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Would you say you are a happy person?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Jamba Juice interview

How to Answer

This question is there to see if you describe yourself as a positive person or not. Always answer these types of questions with more than a 'Yes'. Go into a short detail of why you are happy, what makes you happy, and how that will translate into this job. Example: 'Yes, I love my family, friends, and school. I am really excited about this opportunity to work at Jamba Juice, and am thrilled at the opportunity ahead if I am hired.'

Would you say you are a happy person?

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Would you say you are a happy person?
Yes I am a very blessed and happy person. I tend to be optimistic even in crapy not so amazing situations.
Yes, I'm a pretty happy upbeat person.
Yes, it takes a lot to bring me down I dont let the minor things ruin my happiness its not worth it.
Yes, I am very happy. Even when the situation is not promising, I am still able to manage a positive attitude and keep a smile on! :)
I would. Infact, I try to be a happy person!
I am definitely an optimistic person, and continue to be even in difficult situations.
Yes. I try to be happy as much as possible and make the best out of every situation.
Yes I would I do try to always stay positive and surround my self with positive people.
Yes I would I rarely let anything drag me down, I always try to be optimistic throughout any situation.
I would say I am a very happy and optimistic person.
Yes I am. It takes a lot to bring me down. I love being in a happy mood.
I would say that I am a very optimistic person, even in hard situations I tend to go around the negative and look for the positive.
Yes, I always had a tendency to laugh at very random things. My friends called me weird for that but I quite like it.
Yes I am very positive and like seeing the silver lining in any situation.
Yes! I am rarely ever in a bad mood because I think of myself as more of an optimistic person that prefers to look at the good side of thing rather than the bad side.
Yes. I am known to have a very affable attitude and I get along well with many others because of my friendly disposition.
Most definitely, I always have a smile on my face. Its no fun being mad or sad all day.
Yes, we happy and uplifting personality.
Yes, I always walk around with a smile on my face.
Yes, I am a happy person.
I happy everyday with the people I meet.
I would say that I am, I like to see the positive aspect of things in life.
Yes, you will very rarely catch me not in a good mood. I am just a genuinely positive person.
For the most part, totally! Everyone has their good and bad days, but I like to say that I have more good days than bad.
Yes I would say I am a happy person.
Yes, I believe I evoke a friendly persona.
I am generally a happy person. Small things get me smiling and meeting awesome people always do the trick in making me the happiest person around. I actively smile and do my best to spread the cheer!
I am I happy person, although everyone has bad days, a smile can really brighten up your day.
I would say I am, so far my life has been whether it is with my friends or my family.
Yes I am a happy person full of energy and very friendly .
Yes I would say im a happy person.
Yeah, I try and have a positive outlook on things.
I consider myself a happy and upbeat person.
I consider myself an extremely happy person and I love to smile as well.
I would say I'm a happy person. Although I do have a lot of responsibilities around the house as well as school, I am a happy person.
Yes, I love to look at the positive outcomes of life. That's what keeps me a happy person.
Yes I would say I am a happy person. I feel like I am in a good place in life and I have a good support system.
I'm a very happy person I never let anything get in my way.
I would say I am a happy person, I always like to encourage the people around me, wether it be my family, friends, or simply someone I have just met.
Yes I would say I am a very happy person. I don't let things bother me very much because I don't enjoy being in that type of mood because its sort of like a domino effect.
Yes I would. I prefer to be happy. I recently went through a dark time where I felt worthless however, I have learned to always think positive and to never hold a grudge.
Yes I try to be happy every day and enjoy life cause tomorrow is never promised .
I would say that I am a generally happy person. I always greet people with a smile and love to talk to new people.
Yeah I always try to smile when I can and I like laughing with people.
Yes. Iam known to be an optimistic person at school.
Definitely, I'm living out my lifetime goal at this point by attending a university. This is something I have strived for my whole entire life, I have amazing friends and family taking this journey with me, I'm healthy and optimistic on a daily basis and that is the most I can ask for.

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