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1. How would your references describe you?
2. Why are you the best person for Jamba Juice?
3. What do you look forward to most, if hired by Jamba Juice?
4. Tell me about a time when you helped a customer through a purchase before?
5. Have you had anything off of our menu other than a smoothie?
6. How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?
7. Why do you enjoy Jamba Juice?
8. Would you say you are a happy person?
9. What item off our menu have you been wanting to try?
10. Have you ever been yelled at by a customer before?
11. How long do you see yourself working at Jamba Juice?
12. Why should we not hire you?
13. What is an antioxidant?
14. What is your favorite smoothie from Jamba Juice?
15. What do you know about our company?
16. How often do you get a smoothie from us?
17. Why do you want to work at Jamba Juice?
18. Do you enjoy your life?
19. Do you know about our secret menu?
20. Have you ever dealt with an angry customer?
21. How does Jamba Juice, fit into your career plans?
22. Why do you believe you are responsible and ready for this job at Jamba Juice?
23. Do you enjoy working with other people?
24. If you witnessed an employee steal something from the store, what would you do?
25. If you overheard two employees gossiping about other employees, what would you do?