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Have you ever worked on a house before? What was your project?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

Think about a recent home project you have done. This can be anything from remodeling your home to putting on new light plate covers or painting in your apartment. Tell the interviewer, "Yes, I have!" Follow this with a high-level overview of what project you tackled. If you used a DIY class at Lowe's to learn how to do your project, be sure to mention it!
Basic answer example
"Yes, I have!"

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Have you ever worked on a house before? What was your project?
Yes always working on mine, barthoom, tile in kitchen, kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, planning flower bed.
Yes, I have done tile and grout work in my own home. I have installed a dryer, done pressure washing, gutters, and minor caulking jobs.
Yes I have worked on a house before. The project was putting in lamented wood floor, putting title around the fireplace, putting in new o-ring for toilet, putting title in kitchen and laundry area. Painted rooms that had vertical, horizontal strips & accent colors. Put in new kitchen faucet.
When we remodeled our bathroom I gained some knowledge of building from the bottom up including plumbing work, carpentry, flooring and a little bit of electrical.
I have had many home projects. The most recent one was putting in Pergo laminate flooring.
Yes, I own my own home. The last project I worked on was installing Pergo laminate flooring.
I have helped on many projects with my house and others as well I love learning new things to improve upon.
I have worked on several homes. I have help to build a home for habitat, I have worked on 4 of my own homes. I have refinished cabinets, put in sprinkler systems, painted, and several other projects to many to remember.
The time I can recall working on a house is when I moved in the the home im in now. Wasnt much work to be done but we had to do a little painting and cleaning. Wasnt nothing major.
I renovated an entire house, doors, windows, bilt ins, new electrical service, designed and installed a customized tile floor in a family room and bedroom when I lived in fla working at Disney as an entertainment producer. A few years ago I ought a foreclosure home and have nearly completely renovated it from top to ottom, doing a great deal of the work myself wbuilding cement walls outside, replacing flooring, doors to overseeing subcontractors to gut three rooms I the house, reo plumbing and electrical, ebuld front porch, etc.
I recently just helped install a fence in my brothers backyard. Working outside helped me know what to plan for him to purchase and to help him stay within budget. Doing it helped me learn some things to be able to take back to work on what to be able to tell customers.
My own house and rental homes we have owned. Fences, decks, roofs.
Durning the summer I helped bulding a cabin, framing, painting, plumbing, electrical, and flooring.
Thousands of times. Many remodels and furnishing projects.
Yes in my own house I replaced all the drywall, kitchen and bathroom faucets, and electrical outlets.
I have worked on many houses and I work on whatever I am asked to do.
Yes I have worked on building my parents home. From setting the foundation of the house to putting together the bathroom and kitchen and installing carpeting I have learned many essential things that assist me in selling the best and correct products for the customers need and project.
Yes I have worked on a house before, including many projects. From the kitchen remodel, bathroom, and helping my family put on a whole new addition to their house.
I have worked on my house. Ive repainted my room and the bathroom, I ripped up my old carpet and laid down laminated flooring I have also add shelves on to my wall and re caulked my bathroom.
I built a loft I have hung drywall painted laid tile redone wood floors stucco ceilings.
Painting, toilet and sink repairs. Snaking water pipe lines.
My husband and I have remodeled an entire house. My jobs were painting, decorating, and helping him with a number of things.
My husband started to remoldeled our bathroom and hurt his back. I had to install the floor tile and the plumbing under his watch.
Yes we had to remodel our kitchen from the floor up so to start I had to design how to redo all the cabinets and the arrangment of appliances.Once the project started my task was project and money managment.
In ten years I have completed interior design on 375 houses.
Yes, I was assigned to work on the roof. It required a lot of hard work and I was always known for dedicated work.
I worked construction, drywall, framing, roofing, rough plumbing. I buildt my own house subing out and running the job.
Yes,I helped my parents paint the rooms and shampoo the carpets.
Yes, my own home. I have tiled my entire floors and have re-painted.
Yes I have worked on a house. I demoed the garage floor and installed self leveling compound.
I have done small projects like painting rooms and refinishing furniture but nothing major when it comes to building houses.
I have worked on a house before and I have done multiple projects!
At home projects, painting, wall papering minor plumbing.
I have removed all the carpet and padding in my house to find solid hardwood down underneath. I remodeled my dining room by adding chair rail and quarter round. I added a patio in my back yard. Installed ceiling fan, thermostat, built and reconstructed flower beds and power washed house fence and side walks.
I have done remodeling projects. I have helped install laminate flooring, tile flooring, countertops, bathroom remodels, helped build a storage building, put up a fence, and other miscellaneous things around the house.
Yes my most recent project was installling replacment windows and making them watertight.
Yes my most recent project was installing replacement windows and ensuring they were water tight.
Yes my most recent project was installing two replacement windows and ensuring they were watertight.
Often do home repairs. Flooring was my last project.
Roofing, Brick work Electrical, Tile Yard, insulation.
Yes I spent several months framing houses under my stepfathers contracting company. Building houses from ground up.
I have painted many rooms. I replaced a vinyl bathroom floor (one piece) and it went very well. I have also put down peel and stick tiles in an entryway. Came out great.
I have had an old house and have done many projects there. Painting, remodeling and many other small projects.
I have painted many rooms. I have replaced a sheet vinyl floor by myself. I have put down peel and stick tiles in the foyer of one of my first home.
I have helped hang sheet rock, tape and mud. Rolled out texture, painted the walls.
My husband is an electrician by profession and a jack of all trades. I have had the opportunity to work along with side of husband in replacing our roof, building a deck, building a spare bedroom, laying tile, putting laminate flooring in and by painting.
I have done everything from basic carpentry( framing walls) to truss work. I have done door and window installations as well as replacement installation on both. I have a basic knowledge of wiring and plumbing. I have formed and poured concrete. I have worked on individual houses as well as multi-family housing and commercial construction.
I have done everything from basic carpentry( framing walls) to truss work. I have done door and window installations as well as replacement installation on both. I have a basic knowledge of wiring and plumbing. I have formed and poured concrete. I have worked on individual houses as well as multi-family housing and commercial construction.
Yes. Finished a basement. Have also built offices.
I have done roofing, siding, hardwood flooring, painting,(interior and exterior), replaced entire bathrooms. Installed lighting and fans.
Yes, I have owned several houses so there are always projects to be done. Some that stand out are painting the bathroom, and installing laminate flooring in the house.
I have helped install everything from windows to laying tile.
Yes, my brothers and I painted my moms living room, bathroom and our old rooms. We also made a fire pit in the back yard during the summer.
Everyday! Painting, plumbing, and many more things.
I have worked on my own home as well as my parents. My father and I have done plenty of remodeling jobs. At my parents we have remodeled bathrooms, bedrooms, we have added on a room as well as a deck with a roof overtop. We have laid concrete for a patio as well as patio stones for the landscaping. At my house we just started flipping it. We have almost redone all the flooring the house from carpet to wood flooring. We will continue remodeling the masterbathroom and the kitchen which includes knocking out a wall and painting cabinets.
I do many do it you self jobs around the house resently I spacled painted and installed a carpet.
Yes, I have worked on a house before. It was painting, laying new vinyl, and laminate flooring.
Yes I rehab homes for rentals I do many projects flooring painting plumbing ect...
Yes I have I rent our two mobile home parks and we are always working on them from painting to flooring to landscaping and you name it we do it all.
I have put in tile on the floor. I have helped put down laminate flooring. Painted.
Yes, I installed wooden flooring in the living room of my home, as well as painted all the walls going from the front room to the kitchen.
I have worked on a house project to install laminate flooring.
I have worked on a house before, and my main project was painting the rooms of the house.
Yes I was working on painting a house trying to figure best color pattern and the best route to go about choosing the right selection of paint and paint supplies.
No,I have not worked on a house.
Numerous projects have been doing remodeling for 30+ years.
I have never worked on a house before but if I had the opportunity I would love to do electrical work on the house.
Yes, remodels plumbing electric paint tile wood flooring framing drywall doors cabinets.
Painting interior, remolding, stucco, scaffold.
Yes I started out at 16 years of age scrapping old paint off of sidings while my uncles followed behind me painting A few years later I began contracting paint jobs on my own.
Yes, I have done it all remodeling, plumbing, flooring, drywall texture paint, etc.
I have done many house projects including building an entire edition on to my own house.
When I bought my first house my first project was replacing all the single pane windows with double, energy efficient ones.
Yes I insralled a closet organizer.
Es.. I helped install a new septic system in a friends house I also assisted in a complete plumbing overhaul to pex.
I grew up remodeling with my dad, hanging drywall, laying tile, painting. I always thought anyone could see vision the end result, which is what made me want to get into this field.
Have been a contractor for over 20years Have done small jobs up to upscale home remodels.
I have done many home projects from landscaping to painting to roofing.
Kitchen and bath remodeling.
Yes, my house with my spouse.
No I have never worked on a house before but I have seen people build an addition on a house.
I have done all sorts of work on houses from updating a paint color in a room to changing out the subfloor under a toilet where the wood had rotted through.
Yes. I've redone the bathroom with my father and I've help set up new fencing. At one point, we had to replace pvc pipe running under our yard. Instead of hiring a plumber, we called some family and got it done for an eighth of what they wanted.
I've painted rooms in our home, installed new lock sets and installed our hard wood floors. I also worked on Habitat for Humanity putting down floor joists.
Yes, my apartment decorating and putting things together where they belong and making sure its stays clean.
I helped put new roofing on a someone who was a victim of the hurricane katrina when went to new orleans SADD club in february 2012
Some minor work. Wall paper, basic tile work and linoleum, some painting of walls and ceilings.
I am a new home owner, so I do not have much experience in that area. But, I grew up in a house that was built in 1820 and I helped my parents restore that house and learned a lot from watching them.
Yes, after my mother passed away we redid several rooms of her house when we were preparing to sell it. I layed flooring in two bedrooms, helped put down carpet in the living room and painted all the rooms myself.

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