pace, knowledgeable in hr, personality, patience, and strong work ethic.
I have a strong head on my shoulders, I strive hard to make a company and its products look good, I know what I am selling and how its uses, also can offer ideas on projects or cost. I will work everyday to improve and strive to make Lowes a great company to work for.
My ability to think on my feet and my wiliness to work hard, fallow store policies and my desire to make lowes my last job.
I am extremely passionate about helping customers find what they are looking for. I will go out of my way to make sure I find something that works for every customer. I am not afraid to ask questions about a project and I am eager to sell to every customer.
I strive to give great customer service, let them know about all promos, suggest products for thier projects.
I have 33 yet as of customer service including experience from retail and the medical field.
I have many years of. Customer service experience.
I, m a fast learner Hard worker, always bring a postive attiude to my work enviorment.
I have hands on experience in management and supervising others, im responsible and dependable. I am not afraid of a challenge abd I can deal with the public.
I am a very kind and enthusiastic person. I love getting work done effectively, and I love making people smile. I think that will translate well in a customer service driven industry.
I am hard working and reliable. This company is very team oriented and focuses a lot on group work. I believe my skills will be a great addition.
I have great organizational skills which will allow me to perform tasks efficiently, and in a timely manner. I also handle stressful situations well which will allow me to address problems well such as customer complaints or angry customers.
I believe from my work history here for the last 3 yrs that I have developed from working in various departments that has provided me with the time and team management skills. I have the energy and motivation at everything thing that I do.
I believe I would be better suited for the job because I am willing to take on any obsticle that comes my way and I know if I dont succeed at my goal itll be learning experience that I can grow from.
Attentive to detail solving problems.
Experience in consrtuction.
I have more flexability with schedule, fresh new easily trained.
Flexability, im an avid lowes customer, knowkedge of being an owner.
Experience at Home Depot, life experience dealing with public, and I enjoy helping people.
I am a very hard worker I follow direction, plus I have all the necessary skills to get the job done.
Because I am a team and safety-oriented person and have demonstrated my desire to go above and beyond to achieve results. I thrive in a team oriented environment.

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