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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?
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I had to be a leader multiple times when we received new employees. I would show them how to do things to complete there tasks.
Training new employees, excellent as they were able to start performing daily task as well as learn new. Which ultimately contribute to great sales.
Many times I have trained new employees and had to teach them and guide them into customer service so that they know and understand how important customer satisfaction is.
We were having trouble with side seals on a trash bags. I call the operator together and brain storming deferent tasks to a solution.
Being a leader comes easy to me. I give r es pect and I recieve it. Many of the cashiers I supervised would say that I was pne of the best headcashiers the had.
I was chosen to become National Sales Manager and achieved increased sales by the division in the first year.
I show by example. By working as a team we were able to accomplish the job and had fun doing it.
When I was the news editor at the Oscoda County Herald, I would work after hours and on weekends to make sure I was putting together a good product.
I have been filling in as Head Cashier and have received positive feed back from managers and coworkers.
When I first took the position of department manager, I found that my team felt neglected by previous management and had a negative outlook for the goal of the department. I found that setting the example of how to be is one way to turn that around... Also, I talked to the employees to see what was making them feel that way, and it was lack of recognition. I found that by recognizing even small accomplishments, they would do more to get more recognition. The key to being a good leader is knowing your people, and finding what motivates them. You have to show them their role is on the team, and how their achievements contribute to that goal.