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Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?
The interviewer wants to hear that you handle conflict appropriately in the workplace. Start off by sharing with the interviewer that you typically get along with your co-workers great, but from time-to-time, you might have a disagreement with someone. Next, think of a time when you had a conflict with a co-worker. Tell the interviewer a brief overview of why you had a disagreed. Discuss how you ensured that you did not embarrass the individual by pulling them aside into a private space to have the conversation. Tell the interviewer that instead of continuing to be frustrated, it was better to talk about the situation to resolve it. Finally, be sure to mention that the person continued to have a respectful relationship with you following the conversation due to the way that you handled the situation.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?
I did the best of my abilty to work with them and try my best to get the job done.
Work comes first, I am a proffessional and don't let personal relations effect my work.
I do what is required of me and work with the person and possible through our time together issues may be resolved.
I believe that you can always find common ground with any individual to accomplish a team goal no matter the circumstances at hand.
This is a business and professionalism comes first. Opinions should be kept to ourselves.
My personal feelings towed another employee need to be left at home. I am professional and have no problem working side by side even with difficult personalities.
Just work togather set personeal feelings aside get the job you were hired to do done.
We can never get along with everyone. I worked with a fellow sales associate who was very head-strong and difficult to work with. I was always friendly and non-confrontational with him. I avoided arguing with hime.
I work with a girl that does not like me at all. She always talks about me to other associates, I just calmly explain to her that if she had any issues with me I would like to know so we can resolve them. I always stay calm!
Team work comes first. Whatever problem I may have with a employee I just put my personal feelings aside and get the job. We are to work as a team not matter what.
We openly discussed our dislike for each other but did not let our personal feelings affect our job performance. We worked as a team to accomplish tasks given by our store manager, thus increasing the sales performance of our store and making bonuses.
I always try to work with everyone to get the work done.
Inability to communicate on simple issues - resolved those by role playing.
I worked through my personal differences with the associate and worked professionally to get the job done. I would never let that affect my job or how effectively I work.
When I first started at lowes I was put with a person that did not care for me and I personally didnt care for him. I had a job to do so put my personal feeling aside and did the tasks asked of me.
I had to work with someone who made it their goal everyday to find conflict with someone. I found the best method to deal with it was not to engage in the behavior with them, but rather to focus on what I needed to do to do my job each day... I. E. Check on customer orders, follow up on quotes, helping customers in the store to create new sales, keep the department in good order.
I had to work with a coworker who seemed to like to make conflict with everyone. I tried not to take it personally as I could see she treated everyone that way. I just kept everything in a professional matter, and took the personal out of it. I would just try to focus on the things I had to worry about every day, such as checking on customer orders, making sales, keeping the department in great shape, etc.
I do work with a person I do not get along with, I try to say hello to her everyday, tell her what is going on in the department, and try to help her out when I can.
I would have to work with that person, even though I didnt like that person. We still had to focus on the customer and their needs. We put our differences aside at work and outside of work we went our separate ways..
I had an associate at my previous job that did not care for me and we had to work on a project together I got the associate to understand that we had to get the project completed and make the best of the current situation.
Soml enjoy conflict, enjoy drams. I focus. On my work, keeping the area stocked and orderly, following up on quotes, finalizing designs, and contacting customers to schedule next steps towards appointments.
We started out not talking very much and I started to ask question about the work we doing. I apologize if I offended him in away .
One time I had to work with some that did like me and I had.
At work I am dedicated to the task at hand, I will work with anybody to get the job done.
There have been multiple. I would say the most recent was with a co manager. He was very lazy and was just happy to get by. I didnt care for that.
Make the best of the situation you have to get along with the people you work with.
I would not let their behavior bother me. I had a task at hand that needed to get completed, zoning, downstocking, assembling, making labels. My opinions of a fellow employee are mute at work.
I kept it professional and kept the job goal in priority.
I worked with a guy who was very bossy and pushy when it came to things getting done even though he was not the dm, nor took on his own work load.
Be polite and respectful no matter how you get along.
I worked with a lady that like to complain about co workers and talk bad about them I didnt engage in the discussion and tried to direct her attention towards her job of customer care.
At a former job, I had to work with an individual that always had a chip on their shoulder when they came into work. I realized the best way to deal with this individual was to not make anything bigger then it was and focus on my job duties and responsbilities.
I worked with a person who made it their goal everyday but I figured the best thing was to ignore and continue with my work.
I tried to meet him on his level so we could get the job done succefully.
I get along with everyone, but even if there are some ruffled feathers between myself and another employee I would talk it out so we can move past any issues and go back to being productive employees.
I normally get along with everybody I work with but I have had to work with a person I didnt get along with very well and the best thing to do in that situation is to focus on the customers and being the best employee you can be.
I consider myslef a professional. Therefore, I do not all personal and / or petty issues enter into my work.
I would just work to get the job completed and move on to the next.
Working with a difficult employee who found conflict with all. Focused on tasks and taking care of customers.
I worked with someone that their goal everyday was to fond a conflict with someone I found the best method was to not engage in their behavior but to rather foucus on what I needed to do my job everyday, OM stcoking quotes.
One time I had to work with someone that was very demanding and degrading. I approached each situation that arose as professional as was meant to be and kept the atmosphere positive. Bottom line is that the customer is the center of our business and I have to make sure they are highly satisfied w/ the product and service they are receiving.
I get along with everyone. If there were a situation where someone felt uncomfortable working with me I would talk with them and try to resolve any issues the associate would have.
We have factors that we may not be aware of that a person goes through. Be kind, helpful, and try to make that person feel valueable to the job we are doing together.
We put aside our differences in order to complete the job handed to us.
I had an associate in my department that I just did not agree with her selling method and I just had to try and make suggestions as we went to try and understand her methods and try to improve them.
Due the the vast number of sub-contractors, there will always be a difference of opinion. I leave the attitude at the door, keep an open mind to their view point, try to gain knowledge from their experience.
I have worked with employees were we just didnt get along for 1 reason or another but I put that aside work alwys comes first befor my feelings and the job or task must get done.
I had to work with a coworker that created conflict. I try not to take it personally. Some people become stressed and take it out on others, but I just focus on the customers and my job tasks and the conflict usually resolves itself.
I get along with everyone, but if someone was having a bad day I would just ask them if they needed my help on a project they were working on and offer friendly conversation.
When this happens it is important to have an understand of the project or task at hand. Their may be different approaches due to style but overall the objective is to professionally achive the end result together.
There is these co worker who like to make conflicts with everyone and likes to boss everyone around. I just dont take it personally. I can see that he treats everyone the same. Just take it in professional manner and try to took the personal out it. I just focus on serving customers and the tasks that needed to be done.
Target, new etl. Had a stand offish attitude but was aggressive with her communication style. Forced my to be strategic in completing work tasks while maintaining peace within the department.
I currently have a specialist who is hard to get along with I listen to all his complaints and a dress each one even though I may not be able to do anything about it.
Working in a large company in a cross-functional role, working with people that have different and clashing personalities is inevitable. A specific instance, would be dealing with a technology partner that would not give a specific answer to a funding question. I had to define specifically what I needed and made sure they were aware of why the information was needed.
I am a christian and I do not believe in jamming it down everyones throat. I do let people know when they make things uncomfortable for me or I excuse myself from the situation. I worked with a coworker who was very disrespectful of my beliefs and would try to raise debates out of me. I do not believe the work place is a good place for such things. I would normally see a customer and offer my help and afterwards would address it to him. Eventually he got the notion I was not going to argue with him. If he wanted to discuss my religious beliefs then he could out side of work.
I worked with a coworker on the road who would always downtalk other employees for their lack of knoweledge. I found the best solution was to stay focused on the task at hand and not encourage this kind of behavior.
Once I worked with a coworker who was always belittling new employees who were not as knowledgeable as he was. I found that staying focused on my task and not taking it personally or encouraging that behavior was the best solution.
I would not use that phrase. I am part of a team and there for am a team player.
I had a coworker who thought she was better than everyone. I just kept treating her kindly and gave her praise when she did a good job and won her over and became fiends.
I was working with a coworker who would consistently belittle new employees for their lack of experience and knowledge behind their backs. I found that focusing on my task at hand and not encouraging this behavior was the smartest decision.
Work as a team to do the job at hand. Stay professional at all times.
One time I had to travel with someone that was not well respected at the help desk. I treated them with respect and we were able to spend two weeks together without incident.
In basic training I was living with 180 other men, and believe it or not I did not get along with everyone there. The ones I did not get along with, I knew we had to work together to complete our tasks and make it out of there.
I have dealt with co workers who are constantly trying to created problems. I try not to engage in their behavior and quietly and politely go about my assigned work.
Personal differences should not deter from the focus of doing a good job. One must have a thick skin with some people.
I would stay busy doing what needed to be done, and if interaction was necessary I would be as nice as possible to keep conflict down.
I would approach this person as an opportunity to re-meet and get the job at hand done.
By putting a smile on my face, pleasantly speaking, keeping a positive attitude, upholding a professional demeanor, staying focused on our daily responsabilities and keeping our customers the number one responsibility.
I would set aside any differences to allow us to complete the task assigned, then after completion work on resolving whatever the problem was between us.
I would set aside any differences to allow us to complete the task assigned, then after completion work on resolving whatever the problem was between us.
Kept it professional, with minimal contact. Performed my tasks and took care of customers.
I acted professionally and eventually we came to be somewhat friendly when I did not engage in any drama.
When working with Andrea for the most part I tried to to get along with her for the better on the department. Even though outside of work we did not get along. I know it was better when we working to together to was better to try and put any issues aside so we could try and make the department successful.
Never happened. But I get along very well with others. If that were to ever happen, it is a work environment, not a place for personal things. We are all there for the benefit of the company, and the customers.
Keep personal feelings out of situation and concentrate on job.
One employee in particular is hard to get along with I focus on the job at hand to get the job done my personal feelings shouldnt affect my job performance no, atter the people or person.
This has happened a few times in my experience. I did my best to stay out of that persons way on a personal level without letting it interfere with my performance.
I asked them to have a quick sit down discussion to determine why there were difficulties in our working relationship. We both agreed to do this with our supervisor and the result was a much better working environment after getting everything out on the table.
I am a team player I worked with the person as if there was no issue. You can not bring a personal issue into yourwork.
I learned to be open minded, respect difference of opinions, and agree to disagree.
I worked with this girl name Shelly who always found something or somebody to tell on. She never focus on her job just everyone elses.. Always wanted to find something negative about a person so she could run and tell the boss.
I try to learn as much as possible about that person and listen as much as I can. Typically I will find out that there is more things that I like about that individual and see how much we have in common rather than the differences I initially felt.
I get along with everyone I work with. If someone has an issue with me we talk it out.
I would just to my job and get along with them while I am work after all I work with them I dont have to have them in my life outside of work.
It puts you in an uncomfortable situation, you feel guarded, so I simply treat the person as they are in charge, their ideas are fantastic and I bite my tonge.
I get along with all people so I can work with somebody I dont get along with.
In acting, there was a girl who did not like me because she wanted to date my boyfriend at the time. She would often give me rude remarks and try to embarrass me in front of the teacher. I decided to just be nice to her, and accept that there was no way for her to get over it. She was student director for one of our skits, and tried to put me down for everything I did, as well as give me an embarrassing costume. I took her criticism and thanked her for it, I informed her that I had a role-specific costume at home that I wore, and was complimented on by the teacher. I never let her remarks get me down, and I continued to excel in the task I was given despite her trying to discourage me.
Worked hard and communicated about function of tasks. Sat down over a coffee to discuss expectations and how we can get along better.
I had once had to work with someone I did not get along with and I handled it by taking this person out to lunch and settling our differences. It turned out that it was just a simple lack of communication. This person later turned out to be one of my bestfriends.
I try to stay focused on the positive.
I try to stay focused on common ground.
My co-worker and I always disagreed on what should be done with certain tasks but I never argued with them and always tried to join together to get the job done.
Try to do my job to the best of my abilities.
Respected my bosss choice because I had so ething I needed to still learn from.
Made it a learning experience to make me a better teamplayer.
I was able to put all issues to the side, this is work and everyone should be able to get along on a professional matter.
All of us have, it would be safe to say. I chose not to react or engage in this type of behavior but to focus on the task at hand. Also, by not taking actions or comments personally.
I keep my work o a professional level by never ingaging in negative situations.Sometimes its not the person just a misunderstood personalty. I always talk to that person to try to find out what is going on with he or she, then see if there is any thing I can do to help.
That is a hard one to answer, since I really get along with everyone.
I had to help an employee with a balancing dilemma at the bank I worked for. The person working on the General Ledger was arrogant, snotty and didnt know what she was doing. I stayed pleasant, ignored the sarcastic comments, and didnt get offended,.
I made up my mind that I was gonna accomplish whatever it was that we were there for and not take anything personally. But I generally geta long with everyone.
You are adults, if we have a issue both parties need to come up with a solution to the problem. be it by talking it out and explaining his/her differences and coming to common ground.
I just did my job and put differences aside to complete the task.
I act professional when working with the person.
I worked with this person on a profession level.