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Tell me about a time when you helped a customer through a purchase before?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Jamba Juice interview

How to Answer

If you have retail experience, kindly describe a few scenarios where you were asked by a customer; What is your recommendation on product X or What do you think about this brand? These are simple questions that all retail employees will be asked by customers. So here is an example answer for you: "Yes, while I was working at Target, I was usually stationed near the home goods department. I would love helping customers by describing to them the best kitchenware to coffee makers. It was very enjoyable." One reason why this question is important, is because at Jamba Juice, you'll see a lot of customers staring at the menu, taking a few extra minutes to decide. Whereas at McDonalds, everyone has been there a hundred times (sadly) and they usually know the menu. So if a customer were to ask you, What is the wheatgrass shot and should I order one? You should be able to say with a positive attitude, the benefits for a shot of wheatgrass, and why it's important to incorporate that into their diet.

Tell me about a time when you helped a customer through a purchase before?

"Yes, while I was working at Target, I was usually stationed near the home goods department. I would love helping customers by describing to them the best kitchenware to coffee makers. It was very enjoyable."

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Tell me about a time when you helped a customer through a purchase before?
Provided them with the help they need.
I havent had that experince yet in a job. But I have helped guild people I am close with into making good purchases when it comes to food. I am a health nut and I always point them in the direction that I think is best for them without being pushy.
On many volenteer occasions, I made sure to explain all of the different options the person had, staying calm and having a smile throughout any questions they may of had about the product as best I could.
Ive never been able to help any customers through a purchase only family and friends.
When I worked at American Eagle, a middle aged lady came up to me ans said that I looked about the same age as her daughter and about the same body type. So she asked me to help her choose an outfit to buy her daughter for Christmas. We started with the jeans where I asked her what type she wanted to get her, skinny, jeggings, boot cut. She chose jeggings and then we went on to what wash she wanted. After that I helped her choose a sweater to go with it.
This is the first job I have ever applied for, but I am very excited to work and interact with people daily.
One customer wanted to buy a birthstone cross for her daughter in the hospital. She asked me what birthstone was October, and my birthday is in October, so I knew that opal was the birthstone. I helped her pick which cross she wanted.
At gong cha, sometimes customers with limited english/accents will come in and I make sure to use the menu and listen carefully to their order to get it right.
I helped a lady find the right face cream and I helped her purchase it.
A customer I Had a difficult time deciding whether she wanted apple juice or Orange juice, so I gave her facts on both items then she later chose the orange juice.
I have not actually helped a customer through a purchase.
They asked me what I recommended and that is what they bought.
I once helped a customer through this situation by addressing the positives and negatives in the purchase of a certain product, however I emphasize the positives and persuade them to purchase the product.
When I worked at Perry Ellis as a retail member, a man and his wife had trouble looking for a sweater for their son. I asked them his size and color preference, then went to the back to check our inventory. Luckily we did and I proceeded them to the register where my coworker made the transaction.
There was once a customer was having difficulties making a decision on what item to order, so I helped and asked a few questions about what they preferred, if they were allergic to anything, and I helped suggest a few options for them to choose from that they may like!
At my past job, I had a family come to me and ask what the better deal pricing wise was. I explained each option and let them choose.
Iv never been hired before this is my first time job hunting.
I was selling hanafuda cards with PITCH before and I would tell them all the information about the cards, where the money was going, how they were made, what makes them special, and even played a few games with interested people.
I would ask them what kinda of fruits/veggies they like and help them pick out the best choice for them.
Customer ordered a drink that was 6 dollars, customer then gave me cash to pay. I gave the remaining change back of 4 dollars.
I was telling them what is my favorite off the menu.
I have not this is my 1st job.
I have never helped a customer through a purchase before however if I were to, I would begin by asking if there was a specific type of smoothie or juice they were looking for. Then I would proceed to narrow down the menu and give the customer a variety of different options until they were able to decide on which product they wanted.
I have never experienced it but I always helped friends choose the right choose with a smile to not seem controlling to them.
I have never experienced it but I always helped friends choose the right choose with a smile to not seem controlling to them.
I have not, but I have helped young kids through issues of there own.
When I use tot work at my grandmothers boutique I would help costumer all the time making shure they were happy and satisfied with there purchase .
One moment comes to mind when I was working at Aeropostale. This lady came in to buy jeans for her daughter. She was looking for a particular size and style, and so I took the time to help her search through to find what she came for.
When working at Jordan Kent Skills Camps I was working the merchandise counter with a coworker and after a guardian asked to have a different size hat for their grandson I went out of my way to find him the correct size.
Personally, I have not. This would be my very first job.
I provided them with the help they needed.
I have never had a job so I have not provided any help to a customer before.
When a customer needed assistant with a purchase, I provided them with necessary information to guide his purchasing experience. This included specific details such as pricing, product dimensions (cabinet), and estimated date of arrival.
In my past job of being a receptionist I was never handling purchases, just redirecting the people who called to the correct person they needed to speak with, but I have helped family members and friends with purchases of what type of food to get to eat, for example my younger brother always wants to eat junk food and I have to explain to him that's that's not always the best choice and that there are healthier choices for food that are just as tasty.
This would be my first job, but I frequently help friends and family make educated and well-thought-out decisions in regard to their purchases (especially with food). I love to hear what a customer wants (whether it be a friend or a stranger) and help guide them to a product that we can both comfortably say is the right choice for them. It makes me feel accomplished and like I've helped a person make their day better.
I have never helped a customer but I have helped my friends and sister. I would always ask them if they see themselves wearing it until they die. And I would always ask if they are willing to spend the money.
I've never had a job before but I would love my first to be here.
Since this is my first job I haven't had any experience with that, but I would greet them when they came into the store and ask them to order when they are ready. If they have any questions about drinks I would answer them to the best of my ability. I would also tell them about any of the promotions or specials we were having on that day. I would stay positive and polit throughout the whole purchase and then when done reassure them that I hope they have a great day.
I helped them find a product, explained it to them, made sure they felt confident buying it, and then reang them up.
At our school coffee cart, I suggested a drink for a customer because she did not know what to buy so I gave her our best seller drink.
Working at the animal shelter I was always faced with costumers not being sure about taking on the job of adopting an animal, this one specific time I helped a teenage girl find her very first animal, she knew exactly what she wanted but for the benefit of her and the animal it wasn't the best choice, I geared her into the direction that was the best and she ended up extremely happy with the animal she chose.

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