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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?
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I do not recall when I disliked company rules in my last job, but if I were to come across such a situation, I would take the time to discuss it privately with my supervisor.
I did not like the return policy because I n some situations I knew merchandice were stolen. I discussed the situation with manager and She taught me to be more confortable with the policy.
When I worked at Wal-Mart I did not like how their rules allowed them to work people over their 40 hours while not giving them overtime but just factoring the hours in on their next pay period. It felt like they were forcing us to work for free.
I follow the rule because they are there for a reason. Breaking rules could cause some to get hurt.
Company rules are set so that everyone is on the same page, some we may not like, but you learn to live with them and offset the dislike. In the long run, you have the job by this point, and knew the rules before starting.
The company rules are in place for a reason and my opinion of those rules is not important. It is important only to work within those rules to accomplish assigned tasks.
The company had a rule that there were no cell phones on the floor, which is understandable. However they launched a new mobile site and openly encouraged employees to use it and share it with the customers,... However management was the only ones approved to have their cell phones. So I sat down with an ASM and aired my frustrations about not being able to utilize the tools on the mobile site. This led to a change in the rules that enabled use of a valuable customer service tool.
The job that I had consisted of a lot of travel time and I had to take some trips by an airplane, which I was not very fond of.
I disliked how we were only able to work under 28 hours to avoid getting benefits.
I hate that I cant do a total void or a return of items that are more then $35. Its extremely inconvenient to have to pull a team leader away from their projects just so they can scan their badge and walk away.