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At Kaiser Permanente, we take pride in our great relationships with vendors, coworkers, and patients. Do you consider yourself to be a strong relationship builder?

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    At Kaiser Permanente, we take pride in our great relationships with vendors, coworkers, and patients. Do you consider yourself to be a strong relationship builder?

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      The most successful healthcare institutions in the world pride themselves on the trusting relationships that they build with their patients and vendors and this is no different at Kaiser Permanente. In asking this question, your interviewer wants to get a sense that you will bring the ability to build strong relationships to Kaiser Permanente. Assure the interviewer that you would treat everyone at Kaiser Permanente with great respect and a positive attitude. Discuss the ways that you would build strong and healthy relationships if hired.

      Ryan's Answer

      "I have often been complimented on my relationship-building skills. I like to get to know people and ask them questions about themselves. Most people love to talk about themselves, and I find it's a great and simple way to start building rapport with others. I consider myself to be a strong relationship builder and take pride in my people skills. Rest assured, I would be a great ambassador of positive relationships for Kaiser Permanente."

      Ryan's Answer

      "My desire to become a nurse stemmed from my passion for helping people when they are most vulnerable. As a successful nurse, at this point in my career, I got to where I am at today by providing the best customer service in the clinical environment by building great relationships with my patients. These relationships are created from the ground up. I start this by building trust in my patients with my clinical expertise and my interpersonal skills. I am an attentive listener and a compassionate caregiver. Once this trust is developed, my patients can fully trust me and recommend my services to future patients."

      Ryan's Answer

      "I am happy to hear that Kaiser Permanente values long-term relationships. This fact is a bonus for me, and it's one of the reasons I chose to work in the medical field. I like working in an industry where genuine care is valued. Healthcare is not a place for gimmicks because health is precious and irreplaceable. I've had a lot of success by focusing on building a reputation for consistency and follow-up. What you describe is a good fit for me, reputable vendors value these skills, and I'd like to represent a company that wants to create long-term sustainable partnerships."

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      "I believe I have good customer service with my patients, and coworkers because I treat them with respect, ask them how are they doing. I even talk about what they are going through. I'm a good listener, and my coworkers and patients like that about me."

      Rachelle's Answer

      It sounds as though you have exceptional patient service skills! Any hiring authority should feel comfortable putting you in front of their valued customer base.

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