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Explain to me how you would perform a tile remodeling job, from start to end, as if I were a customer.
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Measure area to be tiled, determine tile and accents to be used for project, secure all tools need to perform job. Prepare your surface to be tiled, read instructions for mortor or mastic being used, apply adhesive with correct trowel, apply tile, check level as you go, secure bond with gently tapping tile, use spacers to establish the correct space between tiles,wipe off exxcessive adhesive from tile. Allow set tiles to sit for 24 hrs. Remove spacers, clean spaces where grout is to be applied, apply grout per instructions on container, allow to sit wor 48hrs apply sealant per instructions.
First I would consider my options. What color, size and style tiles do I want? I would then consider the costs, and what I can afford. Then I would go shopping and purchase the proper materials. Once I know I have what I need, I will begin the process of removing my current floor, cleaning the area, and applying any pre-install materials I may need. Once that is done, I would begin the process of installing the tile. I would lay down the glue, then the first tile, apply the grout, then repeat the process for each tile, cutting it as necessary.
Thats a good question. I am not sure I have the knowledge to answer it at this point.
Lets me help you by getting an associate with better training.
Measure the area to be tiled. This determines square footage as well as limitations on the tile design layout. If you have an very narrow space a complex mosaic tile with a border will not work. Select a design concept. Mosaic, running, bond, subway, chevron. I woul show specific examples if the customer was unsure. I would recommend considering the size of the tiles and grout lines. Will this be a heavily traffic areas or simply decorative. What purpose will the tile area serve? Select color and type and how it will coordinate with other surfaces in the room. Select grout color and type. Will it be sanded, for a low traffic area or I sanded for a high traffic area. Select your matic nd tools Lay out the center point of the tile area on the surface pencil or chalk. Snap two intersecting lungs over the center point. This is your starting point. Work in one direction being sure to apply matic according to the manufacturers instructions. Continue to lay out the tile from the bottom to the. Top working.
First I would ask where are you at in this project then I would tell thecustomer how I do the job from cleaning the floor to laying cement board to finding the center for sarting point to the adhesive and grout and sealer.
I would caulk for for one of the materials.
I personally am not qualified to do that but I would refer customer whom I know and trust to do a good job.
Collect measurements. Find amount of product needed, then choose products and tools needed. Provide brochures / instructions. Set up delivery.
Measure the area, take up old flooring, put down backer board, chalk it off, put down floor cement, put down tile and spacers let it drive then grout it and then wet sponge off the excess.