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How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?
User Submitted Interview Answers
It is very important because your life depends on the type of lifestyle you have, you need a healthy diet if you want your life to last longer.
It is very important to me me because i take my health very seriously.
Is very important because a healthy lifestyle can help you avoid chronic illness , and keep you energize.
Very important, a healthy lifestyle is key to being happy!
Very important. I want to live a long, healthy life and doing so makes me happy.
IT its the most important. I some day hope to be a personal trainner and am already reasurching ways to have a healthy living just through eating and exersize. eating healthy is what I am all about .You will never catch me at a fast food resturant ever
Its very important for me to have a healthy lifestyle and being able to keep my body healthy.
Extremely important, as an Athletic Training major I pride myself in a healthy lifestyle and try to bring this mindset to my family and friends. I believe a healthy lifestyle bring a positive life all around allowing you to achieve and do absolutely anything you want without the struggles of having health issues.
Very important, you should always try to be healthy so you can stay strong and energetic and live a long life.
Its very important. I am constantly eating healthy all the time, especially lots of fruits and veggies. I also love to exercise, stretch and do yoga. I remain active almost everyday and I have been doing track and field for the past three years so I really love staying and feeling healthy.