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What are some of your weaknesses?
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When tasked with a project I want the project to be completed with high standards. Unfortunately, time does not always allow for as much time to be given as I would like. Therefore in order to complete a project effectivly and correct, I use time management skills to determine what is most important to the project and what is expected and task myself with those elements.
Filing has always plagued me, I have a system that I know but it is hard for others sometimes to follow my method. Another is tolerance for inappropriate behavior, there is no place for it in a team environment but I believe I have gotten a great deal better in handling those problems as they arrise now.
I jump into things without listening to the complete instructions.
I sometimes try to do too much, which time does not always allow me to, so I have to prioritize to make sure everything is done on time.
My strongest weakness is the way I interpret constructive criticism. I take it very well but sometimes need a better understanding of the issues that arrise.
My weakness would be have many instability in my life which I find to mess up my equilibrium in my basic life. But I believe with a stable job with an opportunity of career growth and advancements I can find success in progress and never stop improving my flaws and weaknesses.
Trying to take on to much making my job more difficult .
My weakness I would say is that I am not pushy enough. At times I tend to just let the customer say no and I leave it at that and I have been working on always trying hard for the sale.
One weakness would be my constant ability to be so concentrated on completing a task perfectly, so I will forget to complete other tasks within a good time frame. I like to get things done timely, but I often find myself losing track of time while working on something. I may be better suited working on 1 or 2 larger tasks than 5 or 6 smaller tasks.
Never learning a second language - resolved by enrolling in school.