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Tell me about your experience in working in retail?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

If you have experience, start off by giving the interviewer a high-level overview of your experience by sharing where you have worked, your job title, and how long you were employed there. Add a sentence or two about what your job duties were in each role as well. Be sure to mention that you really enjoy this industry, and you look forward to continuing to work in retail industry roles.

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Tell me about your experience in working in retail?
I have a total of 3 years.
Overall most people enjoy the shopping experience, the excitement of buying a new pair of shoes or a power tool. I like to play a part in seeing their ideas come to life be it painting a room, tiling the bathroom or building a play set. It has been very rewarding helping customers.
I worked at a lumberyard for 5 years. More recently, I ran kitchen remodels for home depot.
When I was 15 I began working at the Post Exchange, which is a retail outlet for the military. At 19, I became the department manager of mens, boys, shoes and womens lingerieat WT Grant Co. I Managed coworkers that were much older than I, but had respect from everyone. My departments always had a positive influence on sales for the store. I have done everything from pumping gas to grooming dogs managing a marketing department. My desire to excell is evident in my positions as managers.
Worked in toy store for several years waiting on customers and stocking.
Very task oriented, customer sales and focus driven, very well organized, managerial role.
I was a grocery manager at age 18, and had the responsibility of ordering all grocery stocked products in our store. I got to understand how shrink works and profit margins for the store were important. The experience of knowing the importance of rotation and proper merchandising goes along way in boosting sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.
I started working with retail in 2010 and I enjoy coming to work every day, simply because I know I am going to get the chance to interact with customers. I love to make the customer happy by providing the assistance needed. I enjoy working with co working, and making their days pleasant and helping the provide tope qualith customer service.
I worked two years at rite aid and 5 years at walmart. I started out as a part time cashier and worked my way up to assistant manager in 3 years. My enthusiasm to learn and face new challenges has resulted in my quick rise within walmart. I will to bring those same qualities to lowes.
I have learned so many things and I enjoy going to work every day because I know I am going to be that one person that make a difference for having satisfied customers.
Retail makes me happy. I believe that the people you meet while out shopping make a difference. I love being that person to make people happy.
I worked in a family hardware store.... Much smaller than Lowes.
I have worked in retail for over 10 years. My position has always been as a salesperson, helping customers complete projects. I am very comfortable helping people outside my own area of expertise, as the entire store is a sales floor and you can help a customer in any department.
I have worked in retail for over 10 years. I am very comfortable helping customers and working with employees at any level, in any area.
I have been working in this type of job since I was very young and it is never the same except for the customer always comes first.
Ive worked in retail for 8 years. Being an cashier and working on sales floor assisting customers, working in restaurants. Ive had excelent customer service have never gotten any complaints. Always friendly and to the point.
I have to work at the register and make sure that all customer are acknowledged as they approach the register and advise them that I will be with them as soon as I complete the current transaction I attempt to ask the customer if they just have a question and try to provide information while competing the current transaction.
I worked in business marketing for 13 years where part of my responsibility was to sell c level executives my services in. Marketing, event planning, theme. Development and employ and customer motivation campaign . I eventually purchased a portion of my employers company and set up my own company in the consumer trade show industry. I created this particular pet related consumer shows where I sold booth space on a convention. Floor for retail companies, boutiques, service providers could market their products under one food, under one pat theme. It was a 3 day event and I raised the capital for this consumer expo show by securing sponsorships. I sold P&G the title sponsorship a single sale of over $70,000, Tractor Supply, a sponsorship with over $30,000 and a large regional Pet Store Chain for all media sponsorship a $25,000 sponsorship. Through my media campaign that ncluded social media, we site, television, newspaper, magazine ns billboards I marketed to the public to attend. This intern sold admission tickets that exceeded total sponsorship sales. Unfortunately as I was building momentum on the company I got cancer. I had to go on hiatus from the show for a while. I need to stay engaged and came to Lowes as a part time cashier and quickly moved to full time head cashier. Kris welch selected me for an assignment transfer to the cabinet department where I struggled to find my spot. I taught myself 20/20, ISST, and the industry of kitchen design and bath design as well. As in depth knowledge of the appliance manufacturers, inventory maintenance and specialized sales in both departments.
Helping people get what they are looking for walking out with the product they want.
I have worked in retail for about 4 years, and I have enjoyed helping customers with there projects as well as working with coworkers.
Just about every job I have had has been in retail. I enjoy the changes that come with seasonal changes and also the customer part of the job. Talking with people and learning what they are doing is something that interests me.
Its been a great experience I get to interact with all kinds of people and build relationships.
Customer service, multi tasking and contributing to great sales.
Over the last 5 years I have worked in retail. I enjoy working with people and helping customers.
I have experience working in the auto parts retail business selling auto parts and stocking shelves. I was also a delivery driver for the same company.
Its been great alot of knowledge ive accumulated over the years working in varies areas of the store.
You have to anticipate a customers needs and sometimes customer moods to make them happy to shop at Lowes.
I started as a cashier learned quickly and was promoted to my Head cashier position where I have put my all into learning and mastering the duties and going beyond for my coworkers in any way needed by putting their needs ahead of my own.
I started as a cashier and caught on very well, very quick and interview for Head cashier and was promoted. I then learned about management level and policies and procedures within this level. I
I havent really worked in retail but I have a lot of experience in customer service from working in fast food. I like helping others and making them happy.
11 years as an insurance agent and 5 months here at Lowes.
This was the first job I have had in retail and have enjoyed it . I have meet some great customers.
I have been in retail of some sort most of my life all the way from a clothing store to a gym.
I have over 25 years of retail experience in customer service and enjoy helping people meet their needs.
Have been in retail and customer service for a long time I enjoy being involved with people.
2.5 years as an accomplished Sales specialist. 4 years as a proven Department manager leader.
I have over 6 years experience in retail. Everyday is a new day. I love dealing with customers. I have experience in grocery stores and drug stores, and home improvement warehouses. I can say they are still those 3 types of customer the mission, project and inspirational. I enjoy seeing and talking to people everyday.
I have 29 years in retail. 14 years have been in management.
I have worked at lowes for two and one half years. I enjoy working with people helping them solve their home improvement problems.
I sold equipment and monthly service. I also took payment and balanced the till at closing. At the resort, I received the customers and made sure they were happy with their space.
Customer service is the only focus with retail. I believe to treat customers how I want to be treated. I listen to the customer and make sure they know I care about their project and that is all that matters.
I was store manager of an international children clothing and personal items. During the course of 4 years, my store was rated third in the country. I employed 12 sales personal Due to the close location to N.Y., I hosted quarterly VIP visit.
I worked at a family bussiness at a fuel dock and tackle shop . Selling fuel, tackle, sandwiches, soft drinks, beer .
I have worked retail for 14 years as a cashier, cash office administrative associate, receiver and concierge. I am comfortable helping customers in any area of the store. If I need help I ask for it.
At Bok Tower we were there for our guests and looked forward to seeing them every year, some of them were winter visitors. I found it very rewarding to provide a service and product that made them come back year after year.
Been working for lowes for more than two years now. Overall the experience is rewarding. Being a part of peoples ideas come to life and knowing that they were happy with the results is very gratifying.
Hands on experience handling sales floor, customer service and operations.
Working in oslg a millwork specialist and mill work dept mgr.
You meet a lot of different types of people in retail and have to be able to adjust to their style.
I have been working at lowes for almost a year now and I am very comfortable helping customers any time I get the chance, no matter what department they are in.
I did not have a true concept of working in retail until I actually did. The every day desire and satifaction of working as a team so that the out come is satifying the customer is amazing.
I found that working with customers can be very rewarding for my self satisfaction and also there is always work to be done in retail which I like because I love to stay busy.
I worked at Lowes for a couple years and at Macys for 2 years.
Love helping customers and seeing them coming back to you.
Very limited but I believe that the difficult part of retail is customer service and that is where I shine. I can learn the rest in a short time. Teaching someone customer service is harder.
I have lots of experience in the retail market. I have worked customer service and was trained in customer service at Chrysler. I have worked as cashier through manager.
I have numerous years in retail from selling clothes, shoes, loans, movie rentals, home improvement supplies.
I have not had prior experience in retail prior to my employment with Lowes. I do own my own business, which has given me the experience in inventory plus Financial bookkeeping.
Most of my career has been in retail building material sales. 25 years with two companies proves I can stay the course with the right company.
Most of my career has been in retail building material sales. 25 years with two companies proves I can stay the course with the right company.
Has been a great learning experience. I enjoy dealing with customers face to face and conversing with them.
I have only worked here for a year and at Northern Tool & Equipment for 2 years. While at NT&E I was only in sales about 40% of my time there and still managed to make salesman of the month, outselling 5 full time salesmen.
I have over 15 years experience as a cashier, sales associate, customer service representative and supervisor.
Work in retail can be fun and it can also be stressful which both come from working with the public. I feel most days the good out weighs the bad.
I love working with customers and helping them complete projects.
I have to work at the register for able two years now to make sure that all customer are acknowledged as they approach the register.
I have been working retail for a long time. Ive learned the customer is always right so find a way to help them.
I have worked in retail since I was 16. Retail is what I know and what I love. I have always enjoyed helping customers find exactly what they are looking for whether it being in stock or special ordering a product. It really is a rewarding career.
Worked in retail for 8 years, providing customer service, coordinating installation services, handling customer complains and selling projects.
I love it, it is challenging at times and always something new. Love the customers and also love working with my peers.
I actually have no retail experience, but I am willing to learn all of the ins and outs of the retail industry.
I have learned that great customer service is a must. Treat every customer the way you would want to be treated. Learn knowledge from all your co worker and managers. Be self motivated. It feels amazing to have a customer come back and tell you that you made their project run great. How happy they are.
Customer service is my top priority . Happy customers increase sales and profit. Happy customers return.
In addition to the seasonal job at The Home Depot, I worked part-time for six years at Blockbuster. It was a pleasure to build working relationships with my colleagues and customers.
I love the interaction with the public, I enjoy the atmosphere, its achallenge somtimes meeting the needs but with patience it can be done.
My experience has mostly been positive. Customers are, more often than not, pleased with their transactions. Sometimes there are some who are not pleased for several reasons. I have always been able to come up with a solution that helped the customer without harming out business.
I do not have experience working in retail however I would always treat the customers with respect, and try to help them with what they came to lowes for.
Working with home buyer and contractor.
I have sold carpet and floor covering for family business. As a teenager I worked at a clothing outlet store. Plus I worked in the paint department for your competitor Home Depot.
Being never worked in retail it will be a learning curve having been self employed contractor for over 20 years I have had to sell myself and my company everyday. in which people came to trust you.
I have done everything from pushing carts to the last 8 years as a retail manager over 5 depts.
It s been great but at times it good be the toughest job trying to deal with people .
I worked in reatil in my youth and worked at a music store, that is the extent of my experience working in reatil.
Working in retail you have your good and bad days like any other job and you have the good customers that makes you happy and motivated to go on with your day then the awful customers who makes you want to go home within that second.
I've learned a lot of things and one of the thing I've learned is your need to be patient with the customers.
I have 10 years off experience in store position.
FFI was a sales position. At the end of the night, I have more rooms than I need, but I don't want people developing the notion that better deals come late at night. Often times, I would be able to get people to accept the rack rate and apply for a rewards card.
I enjoy meeting new people and making sure the customer is always happy.
My experience working at retail was very unique. I enjoyed the social interaction between the customer's and employees. There was one downside of working in retail and it was the conflict of school or job. Certain times I had to compromise my school work to head to work long hour shifts and when returning home had little time to do my actual school work.
I really enjoy working in retail really enjoy the challenges, the people, working on the computer problem-solving.
I dont have retail experience but I have experience in customer service.
I've worked in retail for several years in my life. I've always enjoyed working with my customers and helping them find what it is their looking for and resolving any issues they may have.
I have 3 to 4 years in retail I started off at walmart and I worked my way to top by working hard and be able to do the position I had in place.
I've definitely learned a lot. What I've learned most is to really listen to what the customer is asking for. In the beginning, I would hear one thing at time, and take then to the wrong product. So now I ask further questions to make sure I'm hearing the customer correctly.
I assisted in a high end cooking supply store, display.
I have little to no experience working in retail. I had a summer job in high school working at a small town general store.

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