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Why should we not hire you?
The interviewer is hoping to hear that there is no reason to not hire you! Simply tell the interviewer that you would be a great employee, and confidently share that there is no reason to not hire you! You might wrap it up by sharing that you are customer focused, have a proven employment record, and you really love Starbucks!

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we not hire you?
I have never had a job before- I would be entirely new at everything.
No reason I think I would make a very good worker here.
I will be only working for the summer until I leave for UC Merced in mid-August.
If you do not hire me then you would lose a very welcomed and open-minded person who is ready to start working.
I may not be able to finish a smoothie fast at first, but within time, and getting a hang of the recipes, I would be able to do as well as anyone else.
Sometimes I can be forgetful if I leave a task unaccomplished for a while, but I have learned to overcome it by leaving myself reminders and learning to perform a task once it is asked of me.
I dont think there is any reason not to hire me, other than this is my first job and I have no experience.
Theres no reason to not hire me :)
Ill show excellent and profound service.
Their is no reason you should hire me.
While my lack of experience in the food industry may set me back, I believe that my sense of responsibility, work ethic, and ability to work well with others would make up for it.
I feel the only reason you would not hire me is if there is no more room for employment.
I believe that you should hire me.
If you choose not to hire me. You would miss a hard worker who enjoys making people happy.
There really isnt a reason to not hire me im a very flexible person and can work with anything that is thrown at me.
If there were any reasons to not hire me, I would say that I get nervous sometimes in interviews, but do well under high pressured situations.
I think I would be a could asset to the store because I'm friendly and like working and being around other people.
Sometimes I tend to talk too much or too little, otherwise I am a great applicant for this job.
If you chose not to hire me it would most likely be for choosing to work independently at times.
Sometimes when a really difficult task is at hand, I become too focused on completing a task, while not moving onto the next. I like to finish something before I move on.
I don't think that you should not hire me.
I can't find any reason to not hire me because I am someone who is a hard worker and gets along very much with my peers. I have gone through many adversity and have overcome each of them. I am someone who works hard at what they do and makes sure that everything is done perfectly before moving on to something else. I am able to work at a fast pace which is very important at Jamba Juice.
I think you should hire me because I could get the job done & love helping others. The work environment also looks fun.
You shouldn't hire me because sometimes I am very quiet. When I'm in an uncharted experience, I tend to shrink inside myself and act very quiet.
I've never really worked at a good place before but I'm excited and ready to learn!
Sometimes I tend to procrastinate and put things off until the last minute that's something I need to work on.
I will tend to put things off last minute and I do enjoy working with others but sometimes I tend to prefer to do things on my own and that's something I'm going to work on.
I wouldnt say im perfect haha, there are times where I might forget something and slow down the work process but moments like these usually motivate me to learn from them and I try to improve.
Iam a hard working person. Iam passionate about my work and this is what I love to do. I want to put every effort and my heart to every cup of juice or smoothie I would make.
My background mostly consists of volunteer experience and less of actual working experience that can put be below the other candidates, but I believe that my volunteer experience has given me excellent skills that I can provide here.