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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear about a positive experience you have had with leadership. Think about a time when you led a sports team, led a college project, managed a store, or coached a little league team. These are all great examples! Tell the interviewer who you were leading, and share that you enjoyed the experience. Discuss the positive outcome that the group had, and explain that you would gladly lead again!

Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?
Answer example

"I have always been a great leader, and I thoroughly enjoy being a team leader. I have been in an assistant manager role in my company for two years now and love to lead by example and train new employees."

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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?
Many times I have trained new employees and had to teach them and guide them into customer service so that they know and understand how important customer satisfaction is.
We were having trouble with side seals on a trash bags. I call the operator together and brain storming deferent tasks to a solution.
Being a leader comes easy to me. I give r es pect and I recieve it. Many of the cashiers I supervised would say that I was pne of the best headcashiers the had.
I was chosen to become National Sales Manager and achieved increased sales by the division in the first year.
I show by example. By working as a team we were able to accomplish the job and had fun doing it.
When I was the news editor at the Oscoda County Herald, I would work after hours and on weekends to make sure I was putting together a good product.
I have been filling in as Head Cashier and have received positive feed back from managers and coworkers.
When I first took the position of department manager, I found that my team felt neglected by previous management and had a negative outlook for the goal of the department. I found that setting the example of how to be is one way to turn that around... Also, I talked to the employees to see what was making them feel that way, and it was lack of recognition. I found that by recognizing even small accomplishments, they would do more to get more recognition. The key to being a good leader is knowing your people, and finding what motivates them. You have to show them their role is on the team, and how their achievements contribute to that goal.
I had to be the leader in a group training excercize and I was a democratic leader, took others opinions and then did the best I could.
I trained new employees to performs daily tasks as well. As learn new. Ultimately contributing to great sales.
Many times mentoring groups of new employees. It is important that new associates be introduced into the learning process by someone that communicates well and provides positive feedback.
I trained fellow and new employees on front line cash registers and job responsibilities. Satisfying to enable people to learn as much as they can to assist with the stores overall sales. My lowes, credit cards, customer service.
I was a Team leader for 15 yrs and done very well. Co-workers bragged on me often.
I have had to be a leader everyday for the past 23 years so youll have to be more specific please.
At the beginning of the season my current department manager asked if I would be interested in training some of the new employees on how we did things and some things on the computer. I jumped on the opportunity and they told me and the department manager they appreciated me taking the time to train them and they learned a lot in the short amount of time we had to train them.
When you are a leader you create a team and you and your team can become unstoppable.
I was responsible to have properly marked lumber for export at the loading docks. Some suppliers fail to do it properly. I took it on to myself to catch a redeye flight with necessary marking stencils and completed unit markings just in time for vessel loading.
Leadership comes naturally. Current position understanding the importance of EPP, I have made it a mission to make entire front end aware of where we stand, we re we need to be, biggest challenge was getting other head cashiers on board. By implementing effective communication my peers have slowly joined me in the endevor. learned not to give up and remain committed even when it feels like I am alone in the process.
I was the order clerk in garden center and was tasked to order for a customer wedding the out come was a beautiful wedding.
I strive to be a leader everyday, and always try to help fellow associates in need.
When I was working for walmart, we were setting up the store in Appomattox. I had been given a time frame on when the front end needed to be stocked and ready for our grand opening. When I was given this task, we only had a week until we opened and the only thing that was in place was the registers. None of the candy or magazines or anything else was ready. I gathered everyone up at each shift I worked and I gave each cashier a task to complete as well as myself. Needless to say everything was ready a day early because of the outstanding teamwork.
Mass mailing job at my last job. It was becoming chaotic so I organized an "assembly line" and we met our deadline.
I have been a leader many times and the outcome has always been good. I love to help others get to where they need to be in a job.
Department was without a manager for a few weeks, so I volunteered to do whatever reports, and functions needed.
At Redwood Cafe, I was brought in to design the pizza menu and configure a procedure for running the station. Since the head chef was busy with the entirety of the restaurant, I maintained inventory for the pizza menu, set daily quotas for prep work, and how the station should be designed.
For a few months in our cosmetics dept. We were without a beauty advisor. So I stepped up and took charge. I realized how much I loved setting up displays and learning about our products. I believe the outcome was good I was able to keep the dept clean and up to date until we hired a new BA.
I always feel like I am a leader I train all new employees that come to my dept to help them grow and become strong coworkers.
Everytime I unload the freight trucks I assume the role of leader, I am always trying to keep everyone focused and reminding them of the tasks at hand. It results in efficent unloading of the trucks.
Helping with head cashier I pushed to geteveryone to get credit apps in a positive way. I think it went well and I had a good time doing it.
Any time I am unloading the freight trucks I try to be a leader, I know what needs to be done how to do it safely and the time frame we have to get it done and it always gets done safely and efficiently.
Store closed noone knew took the lead to get everyone al paperwork and other job classifieds.
Get tough with team, make unpopular decisions in flooring.
I had to gather together a team and create a plan to get out store glen and ready for a yearly store review. We passed with a 98.9%.
I was responsible for a reset next to casher. I determined what products would be used for that category of project. I deligated the task of product item number, then deligated lable generation, printing placement and placing product to another employee.
I had to be a leader in OSLG when the greenhouse was getting stocked for the new seasonal employees. I enjoy teaching them what I know and helping them to be great at the job they are assigned.
I have been a head cashier for two years and my team respects me and know they can count on me to be there when they need me.
Ran a large electrical contracting company.
I was in charge of putting a lot of merchandise away and got it all done.
I took over sos sales coordinator job and had no mentor had to learn to lead the store regarding credit by asking questions.
I had to be a leader when training cash office back up associates and also cashiers. They learned how to perform the job and all the tasks they needed to do the job right.
By summiting an action plan on cross training employees within my deparartment. Outcome was a success.
When we have special events such as Boktoberfest, I have to coordinate volunteers as to what is expected to be done before, during, and after the event and every year it has run smoothly.
I had to lead my manager group in a conversation on our area mgr . It was unruly at first bu I got it under control an it was fine.
Being a District Manager I was the leader.
When I was in school I was the leader of several clubs. However, the true test of a leader is not in name but in action, it was when we were traveling and we had to make unexpercted arragements that my leadership skills came into play.
In 1987 I was assigned as the Office in Charge of the Marine Aircraft Group 36 NBCD Department. This was normally a person who was two levels above the position I was. After developing a plan and executing my supervisor allowed me to check in on Monday and Check out on Friday. This procedure went on until my departure 2 years later.
I was team leader for hurricane response team in my area, we were very successful in getting the client up and running.
My job that I currently hold requires me to be a leader almost every day. This coaching job has given me so many leadership skills.
I am a leader everyday I go into work. It is my job to lead my cashiers, keeping them on track and busy in positive ways with positive reinforcement. I am successful at being a leader for my drive and determination to be the best role model I can be for my employees.
Sometimes, we all have to lead. I enjoy teaching what I've learned to all associates so we're all ready to handle different situations If I approach leading that way it makes everyone feel more comfortable.
I was assigned to platoon guide in basic training, in charge of 53 other men, assuring they carried out orders given by drill sergeants and were accounted for at all times. It went very well, my platoon performed as a great team.
Being a store manager for over 13 years there were several times that I was the leader. Your team looks to you for guidance and I always made sure that my team was prepared for most anything.
I have been in the role as a leader in every job and function that I have been involved with. I have no problem leading by example.
Recently in our department, I had the opportunity to train and direct 3 new individuals. So far, they are learning and taking on responsibilities with ease which is quite an accomplishment.
I have had to move across country and the logistics can be daunting. However, I was able to get all the tasks involved done and the moves were successful.
Had to be a leader multiple times. Whenever we have new employees I would help them in familiarizing the department. Showed them how to do things to complete tasks.
I took charge of the MGA fundraiser. Our goal is $5000 and in the first two weeks we've already made over $2200
I am always being told to be a leader in my department. Things run fairly well.
I am a leader everyday I go into work. I put my needs last and plan the day for the cashiers keeping a schedule and assisting customers as much as possible. My outcome is successful for the effort put I put in I get great results back.
I had to be a leader at mcdonalds a couple of times when my manager would goon break she would leave me in charge of making sure everyone was doing what they was suppose to be doing and making sure that the drive through was running smoothly. I believe I handled this situation well.
I have been a leader most of my life, family and life situations made me grow up fast. So when I was older, I always looked for management to make a difference.
I was a building contractor for 22 years and was responsible for all aspects of the sales, marketing and building of new homes. The outcome was always the same, 100 percent satisfaction.
I had to be a leader in a project that we had to work on for the Indian Government, and I took the lead as the manager did not work well with the consulate officers, and I was bale to win over the consulate officers with my personality and my williningess to listen and responf with high level of respect.
Back when I was cooking the head chefs got sent home so I had to take over . And tell everybody where they needed to belong and what they. Needed to do.
Training new employees, excellent as they were able to start performing daily task as well as learn new. Which ultimately contribute to great sales.
There was a situation where a customer was very upset with the receptionist and she was getting upset. I approached the customer and asked if I could take care of their situation. After I handled the issue the customer left happy and so was my team mate.
On a team project, cabinet plans called for 36" cabinets, co-worker ordered cabinets, cabinet company sent 42". At site visit, I saw mistake, verified co-worker order, and worked out charge back with cabinet company.
I always help train the new employees to help them reach their potential and teach them how to go by policy and to how to give best custermor service and how to upsale their sales.
I have had to move across country several times and my husband went ahead of me to start his job. I had to handle tying up the loose ends and get the current house ready for either sale or rent. I always have handled this efficiently.
I was being a leader when I had to train the now department manager in home decor. She really didnt know what was expected and I did because I had been there for 3 or 4 years. It felt awkward because it shouldve been the other way around. But it was an experience for me..
I became a leader when I was hired as a Supervisor and had 43 employees under me, the outcome was great because I treat people the same way I want to be treated and the employees like and appreciate you more when they feel respected.
During Black Friday I was assigned as a captain. I tried to make sure that everyone did a job that they were more comfortable with and wanted to do that way I know they would do a better job because they were happy. All the work got done without any major issues.
I was the leader in a weight loss group called T.O.P.S. I had never done anything like it before, but under my leadership our group was very successful and motivated in losing weight.
While doing tree work I had to on many occasions teach new employees how to safely operate chainsaws, wood chippers, and other dangerous equipment, without any of them ever being injured.
I used to work in the new car markets as a service manager. I know how to prioritize work and delegate the best worker for a certain job.
In the military I was put in charge a few times of conducting last minute safety briefs, map productions, and intelligence information to fellow Marines before heading out in training or real world conflicts. I utilized my assets and Marines under me to assist me in getting all the information I needed to complete the task.
Had to delagate work responsibilities to less experienced worker.Worker handled it well and we got work done.
Training new cashiers the out come was excellent as they could perform daily task as well as learn new ones that contributes to great sales.
Last year when our boss was out of town and the manager had a day off I was the next one in charge of the store. So I had to step up and make sure all orders were made and delivered and that the end of day closing was done correctly before going home.
There has been a lot of new hires at work lately and they were thrown on the floor with just me. I took charge and showed them what had to be done, how to do it and helped them when needed. We were short handed And the head cashier had her hands full. In the end everything went smoothly and I not only kept the front end running smoothly but I had also helped train a few of them with the registers.
I was a project manager/foreman for a landscaping company and managed our team just fine even though they had seniority over me.
When I was in the military I had to send 3000 marines overseas with only 3 subordinates we worked as a team and accomplished a impossible task with ease.
Had a deadline to meet and go it done working with my team.
At one time I was a substitute teacher. I had to lead many students on a daily basis. The students I taught were not from affluent families all the time . Many had large challenges. I needed to motivate them to learn, to be well behaved, and to enjoy the process. I had 30 days for each class I taught long term. I had a class that no other substitute would take. Kids who pushed the limit. I earned their respet, got them from d and fs on simple spelling test to a and cs. From a class that no one wanted to a class a teacher was proud of. I went back to watch them graduate to middle school I was so proud of these kids.
I had to make room assignments for housekeepers. I gave the strongest workers the majority of rooms and split the rest between the not so strong. I also left 1 to be a helper, as in making beds, fetching clean linens, emptying trash from cart.
I have on my last job taken the lead position to help the warehouse manager complete standard operating procedures for all different areas of warehouse.
While in school we had a group project and I took the role of leader and assigned tasks for each person and over saw the whole project. We were able to work well as a group and finish our project in a timely manner.
I had to be a leader everyday when I was a dispatcher/ warehouse supervisor. The job went smoothly the vast majority of the time.
We had to change out all of the plant tables in the Garden department to allow for a new plan o gram. This meant removing all of the materials from several areas and moving them to a new location and placement in different locations. We needed to keep all of the plants separated for easier identification and placement. Each member of the team was assigned particular areas to accomplish this. We only had 8 hours to complete in a overnight shift and have completed by time the store was ready to open the next morning. The end result turned out fantastic and we completed our task on time.
My manager was unable to attend a meeting and I was left to hold the meeting with new employees. This involved completing the assigned task and training new employees and the out come was good feed back on the training and a substancial recovery.
By showing a strong work ethic asking my cashiers to do anything that I was not willing to do myself and by keeping the consistency of what I expect from each cashier I have earned the respect from all my cashiers and loaders, plus many floor associates, other department managers, and assistant store managers.
While in technical theater, I was a leader of the lighting crew. Our responsibility was to maintain and set up lighting equipment for performances. I was in charge of making sure everything was done properly. Before the spring musical, I had to organize the students and assign duties. I assigned the right people with each job, and we completed the task so quickly and so well, my teacher asked us to help out other crews who were not doing as well.
Most of my job is being a leader. I get the job done.
I worked as a lead in the er at the hospital. I made sure work was finished on time and properly done. My fellow employees were treated with respect and made sure they new how much they were apprciated.
Training new employees, excellent as they were able to start performing daily task as well as learn new. Which ultimately contribute to great sales.
I had to be a leader multiple times when we received new employees. I would show them how to do things to complete there tasks.

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