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How do you define good customer service?
Start off by telling the interviewer that good customer service means having a positive attitude, and creating a great experience for customers while doing what it takes to ensure customers come back to your store. Tell the interviewer that good customer service is dropping what you are doing to happily assist a customer, greeting them when they walk through the door, and asking them if you can help them find something.

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you define good customer service?
Well an organization is able to constantly and consistently exceed the needs of the customer."
Listening to the customers needs and wants and seeing the project through the completion.
I believe to define good customer service you would have to have good communication skills and just build a good relationship with the customers.
I define good customer service by using the impact model.
Going out of your way to satisfy the customers needs and wants.
By making a customer feel like they are your number one priority. Listen, understand, and assess what the customer is looking or asking for. Your customer is the reason you are doing what you are doing. They need to feel comfortable with you and your company.
Listening to the customer and giving them what they need.
By greeting the customer with eye contact asking question and help them complete there shopping list.
Being knowledgeable about the product that we a selling, and being personable with every customer from the easy going to the disgruntle ones. But yet still providing personable customer service to all.
Treating customers with respect, listining, learning and solving.
Creating a good relationship with our customers. Making sure no questions go unanswered.
When a customer leaves happy with no doubt in their mind of what they just ordered.
Excellent customer service starts with listening to the customer to find out what they need, providing solutions based upon those needs and achieving those solutions.
Good customer service is making sure a customer leaves with everything they need for their project and a positive shopping experience. If you take care of somebody once you have an opportunity to create a life long customer.
I think good customer service is always keeping in mind what the experience is like for the customer. You have to alway pretend the customer has a sign hanging around their neck that says, "make me feel important"
By providing excellent customer service to all customers no matter the size of their purchase or there personality.
By going above and beyond for that customers needs what ever it may be to put a smile on that customers face.
Always customer focus. Initiate, make eye contact, help with their project, show that you care, and thank the customer.
A willingness to listen and a positive approach to finding best solutions for the customers which includes products and services offered that they may not have requested, but will ensue a great outcome on their project and see to it that the customer thinks of lowes as their resource center for all their home improvement projects.
Be friendly, listen to what the customer need are and make sure they get what they want.
I really believe its about the connection. If someone can gain my trust and is knowledgeable and professional they have my attention. Its about the value they add to the product and really how they ask for the sale. Some people can persuade people into buying. Its about a positive interaction and making the customer feel as if they made the right choice.
I give them all my attention to help them with there project, like they say, a happy customer is a returning customer.
Greeting the customer, making an assessment on what they need. Provide assistance based on their needs. Ask additional questions to see if you can add on or create other sales on additional projects. Close the sale or if they express interest in other project provide the additional assistance and finally thank them for coming in and shopping with us.
Happy customer through and through and will come back over and over.
To go above and beyond the call of duty. Never point a customer in the direction of where they need to go. Walk them there. Always talk to a customer like they are a long lost friend or family member. Treat the customer like you would want to be treated.
Making a customer happy and building a relationship with them to the point they will come back to me for any appliance needs in there home.
Very efficient with sales and perfect follow thru.
Good customer service means to me doing whatever it takes to make the customers experience a great one so that they will remember that experience and return to your place of business. Always remembering the customer is always right.
Listen to what they want or need. Help them however you can. Make them leave with a smile and a good feeling about their experience with Lowes.
Good customer service is putting the customers needs first and going above and beyond for them every time. Giving them wow customer service making them want to come back to use because we were as helpful as we could possibly be.
Happily greeting the customer as soon as they enter your view.
Good customer service is making every customer feel important and satisfied so that they will want to come back.
Meeting and exceeding customer expectations flawlessly.
Greeting with a smile having or getting a solution to their needs.
Quick efficient service with a smile. The customer comes first. Without them we have no business.
Always acknowlege customers, make them feel wanted in our store, and try to help them as quickly as possible.
Making the customer happy while gaining their loyalty to lowes.
By going the extra mile. Focus on who is in front of you and make sure they are taken care of timely. I think of how I want to be treated as a customer and try to do better.
Good listener. Pleasant voice tone. If at all possible resolve the problem at first call, and always make them know their problem is important to you and it will be resolved to their satisfaction.
Good customer service is stopping what you are doing and giving 100% of yourself to the customer helping them to find what they are looking for and make sure they leave happy.
Good customer service starts with listening to the customers needs and providing solutions to fit those needs and fulfilling their needs.
I think our IMPACT model is something that should be resembled with nearly every customer. Providing good customer service starts the moment they walk into our door and ends as they walk out with all the materials necessary to complete their project and inviting them back.
I define customer service as the ability to greet someone with a smile, how ask how I can assist them, ask questions about the problem or product they are seeking and then ask more questions to determine the best products for them to use and then make suggestions as to which product is best. And then thanking them for shopping with us.
Listening to the customers needs, helping them find what they need and doing this with a positive attitude. I truly believe in going above and beyond for our customers.
Helping the customer complete their project with helpful and cheerful device making sure. They have what they need for their current and future projects.
Respectful, Helpful, Courteous, Plesant, Listens well and is Honest. Not over pushy and not like a waste of their time.
Making sure a customer gets the answers they need and satisfied with their shopping experience.
Making sure the customer has a pleasant experience and is always right.
When the customer needs are safified and they become a life time customer.
Good customer service to me is making sure every customer gets what they need and leaves the store happy.
When a customer has a positive experience and returns time and time again. Especially if the customer has a problem or issue, and I am able to turn them into a life long customer.
Engaging the customer, finding out what their needs are, helping them meet their needs and introducing them to other product to help them with the task (upselling) closing the sale, and thanking the customer.
Being aware of all customers and product knowledge. Helping out in any way you possibly can.
Look, hear, adjust accordingly. Leave the customer wanting to come back. Keep a positive first impression that continues throughout the visit from start to finish.
When the customers needs are met in such a way that they are happy with all of the outcomes of their project and respond in a way that would indicate they will be doing all of their projects at Lowes.
Greeting customer, asking questions, providing solution/services, and thanking them.
Listening to the customers need and wants, helping them find what will work best for them. This takes good communication, being able to lesson to what they are saying and also know the product to know what will work best.
Follow Impact model.Greet customer, ask questions and assess needs, offer solutions, offer add on products, close sale, thank customer.
Being able to see the customer leave with the product they wanted and for the right price, and knowing how to finish the job.
Customer engagement, making sure you greet everyone. Asking the qualifying questions to better assist the customer. Having inventory in-stock ready to purchase and making sure the store is a clean environment.
You need to listen, be able to give suggestions, show empathy, and go the extra mile.
Good customer service begins and ends with a smile from both the customer and the associate.
Great every one ask what they are working on and help them find what they need in every way possiable even if it is out of my dept because to me the whole store is a sales floor and the customer love it when you give them the best you have and help them in every way.
Excellent customer service starts by listening to the customer to find out what they need, providing solutions based upon those needs and achieving those solutions.
Good customer service requires excellent communication with the customer as well leaving the customer satisfied with their goods or services.
I define good customer service as listening to the customer and recognizing what it will take to make the customer satisfied. As long as this is within my authorization I will do what I can to help satisfy the customer.
For me a good customer service is the one which can identify the needs of the customer and help them find what they are looking for.
Putting the customer above yourself. You need to be kind a speak clearly. If there is an issue, you should make it your priority to solve the issue and please the customer.
Good customer service is defined by me with respect, honesty, and trust.
Building a relationship with the customer. Friendly, helpful, making sure they know you before they leave.
I define good customer service by exceeding the customer basic expectations and in the end they leave happy and more than willing to come back again.
Good customers service is always staying calm and motivated to make sure her/she gets what they need or want for a project. Showing the customer alternatives if we do not carry the product they came for. Most of all having a upbeat and friendly attitude no matter how difficult the customer is.
To solve the customer problems quickly and effectively.
Greeting the customer, asking what you can do for them, help them in every way possible, putting input and suggestions. Expand their project.
The customer is always right.
The customer is always right.
By always trying to go above and beyond for the customer so that theyll always come back knowing theyll be taken care of.
Helping customers find what they are looking for and what they may need .
Talking to the customers to see what they need.
Greeting, welcome, how can I help you, where may I direct yoy, answer all questions to the best of my ability, aquire team member with knowledge of anything I dont know, dont be overbearing, check back, thank you.
Welcome greeting, asking questions to define the need of the customer, informative, choices, f Knowledgeable in all depts, introducing them to new products, ways and upsaleing.
When the situation was with a client.
Total customer satisfaction.
By listing to the customer first, then providing all the solutions for the appropriate task.
When a customer feels good about their time in your store and has everything they came for and maybe a little more.
Good customer service begins with the understanding that it is everything and must be the most important value as a company. It must be consistent and provide for the customer a sense that we meet and exceed their expectations every time.
Good customer service is defined with good communication skills, such as listening to find out what the problem is, then providing solution to get the problems solved.
Always putting the customer first.
I believe good customer service is defined as doing everything you have the ablity to go to make a customer happy, If I am unable to satisfy the customer I would try to get them in contact with someone who might be able to.
First listening. Know what the customer wants or needs. Then help them to accomplish thier goal by providing their needs with instruction if necessary.
A positive greeting.. If dthey are in line, greet them anyway, acknowledge and say you ll be with them in a moment.. Then.. "whatever it takes" to make their visit a positive one.
Making sure the customer is always being taken care of.
Going over and beyondfor expectiation. Suprise then.
Sell the whole project take them to their product ask leading questions and add value to their order.
Good customer service starts with a thorough understanding of what the customers needs and expectations are.
Making sure the customer has everything they need.
Happen a customer with whatever help they need.
Prompt, friendly, accurate.
Taking care of the customer.
By listening to and understanding thecustomer needs and exceeding their expectations based on that information.
Excellent customer service is the process by which your organization delivers its services or products in a way that allows the customer to access them in the most efficient, fair, cost effective, and humanly satisfying and pleasurable manner possible.”
When a customer, is greeted with a welcoming smile, and get's what they were looking for, and shows customer sanctification.
Customer is satisfied and felt important.
By making eye contact with the customer and smiling while listening to their needs/complaints or questions very closely.
Good customer service is when the customer is always the top priority and is treated with the utmost respect. In order to have good customer service you must always remember that the customer is always right. Also being polite is key too.
Good first impressions and meeting or exceeding expectations.
I define good customer service by fully utilizing the IMPACT model to be able to provide service to a customer to ensure the customer loves where they live.
Helping the customer make a buying decision.
Always making sure the customers needs are met. Make everyone's shopping experience a good one to ensure further business with the company.
Being attentive and aware of what the customer needs and how you can assist them during there visit to lowes.
I define good customer service as someone who listens and is very attentive to the customer and their needs.
Making sure the customer's needs are met. Listening to what the customer needs and helping them find the products they need, or connecting them with our PSI or PSE Teams.
LIstening to the customers needs and fullfiling them.
Doing everything within your power to ensure a happy satisfying experience.
Going above and beyond the call of duty to achieve results and create loyal customers.
Listen to everything they have to ask. Then try to help them in anyway I possibly can.