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Why do you want to work at Jamba Juice?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Jamba Juice interview

How to Answer

First, have a passion for what Jamba Juice does. They make healthy smoothies for customers. As we have stated throughout this answer guide, it is very important to have the same passion for healthy meal options as Jamba Juice does, and to take your own healthy eating seriously. With that said, you can easily tell the interviewer about your own experiences and how they are aligned with Jamba Juice as a reason you want to work for the company.

Second, think about your own situation. Are you currently in High School? Great, tell them you would love the opportunity to work at Jamba Juice, because you love the company, and want to start saving money for college and would really appreciate this job. Are you in college? Simple; say you are a frequent visitor of Jamba Juice, and would love to work here so you can afford basic college expenses, such as books and your meal plan.

Remember, try to align your passion with Jamba Juice first, before talking about money. No interviewer wants to hear your only reason for working at ANY company is simply for the money.

Why do you want to work at Jamba Juice?

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Why do you want to work at Jamba Juice?
I want to work at jamba juice because I love how jamba juice is a healthy juice bar, also love how the employees make you feel comfortable in the enviornment.
I think it would be fun to work at a place where I can be surrounded by somehing I love and enjoy.
I love making smoothies and he enviornment is right for me. I love fruits.
Because as a person who cares for her health, I would LOVE to work for such a healthy place that also has great employees.
I love the environment because it's so chill. The atmosphere here is so nice and I love jamba juice as well.
From what ive seen it looks like a fun place to work that people would enjoy coming to work and I always like to make people smile, making their day just a little bit better.
I believe that Jamba Juice is a perfect for me and that I have a lot to offer the company as well. I want to help others in their journey to making better eating / drinking choices and in the process of doing that I will also be on my own journey to becoming the best me. This place is a very good catalyst for me!
Because I see how friendly and how great of an environment jamba juice is I love how the team member provide their customers with vey great service and in return id love to give that back id very much enjoy working for a place id love to work at because im giving to others and making sure they leave happy with my services.
I love the smoothies and how upbeat it is here.
Jamba Juice has been my dream job since I was about 10. I love that its a healthy, refreshing alternative, and just that its a fun place to be.
Jamba is a healthy food retail that promises a menu with no trans fats or preservatives and encourages a happy and engaging team work environment.
I love the product and every time I come into Jamba Juice I always feel welcomed. It would be great to apart of that welcoming staff and bring in extra smiles.
I love the environment of Jamba Juice. It seems relaxed and professional at the same time. The workers always seem friendly and on top of things. I appreciate how Jamba Juice is a healthy and delicious choice, something that is rare to find among the food industry in America.
I thought hey Jamba Juice looks very welcoming, the staff are great looks like they enjoy their job!
The ambience and atmosphere at Jamba Juice is always pleasant and fun. It would be a privilege to work at a fun environment like Jamba Juice!
Because I love people and healthy smoothies what else does a girl need.
I want to work at Jamba Juice because the store enviornment is always so energetic and I feel like it would be a great place to work especially with its beliefs about a healthy lifestyle.
I would love to work at Jamba Juice because I know that Jamba prides itself in giving back to its community through school fundraisers, partnering with Kids Gardening and much more which I believe is really amazing and ideal for me because I too am also very service minded and always seeking ways to better my community. In addition, each time I come here the employees I encounter always make me feel welcome and radiate much positivity that I would like to do more than just receive that kindness but give it to others as well thus making me a better person.
I love smoothies and I love working with people, both combined is a dream for me really.
I want to work at Jamba Juice because I love the environment and it gives me a chance to be myself which is friendly and smiley.
I want to work at Jamba juice because whenever I walk into Jamba Juice I feel welcomed and it has a very friendly environment.
I want to work at Jamba Juice because I have heard it is a fun and energetic environment and I want to be able to help provide smiles.
I enjoy the atmosphere and the employees are very friendly.
Because I would love to be part of a team of people that help others become healthy and happy.
I have always wanted to work here. I really love the smoothies and how everything is good for you.
I want to work at Jamba Juice because the environment is a cheerful and loving. Jamba Juice provides these amazing smoothies that bring people smiles.
I see myself working at Jamba Juice for a couple years. Commitment does not scare me.
Because I love fruits and why not want to work with the things you love also the environment looks very comfortable.
I would like to work at Jamba Juice because the work environment always seems fun and exciting.
Jamba juice is my favorite place to snack, or even pass by, it seems like such a happy environment and I would really love to be a part of it.
I love smoothies yo. Also, health is great! Their recipes and lifestyle goals totally align with mine.
The reason I want to work at Jamba Juice is because I want to learn specific detail on what makes a company like Jamba Juice so successful.
I want to work here because I love how Jamba Juice is a healthy juice bar and can also be a healthy meal. Also say that you love how the employees are and you feel like you would fit perfectly in that environment. I love people and how you love helping people.
Whenever I come here the staff is always really nice and laid back which I feel gives the store itself a nice feel to it and I would like to be a part of that kind of team.
I am a supporter and strong believer in trying to advocate for a healthier diet and thus a happier and healthier lifestyle, and I admire that Jamba Juice contributes in trying to promote this.
I am a very strong believer in advocating a healthier diet and thus a happier and healthier lifestyle, and I admire that Jamba Juice also contributes to promoting this.
Jamba juice is a really cool place with a great work environment. I love the smoothies here and I would like to start gaining experience and also start making my own money.
I have heard great things from friends ive had that worked at jamba juice and they told me it was a good company to work for. So im giving it a shot. Also I love Jamba juice and the environment here.
I like the environment and how the work is fast pace.
I love being part of a team and interacting with the public, especially in providing a healthy product.
Why not. Jamba Juice is a fun place to work and I love the smoothies.
After being positively impacted by various employees, I would like to spread that same positivity and joy one smoothie at a time.
I want to work here because I like the environment the company provides.
Jamba Juice is a friendly place and every time I go here it feels like no one is going to judge you and you can make new friends.
I feel it could be an opportunity for me to grow and gain experience. It also looks like a fun place to work.
I like the atmosphere and the people. Also I believe it will be a good first job for me.
I am saving up for college so I could use the money.
I wanna work at Jamba Juice because it is a great atmosphere, and is a great starting point for jobs throughout my life.
I want to work at Jamba juice because I already love coming here I love the positive energy that I get once I walk in through the door and the friendly staff so I feel like I would make a great addition to the team.
It will be my first job and I see jamba juice as a great way to start because I feel like it has really good vibes and a great working environment.

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