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What would you do if a coworker asked you to help you steal?
The interviewer wants to hear that you are an honest and ethical person. Tell the interviewer that you would not steal if a coworker asked you to, and share that you would instead tell your manager about the situation because it is the right thing to do.

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User-Submitted Answers

What would you do if a coworker asked you to help you steal?
I would take no part in the act and directly talk to the manager and adress the issue.
I would go to my human resource manager and talk to them in confidence they will take things in the direction that needs to be take in order to have the issue resolved.
I would tell that co-worker's supervisor. Stealing is not an option.
Just by providing the best customer service and teaching others to do the same. Selling products as well as tecahing other to be the best sellers and tecahing the how sell add ons.
If a coworker asked me to help them steal, I would report it to management immediately.
I would go to the Supervisor immediately and let that person know that as well.
I would not do it and try to convince them not to do it also.
I would refuse to help and notify management of the employees intentions.
I would not do it, and get with a manager or HR to take care of the matter.
I would tell them no and immediately go to the store manager or loss prevention manager.
I would report them to my loss prevention associate.
I would tell that employee to never ask me that question again and I would explain to him if I catch him stealing I will turn him into management.
I would immediately explain the implifications of their actions and why their choice would not be a good or smart one at all. I would also notify my LP team and superiors of my concerns.
I would immediately report the situation to our HR Manager and or LP. Giving them as much information I had on the threatened theft.
I would explain that there are a lot of consiquences to doing such thing and that I would never help them. And then I would inform the store manager and Loss prevention.
I would never steal and I would advise my coworker not to go thier. If they did steal and I new it I would turn them in. I was always taught if I cant afford it I dont need it.
I would not steal. I am not sure this question is written correctly. But, I would not steal and I would not help them steal. I would bring it up to loss prevention and management.
Politely tell them no then contact loss prevention.
Help them make the right choice then report it to loss prevention.
I would explain that my job meant more to me than that. I would also tell them that is illegal then I would go to my supervisor and inform them.
I have had this happen to me at Nordstrom. I said that I liked a necklace and she said "just put it in your purse". I told my supervisor the next day and the girl was fired.
Say absolutely not and let a supervisor know immediately.
My integrity would not knowingly allow it. Talk to my co worker consequences for such actions.
I would tell them no, and that it would be a poor career path to follow. I would report the conversation to my LP personnel.
I would tell them that was not right, and report it immediately to a asm and the lp.
I would first tell them no and the I would take appreciate action to report the coworker.
I would immediately speak with a manager. This type a behavior should never be tolerated.
Iwould not even consider it and would tell the co worker that it is not worth your job to resort to that.
I would refuse and promptly report it to our Loss Prevention Specialist for further investigation.
I would look at them and laugh and said are you kidding me? Then I would have to say something to mangement.
I would try my best to convince he or she otherwise not to, if that fails I would contact the manager or HR immediately.
I would decline and leave as to not create a scene. I would then inform my manager of what my coworker has asked of me as soon as possible.
I would decline, encourage the coworker to reconsider, and inform a manager.
Politely let them know they are on the wrong side of the fence.
Report it to my supervisor.
Remind them thieves never prosper and give them 1 day to tell the manager or I will.
Tell them you will not and if you discover that something is missing that you will report it to management immediately.
Turn them in to hr or lp.
I would never steal, and I would inform the proper management team about what a coworker was planning to do,
I would refuse and tell me boss immediately.
I would tell them no and convince them that they shouldnt do it either because is stealing money isn't worth losing your job over.
I wouldn't steal and I would report it to my manager immediately.
I would address that person and then address a manager and or supervisor about the co workers intentions.
I would say no and then report that person to my manager immediatley.
My coworkers are not worth losing my job over. And that is terms for termination. If I knew for a fact that they were still going to attempt to steal from the company I would inform LP about the said employees plans.
Absolutely not. And I would tell management.
I'd tell them I'm not interested in doing something so stupid and wrong. No thank you.
I would absolutely not and let them know I will be talking to the LP.
I would tell them no. I would tell them what they are doing is wrong and they should rethink their decisions. I would then notify my supervisor and/or our loss prevention.