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Have you ever made a critical mistake while on the job? How did you handle the situation?

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    Have you ever made a critical mistake while on the job? How did you handle the situation?

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      At Kaiser Permanente, integrity is held in the highest regard. While we are all human and make mistakes, the key to this question for your interviewer is how you handle the aftermath of a mistake to make things right. Your interviewer will be looking for you to own up to your mistake and do what it takes to correct it. Use a specific example and describe how you handled the situation and any lessons that you learned moving forward to prevent it from happening again. In the end, you want to ensure your interviewer that you would join the team at Kaiser Permanente with the utmost integrity and accountability in your work.

      Ryan's Answer

      "Early in my career, I was working a night shift with minimal staffing on our unit. In the early morning hours, I was tending to a patient that was still wide awake and we ended up conversing for some time. When I went to continue my rounds, another patient had tried to get out of bed to make it to the bathroom and had suffered a fall. The patient, staying because of back surgery, was unable to hit the call button. I called for one of our CNAs to come and help me get the patient to the bathroom and back to his bed. While there was no injury, I was required to report the fall to our safety team and I did so immediately. Looking back, had I not stopped to talk so long with the other patient the fall may have been able to be prevented. Now, I make sure that I find that healthy mix of providing friendly care to my patients while being timely on my rounds."

      Ryan's Answer

      "In my current role as the lead scheduler, I am responsible for making the schedules for the schedulers in three different departments. Not long ago, I received a call on a Friday morning when I was scheduled to be off work and was told that an employee hadn't reported for their shift. Immediately, I logged on to our email system to find out that the employee in question had requested the day off and I had totally missed their communication to me. In owning up to my mistake, I quickly changed my plans for the day and reported to work to cover the shift. Looking back, I now make time in my calendar every day to review all emails that have come in and take action on any that are required so that nothing gets missed."

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      "Once I was filling a prescription for 90 days 90 tablets. I didn't notice we have new 90 tablet bottles instead of the 30 tablet bottles, and I filled 3 of 90 tablets bottle instead of 3 of 30 tablets. When the pharmacist noticed I fix my mistake, and from that day, I double-check the quantity in the bottles in case the quantity changes."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Great work giving your example and then highlighting how you corrected the error. You also made sure to take action so that this did not happen again. These are exactly the steps that an interviewer would be looking for.

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