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Jamba Juice Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about a time when you helped a customer through a purchase before?
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On many volenteer occasions, I made sure to explain all of the different options the person had, staying calm and having a smile throughout any questions they may of had about the product as best i could.
I havent had that experince yet in a job. But I have helped guild people I am close with into making good purchases when it comes to food. I am a health nut and I always point them in the direction that I think is best for them without being pushy
Provided them with the help they need.
Working at the animal shelter I was always faced with costumers not being sure about taking on the job of adopting an animal, this one specific time I helped a teenage girl find her very first animal, she knew exactly what she wanted but for the benefit of her and the animal it wasn't the best choice, I geared her into the direction that was the best and she ended up extremely happy with the animal she chose.
When I worked at American Eagle, a middle aged lady came up to me ans said that I looked about the same age as her daughter and about the same body type. So she asked me to help her choose an outfit to buy her daughter for Christmas. We started with the jeans where I asked her what type she wanted to get her, skinny,jeggings,boot cut. She chose jeggings and then we went on to what wash she wanted. After that I helped her choose a sweater to go with it.
At my past job, I had a family come to me and ask what the better deal pricing wise was. I explained each option and let them choose.
I was selling hanafuda cards with PITCH before and I would tell them all the information about the cards, where the money was going, how they were made, what makes them special, and even played a few games with interested people.
I helped a lady find the right face cream and I helped her purchase it.
One moment comes to mind when I was working at Aeropostale. This lady came in to buy jeans for her daughter. She was looking for a particular size and style, and so I took the time to help her search through to find what she came for.
Personally, I have not. This would be my very first job.