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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Lowes interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you are not a rule breaker, and you support the rules the company has put into place. Start off by telling the interviewer that you follow all of the company rules and are supportive of the leadership decisions the company makes regarding regulations. After all, there had to be some logic to their professional decision!

Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?
Answer example

"If I could change one decision the leadership team made, it would be the implementation of a 45-day return policy. I felt that was a long time for many of our products, but I remind myself that they know what they are doing!"

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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?
The company rules are in place for a reason and my opinion of those rules is not important. It is important only to work within those rules to accomplish assigned tasks.
The company had a rule that there were no cell phones on the floor, which is understandable. However they launched a new mobile site and openly encouraged employees to use it and share it with the customers,... However management was the only ones approved to have their cell phones. So I sat down with an ASM and aired my frustrations about not being able to utilize the tools on the mobile site. This led to a change in the rules that enabled use of a valuable customer service tool.
The job that I had consisted of a lot of travel time and I had to take some trips by an airplane, which I was not very fond of.
I disliked how we were only able to work under 28 hours to avoid getting benefits.
I hate that I cant do a total void or a return of items that are more then $35. Its extremely inconvenient to have to pull a team leader away from their projects just so they can scan their badge and walk away.
The only rules I disagreed with was actually the lack of safety rules. We were not required to wear hard hats or safety glasses. I felt it put coworkers at to much of a risk.
Company rules are made for a reason it is not up to me to like or dislike just follow them.
I believe that all rules a set in place for the greater good of all associates and not just the individual.
Calling the sales manager after each appointment.
I never disliked rules rules are there for a reason.
I dont like the return policy on the 30 day no questions asked because like for heaters for instance they will purchase them when the cold weather is here and then if it gets warm for one day they return it because they dont need it. ust like with tillers they buy then use it for a week then they are done with it they bring it back. Thisa is really the only thing.
I have always been open to company rules - they are made for a reason.
Was not a time when I dislike company rules they are put in place for a reason.
I strongly disliked the length of time for our lunches but I always accept any companies rules and policies regardless.
Did what what company policy dictated, but constructively brought up my viewpoint to superior, which led to a policy change.
Guest Services was a difficult position. Sometimes cards would decline, we would have to cancel the reservation/resell the room. Other times, I had to file a guest as a no show at a certain only to have them appear the next day. It was very difficult to accommodate long stays.
Company rules are set to anyone work in the company and I should respect this rules and commit it but maybe I reject it if new rules are set without I know.
I once had a supervisor that did not like me spending time on programs that we officially did not support. While I only did this for over seas operations I believed that we should help the warfighter in remote operations.
I did not like the way we organized stock. I felt it would be lost, or would not be found in time to please customers.
Due to my facility being so far away from the actual post we were assigned to, we were unable to be included or represented by the union if we chose.
A company rule I disliked while being a day care manager was one stating we had to call the parents to come back and get their child/ children if they cried for 5 minutes or more. This led to upset parents especially since the majority of kids did cry when they were dropped off and did take a few minutes to settle in and get comfortable with us.
There is always a time that you will dislike a rule, but they are there for a reason.
I did not like the rule of keeping the fitting rooms unlocked for customers to use at will. I continued to use the proper chain of command in voicing my opinion and I was a contributing factor to getting that rule changed.
The new call of policy for associates, the schedule process.
Company policy stated that an employees socks should be either black or white, and should not come above the ankle. This policy was still in effect even when an employee was wearing pants. I thought the rule was unnecessary, but I still enforced it because it was my job. I did, however, attempt to get the rule changed by discussing my dislike of the rule with my franchise consultant. He agreed to present this issue at their next meeting with the CEO. He informed me later that the rule would be kept.
When I was required to take a break and did not need one.
The last assignment I was assigned to had shown me janitorial skills but with this job I would like to develop my customer communication skills.
When they risk employees health over the business.
I think rules are necessary and all should comply.
Water on the floor, but I understand the reason behind it.
I do not recall not like the rules. I am a rule follower.
I have never disliked a companys rule if the rule is enforsed I adbide by it and teach others to abide by it as well.
I never had problem with company rules but realize we may not always agree 100 percent about the rule but it is company policy and the rules must be followed.
The children clothing chain I previously womanaged did not offer boxes. This was difficult during the holiday season, as customers wanted gift boxes. I explained to the N.Y. Office how vital it was to offer this feature, and talked them into a trial run in only my store. It was a success and all stores received gift boxes for the holidays.
I did not like the return policy. Sometimes you knew that your company was being short changed but you still do strong customer service and make the call to return cheerfully.
I did not agree with their rules for traveling expenses, however I just went along with what was in place even though I disagreed.
I dont like some of the return policies but I did overcome that and I do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.
I believe in following all company policies and procedures.
April 2 years ago our HR Manager wanted us to enter the building a certain way Although understanding the reasons I disliked the rule it was not a safety or security issue when working a mid or closing shift and made it frustrating to sign in and get on the sales floor.
Asked management the purpose behind the rule.
I did not like the work hours and days but I adapted to them and adjusted but always follow company rules.
I have worked retail the last 3 years I know that if we can make a great first impression we can have a lifelong customer.
Company rules of wearing certain clothing, I didnt think that was acceptable but to a certain extinct.
I dont know that I have ever disliked rules they are set to keep customers and employees safe . With out rules thier would be a lot more accidents and people getting hurt and killed.
I never didlike company rule. I always adjust to them because I know they are put there for a reason.
I cannot recall a time where I disliked a company rule. I have been fortunate to have worked for companies that understand that success relies on two things, customers and employes that work as a team.
Rules are rules, they are set there for a reason..
I believe that rules are there for a purpose and am not a person to change them.
I didn't like being on call I'm looking for something full time and steady.
I can not think of anything that I dislike about the rules because they are made for worker safety and efficiency.
I have no recollection of when I disliked company rules since they were all fair and reasonable.
I have not run into a problem with any of the company rules in order to dislike them.
Most company rules are put in place for specific reasons, so whether I liked them or not I always respect them.
When they wanted to take advantage of your skills.
I know I have to apply by all rules to an compant so, so I never dislike any rules set by a company.
When they change the rule to where safety glasses all times on the production floor instead only working on machinery. But right when you think about it .
There has never really been a time I disagreed with a company rule. If it is a rule it is for a reason and justified and not me to question.
We were allowed breaks but were very frowned upon if we took them and we werent a smoker.
Being removed from bonus drawing because of vacation day.
Never came up against a rule that made me dislike it.
I do not recall when I disliked company rules in my last job, but if I were to come across such a situation, I would take the time to discuss it privately with my supervisor.
I did not like the return policy because I and some situations I knew merchandice were stolen. I discussed the situation with manager and She taught me to be more confortable with the policy.
When I worked at Wal-Mart I did not like how their rules allowed them to work people over their 40 hours while not giving them overtime but just factoring the hours in on their next pay period. It felt like they were forcing us to work for free.
I follow the rule because they are there for a reason. Breaking rules could cause some to get hurt.
Company rules are set so that everyone is on the same page, some we may not like, but you learn to live with them and offset the dislike. In the long run, you have the job by this point, and knew the rules before starting.

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