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What do you know about our company?
Know that Jamba Juice is more than just a smoothie shop. Start with researching their story, found here: Kirk Perron started Juice Club in 1990. Yes, Jamba Juice was once called Juice Club! Mike decided to change the name to something more fun. If you tell the interviewer that story, they will surely be impressed! Next, know that Jamba Juice enjoys supporting their local communities by donating 1.7 million a year to them. Finally, tell the interviewer that you know Jamba Juice uses only real fruits and veggies in all their menu items. They use, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and finally no high fructose corn syrup.

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User-Submitted Answers

What do you know about our company?
I know that they do a lot of school related fundraising evens like the Jamba jump day. I also konw that there products contain no fructose corn syrup and have 0 grams of trans fats.
They do a lot of school related fundraising events.
Ive seen good team member work.
Jamba juice does a lot of school fundraising.
The company promotes healthy lifestyle choices for many out there that are trying to convert or are already living a healthy.
I know you guys sell the healthiest smoothies.
That they fundraiser school related things.
They do lots of school fundraisers and they serve amazing drinks that are healthy and contain no high fructose corn syrup.
I know that Jamba Juice does a lot of school fundraisers, does not use corn syrup, and has no trans fat.
You guys are involed in alot of school related fundraising.
Jamba Juice has around 800 locations, and Jamba likes to support local schools and communities through fundraisers.
Jamba juice is healthy juice bar, theres no trans fat in the smoothies and they help fundraise for schools.
I know that jamba juice is does many fundraiser events and the healthiest smoothies.
I know that Jamba Juice was established in 1990 and its headquarters are in Emeryville, California. It aims to produce fresh and healthy juices and smoothies for customers who want to live healither lifestyles. I read a very interesting article a few days ago about Jamba Juice, and it said that there would be a fruit and vegetable juice bar so people can watch their juices be juiced right in front of them.
I know that Jamba juice has over 800 loctions, and they help the communities and local schools that they are in.
I know that Jamba Juice is a healthy juice bar that oftentimes helps schools and other communities fundraise.
I know that jamba juice has more than 800 stores, that you do a lot of fundraisers to help local schools, and that you make healthy smoothies.
I know that the company believes in trust integrity and living a healthy life style, also that you do a lot of fundraisors.
Jamba Juice was first established in 1990 and as of present it has over 800 locations in about 25 states and a handful of countries outside of the U.S. More importantly, however, Jamba is a healthy juice bar whose products contains zero trans fat thus promoting a healthier lifestyle with each freshly squeezed juice and smoothie.
I know you guys do a lot of fundraising and you sell healthy smoothies.
I know that your company has the healthiest drinks and the most friendly environment where people can relax and get a quenching drink.
I know you guys serve healthy smoothies and help the community by providing fundraisers.
I know that your company has around 800 locations around the world and use 0 trans fat and 0 corn syrup.
I know Jamba Juice offers fund raising to schools.
I know that you make it easy to consume the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegtibles by juicing them and creating bowls that offer different nutritional benefits.
Your menu items are much healthier than most other places.
Jamba Juice was founded in the year of 1990. It is a place to where you can find healthy smoothies and juices. There fruits are nice and fresh.
Jamba Juice was founded in April 1990, this month marks their 25th Anniversary. Their main headquarters are located in Emeryville, CA with James D White as the CEO. There are more than 800 Jamba Juices in 26 states, and on top of that its international as well.
I know that this company does fundraisers. And jamba juice has the healthiest choices in smoothies. It aims to produce fresh and healthy juices and smoothies for customers who want to live healither lifestyles.
I do know that jamba juice is famous for their smoothies being extremely healthy.
I know that Jamba Juice plays a big role in offering the public a good, tasty, and healthy alternative to foods and drinks.
I kno that you guys sell the most healthiest smoothies.
Not much, now that I think of it. I know the company sells blenders and smoothie kits and catering.
I know that you have 800 storefronts across the US
That it offers a 401k to anyone over the age of 21
I know that Jamba was founded in 1990 by Kirk Perron and that Jamba is all about healthy products. Jamba headquarters is located in California, and there are over 800 different locations throughout 26 of the states and other parts of the world.
I know that its a very yummy smoothies & juice place. They sell energy bowls and the headquaters is in CA, founded in 1990
They provide healthy drinks, have a wide variety of energy bowls, and they also provide to kids.
If there is an opportunity for growth?
They have good tasting smoothies.
Jamba Juice was founded in 1990 BY Kirk Perron due to his inspiration from his parents and health club. Before being named Jamba Juice, the company was named Juice Club.
I know you go to schools and sell smoothies because once in middle school there was two employees sell smoothies which were good.
They have over 800 locations and focus on health.
I know that its a really nice high quality place for smoothies, and probably the only smoothie place I would go.
That you guys have almost 900 stores in over 4 countries and over 26 states! and was incorporated in 1990 as Juice Club, Inc.
Its a fruit based smoothie company.
I know it is a company with a comfortable atmosphere.
I know that Jamba juice is a company that was made in 1990 that promotes healthy fruit infused juices that give energy and are delicious.
I know that Jamba Juice is health conscious, and promotes healthy living for their customers.
It's really good known for its fresh smoothies and the people working there make the environment very enthusiastic.
Jamba Juice's motto is "inspire and simplify healthy living" and also, they have over 800 locations open in over 26 states!
I know that it's a very friendly company that has really good service.
You partacapite in fundraising and garden grants.
Makes healthy snacks and smoothies for customers daily.
Jamba Juice provides healthy delicious snacks and smoothies for many people which can be alternatives for people who would like to eat healthier.
Aside from Jamba Juice's health and well being, the FIBER values is a overlay of team member's tasks.
As of right now nothing I need to look it up.
You guys are very friendly and always put the customer first and have quality ingredients.
It's known by a lot of people and my references recommended it.
The company it right around my house. I have gone to it all throughout summer and my entire life basically. I also know about it because it is the best place to go to for a refreshing healthy drink.
I know that you sell juices & smoothies of different types. Every one is so nice once I walk in. I always leave with a smile & I got pretty great service too.
It was founded by a couple of college students who were completing their business project. And ever since then, it has grown to become a staple smoothie place that offers healthy drinks.
Its first store is at California and it was established by kirk perron.
Your companys ingredients are fresh and healthy I know about your seret menu items.
Jamba juice provides a wide array of healthy fresh options for anybodies taste or preference that was first introduced in san luis obisbo in the 90s.