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Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?
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i took care of the task that were most essential first and worked on it all day untill the task was complete and made sure next time i used better time management
I was once given several dozen items to photograph, and only a few hours to do it. I chose to photograph the highest priced, and most in demand items first, while keeping the cheaper, less demanded items for the end in case I did not make it to them.
When zoning, there is not always enough time to pull product from the back of the shelf to the front so I do what I can and create a fully stocked shelf by sometime pulling just one item to front face the shelf.
You prioritize based on customer service, length of tasks and the staffing that is available.
If I did not have enough time to complete a task I would do the most important task first and let my manager know that I will pick up those duties further down the road and complete as much as I could within my time frame.
Being on nights I have to prioritize alot, For example two truck nights I make sure I get the large products off the floor as these are the most difficult to stock during the day, I try to put all the small product into carts to empty pallets and get them off the floor.
Mondays are always my busiest days. I start with Appliances because, the Return Authorization potential has a smaller window of opportunity. After appliances, I make a list of the daily tasks following the same procedure, leaving time for unexpected Vendors.
I would get to the next task and finish that and get back to that task to finish.
I always make a plan out what I will be working on and allow myself a certain amount of time to get it completed from the most important to the not so important tasks.
I would do what I thought was the most important task first and so on, and by the end of the day I would think of other things that I could have done different to get more things completed the next time.