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What steps do you take to solve a problem?
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First I identify how the problem happened, who is involved, etc. I talk to the people involved to hear all sides. Then I find a way to fix the problem, by making a plan, talking with others involved to get their input for a solution, do some brainstorming. Review the options available to resolve, then carrying out the chosen plan by putting it in writing for the team, and checking back to make sure everything has been addressed.
identify, talk it over, impliment, follow through
first i would identify the problem, then i would see who it involves, then if it involves a coworker i would confront him and ask if everything is okay and try to go from there
I I would speak to my manger
Evaluate the situation and think of the best possible way to solve it effectively and efficiently. If I need to take the lead on solving the problem, I will.
Figure out what the problem is first. Assess the situation and think of what the best action to take is within the circumstances. Then execute that plan.
First I determine what the problem is. Then if anyone was involved I talk to them. Then I would consider my objects, and consult with others if needed. Then I would make the best decision possible and record it in writing for future reference.
First, develop a re pour with the customer.Next, identify the problem. Then find a solution that takes care of all of the issues in a timely manner. Finally, present the solution to the customer for their approval.
If its with an individual I speak to them, if its with a project I reexamine the action plan and determine where the issue are and correct them.
I first take assesment of the situation by listening to all the parties involved. In order to solve an issue it has to be looked at from all stand points. I then make an plan and work towards a solution to make sure everyone is happy. Then I try to take steps to make sure the same issue does not happen again.