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With ongoing changes in the healthcare industry, how do you keep your knowledge in your field current?

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    With ongoing changes in the healthcare industry, how do you keep your knowledge in your field current?

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      Kaiser Permanente expects their employees to stay up-to-date on their respective fields, and today's technology makes this reasonably easy! List several ways that you receive your industry knowledge and stay on top of trends. Talk to your interviewer about continuing education you have participated in recently, any conferences you regularly attend, or any seminars you have taken in your field. As well, talking about any journals you subscribe to or any groups/societies in your field that you belong to can also win over your interviewer. Lastly, it's a great idea to ask the interviewer what resources they refer to for industry trends. That question can start up a great conversation, and you may learn a thing or two as well.

      Ryan's Answer

      "Every morning I listen to X Podcast because I find the information to be fresh, and valuable. In addition to this podcast, I also subscribe to a couple of industry blogs. One is ABC, and the other is XYZ. I greatly value the information shared between fellow professionals in our field. What resources do you prefer to stay on top of industry trends and changes?"

      Ryan's Answer

      "I am an avid fan of Google alerts! I will receive an email with the related information any time there is a major headline about the healthcare industry. In addition to this, I also subscribe to a couple of medical-related journals, including the NEJM."

      Ryan's Answer

      "Having worked in the healthcare field for seven years now, I have really grown to appreciate the importance of continuing medical education and I jump at any chance to further my knowledge base in the field. I recently attended a pediatric trauma course that really opened my eyes to new techniques I could use in our emergency room."

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      "As a certified pharmacy tech, I have to continue learning. I am registered at, where I get emails with anything new that happens in the medical field. I also learn a different kind of articles and submit my test to renew my certificate. I also receive emails from different pharmacy pages with interesting articles."

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      It sounds as though you lean on a variety of reputable sources, which the interviewer should be happy to hear. Are there any resources from Kaiser Permanente that you could subscribe to, and then mention in your interview?

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