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How do you expect to make a difference at Lowe's?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you are excited about working at Lowe's and have thought about how you can make a positive impact while working there. Think about what kind of impact you could make.

Possible things that might come to mind are:

- Creating a favorable environment for customers by smiling, asking them if you can help them find something, and providing them with excellent service.
- Building business relationships with your co-workers, so everyone looks forward to coming to work each day.
- By helping to ensure a place where parents and children come to buy supplies for their first DIY project!

Whatever comes to mind that you are passionate about, share it with the interviewer!

How do you expect to make a difference at Lowe's?
Answer example

"I plan to bring my exceptional customer service skills with me to work at Lowe's every day. Also, I want to be a great influence on your staff by bringing a positive and reliable work ethic with me to the job every day."

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How do you expect to make a difference at Lowe's?
I feel my expertise in sales, customer service, and management allows me to bring not just an outside perspective, but also a lowes way of thinking based on my 2 years of experience working with lowes. Cleanliness, being fully stocked and ready for business, and always keeping a pleasant demeanor when interacting with customers and other employees is the way I do business.
I expect to make sure I sent an example for great customer service and push for the sale every time so that we can reach our sales and customer focus scores.
I am very passionate about every job that I do and I always try to be the best for my own satisfaction and this job would be now different, I will go to whatever lengths I have to to deliver my best work.
Mycustomer service skills are excellent. I can increase sales and retain customers by keeping them happy with whatever they are looking for.
I expect to do my job correctly and happily. Happy workers make happy customers and that makes a huge difference for everyone.
I have a tendency to pick up on things very quickly and this allows me to be constantly expanding my own skills, and often leads to older more experienced coworkers coming to me for a second opinion.
Offering great customer service, builing relationships with the both customers and associates. Be a mentor and lead by example.
Providing the best customer experience that I can provide and help lead others in the right direction through constant direction, clarity of lowes policies and practices and constant praise for job well done.
I hope to keep things clean and well organized, as well as provide excellent customer service that goes beyond the current standard. By doing so, the store looks better and you are more likely to recruit repeat customers, increasing sales and revenue.
I know change is a employers worse nightmare. But making it easier and helping them to take the steps so change is easier on everyone.
I will put customers first and do the best of my ability to complete my job as perfect and timely as possible.
I plan on putting the customer first in every situation that I am faced with. I feel like if you build a good relationship with your customers, they will always want to come back to do business with you again.
While acquiring others respect your opinion has increased value or meaning.
Working at high standards and leading by example. Customer service first.
Help customers with question and answers on their project.
Personal attention, knowledge of all aspects of store.
Building a better team, using IMPACT, increase sales.
I expect to develop the best team possible and ensure every customer has a positive experience at lowes.
Learn as much a I can and to teach the team what I know. I am out going tough and respectful so I know I can make a difference.
I can bring my experience and positive attitude to to make lowes an even friendlier and happier atmosphier.
Working hard to do my best to sell products and be a part of the team.
I have a great work ethic. By being so I think I can influence and inspire other to do the same. I believe I can bring that out in other people.
Use my knowledge in helping associates and customers.
I will develop a great team that will provide exceptional customer service. We will create a "toxic" environment that will spread to the other associates. I will lead from the front, and encourage others to do so as well. I will work alongside other associates to complete tasks and provide the best customer service possible.
By being kind and helpful to all customers and selling lots of products.
Bring experience an new ideas to the table.
I would like to make a difference here, by helping people get products they want to fix their current/new projects.
I believe that with my experience and desire to build a solid team will reduce theft and increase profit, bottom line. My desire to succeed will lead me to learn all there is to know about my department as well as the other departments around me. This knowledge will be put to good use in my department by myself and my team.
I have a the know how and am able to execute projects in a timely manner.
By giving exceptional customer service and going above and beyond.
By giving my all every day. By being dependable and flexible in doing my job.
Customer service to increase sales and be a leader.
I will do whatever it takes to satisfy the customers and to exceed their expectations every time.
My leadership abilities and enthusiasm for the job will be an asset to lowes. Being there to help associates and department managers drive sales will be a great benefit financially to lowes.
Keeping other motived and making a the work environment fun and enjoyable.
By providing solid customer service, maintain current business relationships and start new ones while focusing on hitting sales forecasts.
I want to make every customer have a wonderful experience and want to come back, Lowes will have the best customers services rate.
Building teams, using impact to build customer service.
Make customers enjoy coming into lowes. Give them a great shopping experience so that hither will want to come back which helps build customer base increasing venue. I want to be the employee that lowes is proud to employee.
I feel that I impact the store with great customer service and a strong work ethic.
By being proactive and taking problems and understanding those problems, then providing the best solution to those problems.
By doing my job and going above and beyond what is required of me, and showing strong team work.
I intend to provide great customer service which lead the customers coming back again, which will lead to the company making more money.
I have a strong work ethic and will put forth the extra effort to assist customers and close sales.
Customer service is the number one goal at lowes and I want to be able to give the best to all who come through the door.
Due to my vast experience with stressful clients and time restrictions, I bring skilled time management, quality customer service and my passion for design.
I will go above and beyound excepectations to make sure the cusmoer and employees are happy and will return.
I will bring impeccable customer service, making sure every customer is taken care of. I will listen to what customers want and need, then find a way to make that happen for them.
I feel I would give good customer service and work hard.
By providing customer service that is second to none. I want when a customer thinks of purchasing anything related to home improvement the only place that comes to mind is Lowes. To treat customers the way you would want to be treated so they feel at home and will continue to give you their business.
By being part of an effective team and helping all the team members achieve a high rate success.
I hope to bring a strong work ethic, great customer service skills and a positive attitude that shows hard work is appreciated and rewarded.
Be professional and be a team player dedicated to the Lowes cause.
By promoting teamwork and making the customers shopping experience a great one.
My customer service experience in helping the customers, fellow employees and doing things to help management staff run our store effectively.
I like to take on the challenge of stores struggling with safety shrink damages inventory train them how to be sucessfull/
Use my previous customer service knowledge to provide out stand reputation for lowes. I want people to be able to rely on us and be able to find everything they need in an easy and organized fashion.
By applying myself the best I can each and every day while continuously having the desire to grow professionally.
To make ever customer happy and having them come back to our stores.
Just by providing the best customer service and teaching others to do the same. Selling products as well as tecahing other to be the best sellers and tecahing the how sell add ons.
Iam very motivated and my fellow coworkers get along with me great so I feel I can motivate them and make changes that should benefit the store.
I am the type of person that likes to learn everything I can and then some about my job. Allowing me to be able to not only give 100% but more then that in everything I do. I am the type of person that is always interested in helping out where ever I can and being able to be crossed trained.
I will give 100 percent great customer service, as well as help my coworkers with there goals and learning.
I expect to be a role model for my coworkers as I never settle for mediocrity. I am always in a mode of seeking sales making opportunities.
I believe I have a great work ethic and I know I can bring that out in other people. Being able to find other peoples strong suits is key in making a successful team and department.
By being an employee who people look to for answers.
Sales, sales and more sale resulting in an increase in the bottom line.
By knowing our store products well enough to aid in customer decisions on products and help them however I can.
I have many years experience, management skills and training.
I know I can provide excellent customer service to all customer and assist my coworkers.
By providing excellent customer service to all customers I interact with.
I always go above and beyond to make sure every person I come in contact with is happy and will return to our store again.
Being the employee that can be depended upon to make a difference day to day, in challanges and being a change agent as the company cahnges.
By using my leadership skills to help develop current and new employees.
I have noticed low moral on the front end of the store. I realize that this is a hard area to keep staffed and that we are constantly getting new employees here. It would be my goal as department manager to isolate any potential problems and correct them before they get out of hand. I feel that I know how the front end should function and that I have the ability and necessary skills to get it to that point.
Use my knowledge from maintenance to help customers.
We all know what bad customer service is. I believe in a good customer experience, not just customer service. I listen to the sustomer, I ask probing questiosn to learn more about what they are working on so I can provide them the best service.
Creating kitchens and baths with interest and flair.
I have a lot of experience in customer service and interacting with people and I think this experience would benefit Lowes.
With my eagerness to help, and my always friendly attitude.
I expect to give every customer top rated customer service as well as train others to do the same. I expect to train every one to be a lowes group that works as one.
By giving great customer service by treating customers with a friendly helpful attitude and having the knowledge of our products.
Being a employee customers and employees can look to for results provide wow customer service.
To make the work environment a happier place and make sure my customers leave knowing they got what they wanted.
With a continuing growth of knowledge which will help in overall sales and repeat business.
I expect to increase sales by creating a positive motivating work environment, but helping and being there for for my employees.
I expect to make a difference by providing superior customer service while being a top tier sales specialist.
By being an employee that people can look to for results.

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