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Jamba Juice Pros and Cons

1. Experience with customer relations, working individually or as a team with other employees, and gaining skills of food related services. March 1st, 2012

2. Its a freindly advirement, there is the smell of fruit every where. It has a nice vibe and the people are freindly. Plus delishions HEALTHY smoothies. March 23rd, 2012

3. Flexible hours, a great environment for teenagers. April 11th, 2012

4. Working at jamba juice I believe its an amzing expericience to do am be here haveing the ability to atend our customers make the best smothies every and having so many kind people here. April 11th, 2012

5. I love the healthy environment and the taste of all the smoothies and all the flavors and how you can mix so many different flavors and get something totally new. July 19th, 2012