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How do you think you can work in a team environment here at Lowe's?
Lowe's is a team environment, and the interviewer wants to hear that you enjoy being a part of a team. Start off by telling the interviewer that you like being a part of a team. Share that you are open to mentoring/training new team members once you have learned your role. Tell the interviewer that you can fill in for team members who might be ill as long as you have a little notice to re-arrange your schedule. Discuss how you look forward to celebrating team member birthdays and work anniversaries. And, mention that you look forward to achieving goals together as a group.

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you think you can work in a team environment here at Lowe's?
I am very friendly and I don't judge or look down on people and no a team works together and there is no "I" in team.
I am friendly, cooperative and enjoy working with people in order to achieve a goal.
I would thrive in a team environment at Lowes. The satisfaction and reward of accomplishing tasks as a team is a good feeling to go home with.
Very well I like working with people who very different sales styles.
By maaking sure every one work together as a team providing exception customer service.
I can definitely work in a team environment, I am a team player and like to learn from other adsociates.
I like working on teams where everyone has to step up to accomplish the same goal.
I have worked with SOS Coordinator, Install Department, Receiving Department, Managers, Head cashiers and cashiers alike to help resolve a multitude of problems. It took communication and follow up to effectively resolve the matters.
I can help lead a team with my experience, or can follow as well when someone else has better knowledge or experince.
I can work great in a team environment. I find a lot of satisfaction in achieving a goal using team effort.
I think I can work well in a team environment. I find that I like being part of a group who work together to achieve a common goal.
Very well I have worked in a team environment at most of my jobs and team work is the best.
I would work well in a team environment, I have been working in teams all my life from soccer to girls scouts. I love teams.
I bring a positive, patient attitude with an open mind, adaptability, willing to wad apt to change.
Being friendly, work safe, help people and keeping the store.
I am friendly, cooperative, and can be a leader when needed.
Working as a team is essential for all of our successes. You have to have a team that is going to work together to be successful. I know I am a great team player and am willing to do what is necessary within reason for our success.
I think I would work very well in a team environment at lowes, I work very well with others.
I have been for the last 6 months that I have work here I am always avabile to learn new things and help out when short handed.
I love working with people and love the team aspect, I believe when you work as a team the customer gets the best service.
There are people who like to grab all of the glory but I am not one of them. I will do my best to make a customer happy and get them what they need.
I succeed at working in a our team environment, by working together to complete our goals and motivating my team when possible. I put others needs before my own and being outgoing can easily relate to other which can accomplish our work faster and more efficiently with trusting and employees that are willing to help you because they do like you and know you are willing to help them.
If a customer has a question about a product I am not familiar with I will be able to rely on one of my coworker to help me answer their question, and my coworkers will be able to do the same with me.
I can be a team player by executing my role to the best of my abilities and helping others.
Being a team player in the past, lends to a term environment at Lowes. Teams are necessary to get things done.
I believe that strong teams make it easier to get our individual jobs done and working together makes for training in other areas of learning.
I work very well with others. I learn from others and I have experiences that I can share as well.
I think I can work great in a team. There are so many different ideas and solutions that can come from a team. When a team works great together, everyone wins.
My previous position called for daily interaction with 12 other designers. We often worked on team projects, shared experiences and shared a design complex.
I enjoy working as a team continually joining forces to help customers have the best experiences they can.
By helping other team members in any way possible.
I believe I would do well. I get along with most everyone and I like to help others when my work is complete.
I work great in a team environment. I am cooperative, friendly and reliable. I enjoy working as a team to complete common goal.
By leading by example I promote maximum effort from everyone around me.
I work very well with other people at making sure things are done correctly.
I am friendly and I enjoying motiviating others to get jobs done.
I would work very well, I am friendly and always trying to motivate people.
I will work in a team environment with the direction that is given to me. To ensure that the customers and emplyees needs are met to seceed.
I am very friendly and easy going, and I have a lot of experience working as a team in the fire service. We do a lot of training together which is the same as team building.
I believe we are all part of the team of Lowes. Without one then person not doing their jobs right the it effects all of us. Believe I work in this great team daily.
Get along well with everyone and love helping customers and co-workers.
I believe that it is critical that the team members know that you are fair yet firm. And will support them when that are right and correct them when they are wrong. But you must also train them on the proper procedure and give them the opportunity to correct the issue.
Very profecientlly and professionally. I am all about team. The mimlitary has taught me you are only as good as the man next to you.
I will do what needs to be done to achieve the end result for the team.
I am already part of the Lowes family and get along well with all that I come in contact with.
I work very well in a team environment. I like to pull my weight and help my team members be successful.
I can work great in a team environment. The more minds you have the more solutions you get.
Working in a team environment, is the only way to get things done and Lowes. Everyone depends on someone to help get tasks and responsibilities addressed in timely manners. I appreciate the team work.
I work well with others, take suggestions, and am knowledgeable of many of the products in the store.
I have been working with a team for the past year. I can get along and get the job done.
Being a team players is the best and gets the job done better and faster, working together creates a very good atmosphere.
Working together to achieve customer satisfaction as well as the company needs.
I believe that in order to be successful in a retail environment, teamwork is an integral part of any retail strategy. I enjoy working in a team environment but I also encourage new ideas and suggestions from the individual employee.
Iam very friendly enjoy to work with people in order to achieve my goals.
I am very friendly like to work with people in order to achieve my goals.
I know I can I get along with everyone and work hard at what I do to help the store and the customers.
I would communicate with the team and help each other to reach our goals.
I can work really well in a team environment and help the team move up there production.
I believe I will do very well. Keeping a good relationship with your coworkers is very important, if people do not like each other, they will not work together effectively. I am naturally a kind person who can make friends easily, I often see the good in people before the bad.
I work well with others such as at school I am working on a solar panel golf with at school.
I believe that working in a team environment is one of my strengths, and I would be happy to be involved in such an environment.
I believe I would excel with me being a people person I always believe everyone one has an opinion and a right to express theirself.
I am sure I will get good environment from Lowes, Team work is to improve the quality and quantity of testing.
We can acheive good deliverables in team work.If.
There is strength in numbers.
I believe I could give ideas and suggestions on how to better ourselves as a team to better serve our customers and our company and get our job done.
Share information, offer help, ask questions.
Work with others to get the job done on right and time.
Working in a team is a great opportunity and pleasure. For the last 20 years I was part of one of the greatest team environments there is with the United States Military. The missions and goals of a business cannot be accomplished without a team environment. With being an accomplished follower, leader, and manager for the past 20 years I believe that I can fit into the team concept well and quickly as well as bring some additional aspects and insights to an already loyal, dedicated, and hard working team.
With respect, attention to safty, and a willingness to learn.
Great I am outgoing person and love working with people.
I work wonderful with others, follow direction, and do my work in a timely matter.
I can work well by being and showing top leadership to all emplyees as well as customers that surround me.
I think I can easily work in a team environment. In my many years of experience with working with others, teamwork is an essential part of making it work.
Very well I understand that a retail environment such as this could not run on one person alone. It takes everyone to do there part and make sure the customer get the products and advice they need when needed.
Well im excellent working in a team environment.
Be respectful of other peoples opinions but not be afraid to express my own.
ByStaying focus on good customer service and repect, for everyone.
I think I will work well with the whole team.
I think I would be great working on a team.
I have always work with a team environment.
I have always believed in building a core team. If everyone works together. Goals will be accomplished and met.
I feel that I will be able to contribute to helping customers with most of their needs unloading/loading trucks finding the right tools for the job for the customers.