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How well do you handle customer complaints?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

Addressing customer complaints is an essential part of customer service, and the interviewer wants to hear that you are okay talking through a customer's complaint. Start off by telling the interviewer that you do not mind addressing customer complaints, and you recognize that most customers have good intentions when coming forth with a complaint. Tell the interviewer that you take time to listen to everything the customer has to say first to ensure you truly understand what they are upset about. Next, share that you make eye contact with the customer and sincerely apologize to them. Finally, be sure to mention that you offer to correct any mistakes that were made or take the appropriate action to rectify the situation such as making a new beverage for a customer who tried something new today and didn't care for it.

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How well do you handle customer complaints?
I would begin by calmly asking the customer to explain the concern he/or/she has and let the customer know that I will most deffinately spread the word to the other employees as well as the management. I would also let the customer know that their input is very much appreciated and that we appreciate their business.
I handle customer complaints very well.
With care and responsibility. When a customer is not happy or satisfied with something I feel I should do what ever I can to correct the situation. Stay calm, listen to their complaint and then take the steps to correct the problem.
Need to focus on what the problem is and try to come up with a solution.
I do very good job of listening and expressing myself with a positive attitude. I turn most customer complaints into compliments by helping the customer and turning their frustration into a positive shopping experience with lowes.
I handle complaints well. I believe listening is the most important part of dealing with customers. You have to have the ability to see a complaint from yours and their point of view to properly assess it.
Listen to the customer, Let them know what you can do to correct the issue if you can and that you will pass the info along to management.
I handle every custome very well, simply by listening to the customer, understanding the situation, and solving the problems either by elplaining the rules or just changing out a product.
I took them as a learning experience to help me better serve the customer.
I feel I am very good at handling customer complaints. I patiently listen to the customer so I understand their issue. I then let them know that I care and do everything I can to reminded their issue so that the customer leaves with a very positive opinion of walmart.
I handle complaints very well, simply by listening to the complaint understanding the complaint and solving the complaint.
I handle them well. I listen to what the customer says, identify the issue and come up with the best solution to their issue. Most times it is just something simple that we can do. Such as perhaps a wrong paint color that just needs to be fixed.
Listen to see if there is something I can do to improve or fix the complaint.
Really well. I am able to resolve most customer issues myself. We have experts in certain areas; I use those experts to help customers. If necessary I involve a manager.
Very well. Every complaint is a relationship that is born.
I handle customers complaint very well. I listen to what they have to say. Assest the situation and try to resolve as quickly as I can.
I attempt to turn a negative experience the customer has had by working to resolve the issue and by listening to their complaints without judgement. If they are still unhappy I call for the manager on duty to help them out.
When someone complains, we adjust how we do things.
Listen, answer honestly, follow up on a timely basis.
I am always friendly and eager to help. I would listen to all of the compaints, and apologize to the customer. I would do everything in my power to make it right by them before having to take it to a manager.
I am really good at taking constructive criticism. If a customer feels I am doing something wrong I will take that into consideration to try to change how I react with customers in order to better myself.
I handle complaints fairly well realizing that I will make mistakes and that I am not perfect. I use these mistakes to improve myself professionally.
Customer complaints are a part of life. We will never be able to please every customer, every time. The best thing to do is to listen to everything the customer has to say, apologize to them for any inconvenience and inform them that the situation will be handled promptly.
Easily I have been in this type of business for years and have learned that all customers just want to be heard and things fixed for them.
I think the key to customer complaints is listing to the customer. Heaing what they want be sympathetic to their issue and then solve it.
I usually handle complaints well. Talking to a customer with a tone thats not rudely should help. But if there is a situation that seem to get out of hand I will most likely get a manager to assist me.
I get with the customer and understand what the complaint is and get a quick resolution to the problem and get the customer satisfied as quickly as possible.
Exceptionally well. I have an enormous amount of patience. And good listening skills. I will give summarize what the customer has told me to be sure I completely understand the problem. I will wait to see if there is additional information they need to share or the customer confirms that I fully understand the problem I will explain the steps needed to resolve the problem and make the customer whole For example: a DIY is installing the kitchen cabinets and they believe a cabinet is defective I offer options, ensure they have installation inductions from the manufacturer, reorder a cabinet on express shipment to arrive with 5 business days, fund/ order the cabinet in a temp account . Arrange to have the defective cabinet returned to the store by the client, installer or arrange an MR. After the solutions are offered and the client accepts one of them, I process the changes/ orders confirm any new orders to the client and follow up after the delivery of the product with the client to ensure that they are now 100 percent satisfied. I will also ask if they have had any other issues during the process they wish to share with me that I may use as a way to avoid or lessen any potential problems for customers in. The future? I want the client to feel that we are true partners in their projects and are here with expert advice to help them at anytime.
Good because listen to there compliant and help solved them.
As best as I can I know some customer will not be satisfied with any thing I do. But I still Will do what I can to make the customer happy and to solve their problem and continue to keep them a lowes customer.
I diffuse them every time. Its about being a good listener.
I listen to what they have to say and then help them to the best of my abilities, if need be I will get somebody that could help them better solve there problem.
In retail it is something that is always going to happen. You have to prepare yourself for any situation. In the past I would say I have handled every situation the best way to satisfy the customer and send them home happy.
I would I Handle them well. I worked for a hospital of 5 years prior to this and part of my job there was handling patient complaints. And working for lowes for a little over 2 years part of my job was also to handle customer complaints. Help take care of the customer/ patient the issue and addressing those involved and correcting the issue.
By listening to what the customer has an issue with and fixing the complaint leaving the customer happy.
Very well, I listen too what the customer has to say.. Apologise for any inconvienence and do anything I can to rectify the situation and make the customer happy.
Listening with interest and turn their frustration into a positive.
I have dealt with this a lot in the past and handle them by apologizing to the customer and then offering and finding ways to resolve the issue.I like handling these situations because I believe I am good at it.
Very well I try to get to the bottom of everything so our customers can leave satisfied knowing we took care of them.
Try not to take them in a negative way and learn from them.
Very well I pay close attention when listening to customers complain to provide them with the best ending results and solutions to the problem.
Very well. The key to customer complaints is communication. Listen to what the customer is trying to tell you. When I deal with customer complaints I get as much info as possible from the customer so that a game plan can be formed to solve the issue. Apologize to the customer for any inconvenience and assure the customer that you are there for them. If it is about a product, see if we have an alternative to offer.
I do a very good job. I turn most complaints into compliments and make it a fun shopping experience.
I make sure to acknowledge the issue the customer has, no matter how small it may be, and try to come to a conclusion that pleases the customer as well as limit the cost and liability to lowes. I believe I have had many customers return to me for additional sales because I make them feel important and always consider their needs.
I believe that I handle them very well. The customer is always right. If they are unsatisfied with something you do your best to change that.
I listen and respond with empathy. Then I communicate with the customer to effective resolve their complaint.
I follow what I have been taught at lowes and I will do my best so they leave happy.
Always listen to complaint and take steps to correct problem.
I try to empathize with the customer and assess if there is anything we can do to please the customer without costing the company too much.
Very well, I listen closely to the customers complaint and work with the customer to resolve the situation to their satisfaction by whatever means possible.
To find out how you can resolove the problem to benefit the customer and the company.
I listen very carefully and then find out who what and how a problem happened and do my best to fix it.
Very well. Listen to the customer. Provide solutions. Let the customer know that we will do everything we can to keep their business.
Very well. I listen to their problem and do everything I can to satisfy that customer and resolve the issue. I will turn a complaint into a compliment.
Very well. I find out as much as I can about the specifics of the situation and seek to find the correct solution.
Very well,I was yelled at alot in a previous job! So upset customers I can handle!
I believe I have the knowledge to properly and quickly handle customer complaints on my own. I prefer to diffuse any possible negative situation I can without getting management involved.
I take care of the customer by listening to their issue and finding the best solution. My desire is to have the customer leave feeling satisfied and happy.
I handle them as well as I can by being calm and listen to the customer and try to relax the situation by just trying to resolve the issue. I want to turn the situation around so that customer does not leave unhappy and will return.
Very well. My job is to make the customers happy. They are our #1 priority. Without the customers we would be nothing. But I usually take in the customers complaints and implement ideas to help resolve the situation and make a better experience with the customers.Our job is to want the customers to come back.
I have no problem with helping to sort out the problem and try to rectafie the complaint if at all possable.
Very well I make sure regardless of the situation I give them my full attention and respect and try to fix the problem.
When a customer has a complaint, I make sure to listen to everything they have to say and do my best to rectify the situation. I would apologize for the inconvenience and explain the steps I would be taking to fix the issue. If by some chance I am unable to rectify the situation I would call a manager to help me find the best possible solution for this customer.
I handle them well. I will listen to their situation and give them my full attention then respond with genuine concern to correct the problem asap.
Customer complaints are the building blocks of excellent customer service. By addressesing complaints we are able to look at our proceses and refine them.
Pretty good I feel I work well with the public and have the ability to remain calm and collected in conflicts.
Initially it is extremely important to listen. Discover what the complaints are and then determine how to resolve for the customer within the company guildlines.
Very well. I listen to them and apologize immediately for any inconvenience they may have encountered. If its something I can fix myself I do it quickly but if its above me I bring in our manager and allow them to assist the customer better.
Very well. Would listen to what the customer has to say. Apologized. And do whatever needs to be done to rectify the situation.
Very well! I listen to the customer so they can vent out their concerns/problems. Then I address there problem and go more in depth to the situation. I resolve the problem then and there and do not let the customer leave unhappy.
Extremely well I listen very carefully and try to take care of the customers complaint.
Very well calm down, get to source of issue, solve.
I handle them as professional as possible. I know they are not personal and assess them as best I can to resolve them in a timely and positive manner.
I try not to get any complaints but I take it as a learning tool of how to handle that certain situation again differently.
With care and responsibility. Reamaining calm and find a solution to staisfy the customer.
With care and responsibility. I believe if they are not handle correctly they could lead to a bad reputation and even loss of business.
With care and responsibility. It is important to stay calm find the problem and solve it so the customer does not leave upset.
With care and responsibility. It is important to stay calm, let the customer know you are listening to them and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the customers happiness and satisfaction.
I consider that to be my specialty. I look at that as an opportunity to save a customer. I believe that when I am able to turn around a customer, that is one customer that I can keep for life.
I handle them well. I do not let them effect me emotioanlly or personally, I will do my best if anyone complains about me.
I handle them well. I listen to the customer without interruption and then come up with a plan as how to make the customer happy.
Stay calm. Offer an apology and get the facts about the complaint. Offer a solution.
If I can not handle a complaint, I look to management for help.
With thoughtfulness, and clear understanding of there concern. I have offered free delivery, and given discounts to assure the customer was happy, and that we appreciate them.
I think I do a great job handling customer complaints. First and most important is to identify what the problem or complaint involves. Next is to try and resolve the complaint to the customers satisfaction.
I think I do a great job handling customer complaints. First and most important is to identify what the problem or complaint involves. Next is to try and resolve the complaint to the customers satisfaction.
I like to get all the facts and hear the customers issues. Then come up with a solution to remedy the problem.
I usually listen carefully to the complaint and empathize with the customer and if I can not help them I direct them to management.
I do think I handle customer complaints very well. I stay calm, I listen to their concerns, I make sure I fully understand their complaint, and to date, I have been able to forward these complaints to the appropriate personnel/management/department. In my role in paint, I have helped by color-matching, product suggestion, and advice on project preparation, and even how to find a tradesperson to assist with their project.
I think that they are very important because without criticism there can be no growth. If we are hearing complaints it means we are listining to the customers, and that is important.
I feel that I handle them very well. I let the customer know their point of view and I will try and fix their problem.
Very well. I take them as a critique instead of criticism, and look for ways to better my customer service skills.
I handle customer complaints very well. I listen to the customer, and try to understand their issue from their side of the story. I make sure not to interrupt the customer, as not to aggravate them further. I keep eye contact and make sure the customer knows that I am listening. When the customer is finished I offer a solution and attempt to work with the customer to come up with a solution.
I am actually very good at it. As a coach you probably know that I get plenty of complaints from parents. I do very well with it because it is something I am used to and I try to be as courteous as possible to them during the entire situation because I can understand where they are coming from.
I try and look at the whole picture and see all the points. Calm them down and help them feel better with the product they pick.
I think that I handle customer complaints well. I always try to make it a priority to rectify the situation as quickly as possible or try to get to the bottom of what happened and find out how I can help.
I like my customers to know they are important - I listen and find solutions so my customer is always happy before leaving the store.
Ask the customer how we can make it right. Assess the answer and determine the best course of action.
I actually dont mind them. I like to fix the problems it makes me feel accomplished.
I always remain calm and professional. I always apologize and am very polite and try to find the issue and resolve it as quickly and efficently as possible. If, it is a problem above me, something the customer is demanding that I just can not approve I will call for higher management to give the final say so.

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