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How well do you handle customer complaints?
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I do very good job of listening and expressing myself with a positive attitude. I turn most customer complaints into compliments by helping the customer and turning their frustration into a positive shopping experience with lowes.
Very well, I listen too what the customer has to say.. Apologise for any inconvienence and do anything I can to rectify the situation and make the customer happy.
I make sure to acknowledge the issue the customer has, no matter how small it may be, and try to come to a conclusion that pleases the customer as well as limit the cost and liability to lowes. I believe I have had many customers return to me for additional sales because I make them feel important and always consider their needs.
With care and responsibility. When a customer is not happy or satisfied with something I feel I should do what ever I can to correct the situation. Stay calm, listen to their complaint and then take the steps to correct the problem.
I would begin by calmly asking the customer to explain the concern he/or/she has and let the customer know that I will most deffinately spread the word to the other employees as well as the management. I would also let the customer know that their input is very much appreciated and that we appreciate their business.
I handle customer complaints very well.
I think that I handle customer complaints well. I always try to make it a priority to rectify the situation as quickly as possible or try to get to the bottom of what happened and find out how I can help.
I think the key to customer complaints is listing to the customer. Heaing what they want be sympathetic to their issue and then solve it.
Very well I make sure regardless of the situation I give them my full attention and respect and try to fix the problem.
Ask the customer how we can make it right. Assess the answer and determine the best course of action.