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What is your patient care philosophy that you would bring to work at Kaiser Permanente?

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    What is your patient care philosophy that you would bring to work at Kaiser Permanente?

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      Prior to your interview with Kaiser Permanente, your research into the organization's quality mission and vision will give you great insight into their patient care philosophy. If posed a question like this during your time with them, your interviewer will be looking to hear that your own patient care philosophy is a great match for Kaiser Permanente. Prior to your interview, put some serious thought into what drives your patient care philosophy internally and sincerely reiterate to your interviewer why you hold this philosophy near and dear to your heart.

      Ryan's Answer

      "Every day at work, I remind myself that everyone I come across has their struggles. Every person I care for has a story. I make sure to get to know my patients whenever possible and I provide them with the most compassionate care possible. In the end, I try to always treat others the way I would expect to be treated if I were in their shoes."

      Ryan's Answer

      "I have three philosophies when it comes to my work. One for the clinic, one for me, and one for the patient. First, I work in a system, and I respect that. I follow the rules, I maintain my certifications, and I appreciate the policies and values of whatever site I work. Patient care is a privilege, and I respect the role I have in clinical care and the part other people have. Second, I want to be the best at what I do. Every day I learn something, and that's because I choose to get better. Last, I adapt to the individual. If I'm meeting the requirements of my position, and evolving within my profession, then I am free to adjust to my patient and be the provider they need. Some patients need a lot of attention; some want less, and some need boundaries. I have trained myself to adapt my communication style, so a patient gets what they need."

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      "Do my job and do it right. Try to do the best I can for patients and remember always to be compassionate with them and treat them like I want my family members to be treated, and go the extra mile helping them."

      Rachelle's Answer

      This is a personal and caring approach. I really like this answer! Just some food for does this response align with the Kaiser Permanente philosophy? Are there shared values that you could also mention?

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