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Jollibee Foods Corp. Interview

31 Questions and Answers by
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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At Jollibee Foods Corp. we encourage education and training for our employees. If you could further your education, what path would you choose, and why?

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Jollibee Foods Corp. Interview Questions


  1. At Jollibee Foods Corp. we encourage education and training for our employees. If you could further your education, what path would you choose, and why?
    • Talk to the interviewer about your education and training and discuss any areas where you would like to expand your knowledge. Keep your answer simple. If possible, keep your reply related to the career path for which you are interviewing. For instance: You want to avoid declaring your desire to be a dolphin trainer when you're applying for a regional sales manager role.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "If I could further my education in any way I would choose to expand my knowledge in food and wine pairings. I have always found wine culture to be interesting."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I appreciate that Jollibee Foods Corp. encourages continued education and training. That's so great to hear! If I could further my education in any way, I would choose to take courses in leadership and management. I would love to end up in a supervisory role later in my career."


  1. When have you spoken up for cause, knowing that it would directly look unfavorable on you, because it was the right thing to do?
    • Every manager wants a team player who will not resist company policy or argue about every detail of the workload. However; time may come when you need to speak up about something, and it may not look the best on you. Talk to the interviewer about a time that this may have happened to you on the job.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "For the most part, my company abides by all labor regulations. In the case of overtime, they did not abide by the regulations, and I had to speak up for my team. The company was not happy about it because it cost them a lot of money but, in the end, they realized that they were in error."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I stuck up for an employee bullied in the workplace. They did not fit in, and perhaps their personality was a bit off-putting; however, nobody deserves treatment like that. My co-workers didn't like being called out, but eventually, they came around. All in all, it was worth it to speak up."


  1. Do you see long term career potential with Jollibee Foods Corp.? If so, where would you like to see your position go in the next 2-3 years?
    • Talk to the interviewer about the ways that you would like to see your career grow with Jollibee Foods Corp.. What type of role would you want to gain in the future?

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I would like to see my experience in leadership grow over the next few years. Jollibee Foods Corp. has a strong reputation for developing and promoting their employees which is something that I am excited about."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I would like to see a long-term fit with Jollibee Foods Corp.. If I could grow with your company, I would like to see it turn into a management role that includes a component of human resources. I am currently earning my BA in Human Resources and would love to have an opportunity here when I graduate."


  1. What do you know about the workplace culture at Jollibee Foods Corp.?
    • Assure the interviewer that you have researched the workplace culture at Jollibee Foods Corp.. What do you enjoy about the culture, and how does it align with what you are seeking?

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I have spoken to a few people that have worked for Jollibee Foods Corp. and they all have great things to say. I am seeking a workplace environment that is collaborative and positive and this role seems like a perfect fit."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I have researched Jollibee Foods Corp. a great deal, before coming in today. On your website, you mention that you have a collaborative culture with a primary focus on 'service-with-a-smile'. This culture is precisely the one that I am looking to work in."


  1. Do you think honesty is always the best policy?
    • Is honesty always the best policy? Talk to the interviewer about your thoughts on honesty in the workplace.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Sometimes full disclosure can damage someone's self-esteem, and reality isn't always best expressed in full and can be self-indulgent based on the person's intention. In those instances, honesty isn't always the best policy."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I was always raised to be honest so yes - I do believe that honesty is the best policy. It's best, to be honest, and tell the truth whenever possible."


  1. Have you ever taken the fall for a situation, where it was really not your fault, in order to protect a coworker?
    • Taking the fall for a situation, to protect a co-worker, is a tricky situation. It can show teamwork, but it may not be the most honest thing to do. Talk to the interviewer about your thoughts on taking the fall for something you did not do.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I do not believe in 'taking the fall' for people based on protecting them. Transparency is always a good idea, and if something went wrong, then it needs to be addressed to prevent it from happening again. When it comes to clients, I will apologize on behalf of the company for errors. In that case, I will do what it takes to protect the company's reputation."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I have taken the heat for a situation that was not my fault. Honestly, it wasn't anyone's fault, and I understand that sometimes the blame needs to land somewhere when corporate is looking for answers."


  1. At Jollibee Foods Corp. we put a great deal of value on customer service. How would you describe your customer service skills?
    • Assure the interviewer that you can meet their customer service standards. Draw on your references or examples of a time when you went over and above for a customer.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Your customer service standards are one of the reasons I was so attracted to your company. I am highly trained in hospitality and am a very attentive individual. When you call my references, they will attest to my great customer service skills."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I would describe my customer service skills as consistent, positive, and energetic. As a customer of Jollibee Foods Corp. in the past, I appreciate the value you put on customer service."


  1. How do you manage difficult customers?
    • The interviewer would like to know that you can professionally and tactfully handle demanding customers and challenging situations.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I have handled very challenging customers in my previous roles and can remain professional through all situations. When I face a difficult customer, I find that it is usually due to a breakdown in communication. Because I am a strong communicator, I can diffuse most situations."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "When I have a difficult customer I will try to kill them with kindness. It's often difficult for a negative person to continue being negative when they have nothing feeding the fire in the first place."


  1. When have you been asked to perform a function or complete a task in which you had little or no experience in doing?
    • Have you ever had to take on a task or a role that you felt was over your experience level? Talk to the interviewer about a time when you have dealt with this type of situation. What was the outcome, and what did you learn?

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "When my manager went on unexpected medical leave for three months last year I was asked to step into her position in the interim. I knew the basics but was certainly not trained on the specifics of the role. I was able to take it on successfully by leaning on my team, reading a lot of company manuals, and asking many questions. Once my manager returned she was very pleased with the progress that I made, and I was promoted."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "When I was a hostess in my last position, one of our servers called in sick at the last minute on a busy Saturday night. My boss put me into a server role with very little training. It was intimidating, but I felt a rush at the same time. The night was successful, and my tips were a great reward!"


  1. Rate your communication skills from 1-10 with proper examples backing your given rating.
    • On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in communication? Why did you choose that particular rating for yourself?

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I rate my communication skills as a 9/10 as I will, on occasion, have times when I am not as clear as I would like to be. My supervisor and co-workers will attest to my clear and concise communication skills. Because I am an open leader, my team will let me know if I need to clarify anything."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "My verbal communication skills are strong; however, I would say that my written communication skills are not as strong. I don't have the experience when it comes to email communication, for example. For this reason, I would rate my communication skills as a 7/10."


  1. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
    • If you are a part of any organizations, sports teams or clubs, talk about your involvement. Share the role you play and your contribution as well as what you enjoy about it. If you enjoy other activities like writing, hiking or spending time with friends, talk about those too. This question gives the interviewer a chance to get to know you. They are interested in learning about your personality and what motivates you. If any of your outside activities are related to this position, definitely share the skills you have learned and the similarities.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I spend a lot of my free time volunteering at the local animal shelter. I think that it is important to give back to your community, whenever possible."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I love to read in my free time and spend as much time as I can doing that. I can be found reading anything from a 19th-century piece of British literature to the latest dystopian fantasy novel. My absolute favorite thing to do is to travel and couple it with reading: on the beach, on the plane, or just read about the cool intricacies of the place I'm visiting."


  1. Are you a leader or a follower?
    • A good leader takes the initiative, listens and communicates well with others. A good follower is good at following directions and working hard to accomplish tasks. Both have great qualities. Depending on the role, it may be more critical for you to instigate solving problems and creating innovative solutions, or it may be more important to get the work done. Share some of your strengths to show you have qualities in both categories.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "It depends on the situation. I am good at listening and following directions, but I am also great with people and working as a team to solve problems. I would say I have qualities of both, and I know I would rise to the occasion if given a leadership opportunity."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I can be a follower when necessary; however, I am naturally a leader at heart. I like to mentor others and am a good example to new employees."


  1. At Jollibee Foods Corp. we have gained a lot of momentum this year using social media marketing techniques. Do you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?
    • Before an interview, you should always thoroughly research the company's online presence and, if possible, follow them on social media. This research is also helpful because many companies will post their new openings using their social media platforms. The interviewer would like to know if you are authentically engaged in the Jollibee Foods Corp. brand and product.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I know that you have a great social media presence and I do follow your Instagram account. Of course, your posts always make me hungry!"

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I am not involved with social media; however, I can only imagine that your posts are fun and mouthwatering. Should I end up on these social platforms, I will be sure to follow Jollibee Foods Corp.."


  1. We have some strong competition at Jollibee Foods Corp.. What do you think makes us stand out?
    • The interviewer would like to know what attracts you to a role with Jollibee Foods Corp.. Discuss how this position stands out to you over any others.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I believe that Jollibee Foods Corp. stands out above its competitors because it has an incredible reputation for quality food and strong customer service. I'd like to work for an organization that takes quality and service as seriously as you do."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Through my research of Jollibee Foods Corp. I have found that you stand out most by your great online reviews and unique brand marketing strategies on Instagram and Twitter."


  1. At Jollibee Foods Corp. we put a lot of pride in the cleanliness of our restaurants. How important is cleanliness to you?
    • The interviewer would like to know that you have an interest in keeping up their high standards of cleanliness. Give examples of times when you went over and above to meet cleanliness standards in your previous role(s).

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I am very concerned about cleanliness as it has everything to do with first impressions, and also the health of your customers. In my current position, I am always the first to notice anything out of place or in disorder. Rest assured, I would be proud to uphold the cleanliness standards at Jollibee Foods Corp.."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I appreciate that Jollibee Foods Corp. has such a strong focus on cleanliness. I have taken some health and safety related courses and am confident that you will be more than satisfied with my standard when it comes to cleanliness."


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