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What steps do you take to solve a problem?
Start off by telling the interviewer that once you recognize a problem, you like to analyze the problem and all possible solutions. Next, share that you pick your best solution, and implement it. Finally, be sure to mention that you like to take note of the outcome of your choice because this helps you continually learn to ensure you keep making good choices in the future.

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User-Submitted Answers

What steps do you take to solve a problem?
First I would identify the problem, then I would see who it involves, then if it involves a coworker I would confront him and ask if everything is okay and try to go from there.
Identify, talk it over, impliment, follow through.
I I would speak to my manger.
If its with an individual I speak to them, if its with a project I reexamine the action plan and determine where the issue are and correct them.
First and foremost is to listen. You have to know and understand what the problem is before you can take steps to resolve it. Once you know what the problem is then you can take the appropriate steps to solve it.
First assess the root of the problem and figure out the best to approach the fix.
I first try to start at the foundation of the problem, from there working my way up until problem is solved.
I listen to the situation to beter understand it and then I solve the problem.
Stop, listen, make eye contact, understand the problem, make the customer comfortable with me, and do whatever possible to solve the problem.
If for a customer, I listen to what they have to say, ask questions to help identify the issue and possibly the solution, provide the assistance myself or through another associate by any means possible. If I cannot get the answer for the customer I will refer them to someone who can.
Find out the problem, prioritize the problem, and investigate any unknown factors to resolve the issues.
Listen, ask open ended questions, make suggestions use examples of similar situations and how they were fixed.
First I identify how the problem happened, who is involved, etc. I talk to the people involved to hear all sides. Then I find a way to fix the problem, by making a plan, talking with others involved to get their input for a solution, do some brainstorming. Review the options available to resolve, then carrying out the chosen plan by putting it in writing for the team, and checking back to make sure everything has been addressed.
The first step in solving any problem is to identify what actually needs to be solved. From there I look at my different options and choose the most effective and time efficient method.
I look at what the problem is and try to find out what caused it by talking to the people involved, looking at records, documentation, etc. I then try to come up with a plan to resolve it by correcting what caused the problem in the first place, and by talking to those involved to get their input, if necessary. I put an plan in writing and follow up with it to make sure it was completed. Then put measures in place to try to prevent it from happening again.
To ask opened end questions and encourage all parties involved for there opinions to come up with the best soulitions.
Find out what is causing the problem then evaluate it and find the best way to resolve it in the best manner.
I LISTEN, OFFER SUGGESTIONS AND GUIDANCE, FIRST, I try to put a positive spin to the problem, depending on the problem let employees try to work it out, customer see what I can do to solve the problem and make them happy. Every problem is different and needs a different approach, but I think the biggest start to solving any problem is listening.
Talk to customer to see what the problem is and try to assist them in the situation. All along in a commonly manner.
Listing to the customer complaint, apologize and and solve the problem.
Analyze the situation. Figure what steps need to be taken. Exectute. Under promise over deliver and save the day.
I find out what the problem is and then I try to come up with steps to fix the problem until it gets solved.
Figure out what the problem is first. Assess the situation and think of what the best action to take is within the circumstances. Then execute that plan.
Lets start with what the problem is and go from there.
Research to find out why there is a problem. And then fix it.
I always take a step back, analyze the problem, and work on a solution immediately. A problem that lingers tend to become a bigger problem.
I take any steps within my power as an associate to take to make the customer happyh.
Ask questions, get history and the situation for a resolve.
I look at the problem and then I will take it one step at a time till it is completed.
Carefully analyze the problem to find out where things went wrong, then look for the solution, then implement the solution.
I first ask myself what is the problem then list the best possible ways to resolve it and then choose the best way that will give the best outcome.
Of course it depends on the problem. I would listen to my supervisor to see if we can avoid the problem if it happens again.
Define the problem, make a plan and then solve it.
Acknowledge the problem. Empathize with the customer. Ask what they are looking for us to do to solve their dilemma. Come to a compromise that will make the customer happy without costing the company unnecessary money. Always ask that the customer is satisfied and assure them that I am always available if anything else should arise.
Find the problem, figure out why it is a problem, find a couple ways to fix the problem then pick the best solution.
Listen, identify the problem gather as much information as possible, develop a plan, execute the plan, assess and followup.
Understand the problem fully and then explore options to correct the problem.
Listen first. Assess the situation. See if there is a simple solution to the problem. If not, find a way to fix the problem as easily and inexpensively as possible.
I look at all the areas to identify the source of the problem. Then try to look at the non related areas that may cause the situation. Tackle each one to elimnate the cause until find solution.
I first take assesment of the situation by listening to all the parties involved. In order to solve an issue it has to be looked at from all stand points. I then make an plan and work towards a solution to make sure everyone is happy. Then I try to take steps to make sure the same issue does not happen again.
If it is a team problem, first I listen. Then I ask the team for ideas. I attempt to make the team feel we resolved it together. If the problem rests on my shoulders, I stay focused, calm and usually solve it without management. If the problem requires management, I present my solution to management, and abide by their decision.
I like to take the time to identife just what is wrong then procede from thier. I look at manuels and find the computer is a good asscet. Getting in and taking it apart and looking is 1 of the best ways to find out whats wrong.
Identify the problem and weigh all possible outcomes, try to solve the problem efficiently without taking up too much time.
I always apologize if its my fault and I offer to fix what needs to be fixed. If I cant do it I always bring a team leader in to help. The most important part of solving a problem is talking about it and figuring out what can be done about it.
Would identify what causes the problem, who are the people involve. Etc.. Then talk to the individuals involve to hear side. Then make a plan. Brainstorm together with them. Review the options available to resolve. Then carry out the chosen plan.
Listen to the problem develop a plan share the plan with employees complete task to resolve problem.
I try to understand the problem first then I will analyze why and by finding what caused the problem I could find the solution.
Stop and figure out what the problem is. Think of what resources are available to help solve the problem.
I would find the problem. If anyone was involved I would talk to whomever was involved. I would consider my options, consult with others if needed and find the best solution possible. And record everything in writing for future reference.
First I determine what the problem is. Then if anyone was involved I talk to them. Then I would consider my objects, and consult with others if needed. Then I would make the best decision possible and record it in writing for future reference.
First I would determine what the problem was. Then I would brainstorm and consider multiple options, Consult with others if need. Then I would make the most reasonable decision to fix the problem.
I take a look at the problem and decide what the best approch would be the best way to solve it. Then proceed to solve it.
Talk with all people affected by the problem for insight. Understand the problem and its damaged done. Provide solutions to the customer that resolve any issues. Customer servce is key.
Listen to ensure I understand the problem completely. Explain what lowes policy is regarding the problem. Explain the benefit to the customer. And then request feedback to ensure the customer problem has been resolved to their satisfaction,
Define the problem, analyze the problem, come up with possible solutions, select the best solution, implement the solution, learn from the experience.
Listen to the problem, think for a minute and then device the best solution for the answer.
Define the problem, come up with solutions, choose the best solution, implement the solution, learn what I can from the experience.
First I find out what the problem is. Then I find out what the best solution is then put my plan into action.
Determine problem, analyze options to resolve, resolve.
Work through the problem. One must find out what the problem is in order to begin the process of correcting the issues. Once the problem is identified, put in place resonable expecations in a clear and concise format that everybody can follow.
First, develop a re pour with the customer.Next, identify the problem. Then find a solution that takes care of all of the issues in a timely manner. Finally, present the solution to the customer for their approval.
First, develop a re pour with the customer.Next, identify the problem. Then find a solution that takes care of all of the issues in a timely manner. Finally, present the solution to the customer for their approval.
Get all the facts. Asses the problem, come up with a solution.
I try to look at the bigger picture and make sure that I have not missed a simple resolution. I the trouble shoot to see to elimitate possible resoluctions, in a systematic fashion. I do not like to leave issue un solved.
I listen to the customer, ask questions and find a solution.
First I define the problem, then I come up with a plan, I then implement my plan, and then I make sure the problem has been complete fix.
Seek help if needed.Stay calm and evaluate the issue.Try other solutions if needed.
I look at the big picture and the take them one at a time.
I first listen and get all the details then I do whatever I can to solve the problem and make the customer happy with me.
I first ask questions to find out the real issue, once I have found out the real issue I will the come up with ways to resolve the issue myself. If it is something over my head I will ask upper management for their final say.
I take the necessary steps to achieve any costumers issus.
I figure the issue out first, and break it down into steps or best solutions. Some problems you can never solve, but you do your best.
Evaluate the situation and think of the best possible way to solve it effectively and efficiently. If I need to take the lead on solving the problem, I will.
First find the rout of the problem and make steps in improving that problem as fast as I can to correct the problem.
By analizing what caused the problem I can determine what steps to take to prevent any problems from happening in future.
Identify the problem, think of possible solutions and outcomes and I choose the best.
Ask question on what they are looking for and help them find the items they need.
I evaluate the problem first, then take the necessary steps needed.
I first analyze the problem; What exactly is causing it? Then I think of every possible solution. After that, I decided what solutions have benefits that out weigh any risks or negatives involved, and which will negatively effect me more. I then pick the best solution based on the pros and cons.
Analyzing the problem, brainstorm ideas put best idea into action. Review results.
First I am going to listen with detail, look at the various resolution, attempt to chose the best one.
Look and review and lsten then prioritise and assess how to handled the situation the best.
I solve problems by Identifying the problem, determining the root cause, devising a solution, and implementing the corrective action.
With a customer I do everything my position my position allows me if this will not solve the problem I will go to my Department manager first and then to the store manager if neccasary.
Look at it, from all points. Fully understand the problem. Give as many solutions.
First identify the problem then systematically identify the easiest solution.
Know what the problem is and work to fix it.
Listen, ask questions, give choices.
All necessary to reach completion.
Listen to the problem to find out what caused the problem provide solutions and solve the problem.
First listen, repeat the complaint/problem, try to find a solution that is best for both.
If time permits,I list pros and cons then make a decision of what actions to take to solve it. If it involveds someone else, a period of listening completely is essential. Then the problem can be solved mutually.
I learn the problem find different ways to remedy it.
Get the facts an then find out what I can do with the problem.
I break down the problem into smaller and more managable pieces and look at differnt solutions that would best remedy those smaller managable aspects.
Analyze what the problem is and think of different ways it can be solved then go with the easiest most effective way to solve it.
I would first read the problem at hand. Then I would analyze it and start to form some strategies on how to accomplish the problem. From there I would implement some strategies that seem fit for the problem at hand and see what outcome I get.
Figure out what the problem is break down what all the possibilities could be, then fix that problem, if not able to ask someone for help.
I take the time to fully review the situation at hand. See what may have been done to cause the confusion and find an easy, yet correct solution to the problem.
Make sure I have all of the important details and speak to the appropriate people, or do my own research.
STOP: Sit, Think, Observe (analyze), Plan.
It depends on the problem but the answer is finding a resolution.