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How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Jamba Juice interview

How to Answer

Great question! Make sure you are clear with the interviewer that you follow a healthy lifestyle by choice, and it's something you enjoy doing. Give examples of ways you eat healthy, and how you avoid making grave mistakes at McDonalds. Here's an example answer: 'A healthy lifestyle is very important to me, as I want to be active and healthy when I am in my fifties. I frequently visit a few healthy eating blogs, research articles, watch youtube videos and follow Pinterest to discover new recipes. I recently saw a new avocado salad recipe on Pinterest, and I made it yesterday. It was amazing!' The key to this question is demonstrating to the interviewer how serious you are with health. Interviewer is trying to avoid phony candidates, that want a job where they can goof off at.

How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?

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How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?
It is very important because your life depends on the type of lifestyle you have, you need a healthy diet if you want your life to last longer.
Is very important because a healthy lifestyle can help you avoid chronic illness, and keep you energize.
IT its the most important. I some day hope to be a personal trainner and am already reasurching ways to have a healthy living just through eating and exersize. Eating healthy is what I am all about .You will never catch me at a fast food resturant ever.
Very important, a healthy lifestyle is key to being happy!
Very important. I want to live a long, healthy life and doing so makes me happy.
It is very important to me me because I take my health very seriously.
It is important to have a healthy lifestyle because it is what will save your life in the future.
Very important, you should always try to be healthy so you can stay strong and energetic and live a long life.
I have recently decided that I wanted to become a healthier being. This company is definitely a great starter for me in my journey to becoming a better me.
Very important and it should be to everyone. We only get one body and should keep it in the best shape.
I want to live a long, happy life, so its very important to me that I take care of my body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Very important, being healthy impacts so many aspects of life.
Very important! We all want to live a long life. But to do so we got to live a healthy lifestyle.
Its very important. After I graduate and have my own place I plan to grow all my own fruits and vegetables with non-gmo seeds, and get my meats from community supported agriculture programs.
A healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me. I find that exercising and eating healthily makes me and probably most other people happy with a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy lifestyle is very important to me ever since I was younger I always tried to exercise and eat healthy.
Very, I used to be overweight as a kid so health is very important to me.
Very important to me to where I try to make the people around me healthy.
Very important even though I am a baker. I want my son to grow up knowing that junk food is not good for him.
I think its pretty important to put healthy food into your body.
A healthy lifestyle is important to me because diabetes runs in my family so my household is set on not having a lot of sugar and salt.
The healthy lifestyle plays a big role in my life, because it keeps me energetic and gives me the confidence as well. I go to the gym everyday and I decided to eat healthy as well.
A healthy lifestyle is very important for me. I think its important to be and feel healthy. And always be energized.
A healthy lifestyle is very important to me. If you dont have one, it will be easier to be unhappy.
Ever since I started high school I realized how important it is for me to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I now own a nutribullet and live making homemade smoothies.
Very important its good to keep your health balanced.
I would rather have Jamba juice than having dunkin donuts, or anything like that. So I would say, very important.
Very important, I like to keep a fit body from diet and exercise.
A healthy lifestyle is very important to help you matain a healthy and happy life.
VERY important . Exercising and eating well are a must for me.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely healthy for me. As a tri-sport athlete, my health has always been a huge priority for me.
Very. Eating healthy provides more energy to enjoy life and get to live longer.
I feel it is very important. I have gone through my own health issues throughout my life, and have been able to help myself to get me to this point.
Very important to me if you want to live a longer happier life then you have to live a healthy lifestyle .
Its very important for me to have a healthy lifestyle and being able to keep my body healthy.
It is very important to me, I go to the gym almost everyday.
Its very important to me.I am constantly researching new ideas, and trying to improve my overall wellbeing.
Extremely. I do not want to lead a life of bad eating and bad feeling. I want to learn how to live healthier and be healthier, and eventually leading to a longer life.
It's pretty important to me. I workout everyday.
To me it is important because the way you eat know will effect you in your future.
It's very important to me because if your healthy you won't worry about any unhealthy problems and you'll live happy.
A healthy lifestyle is important to me. It's important because I feel that the way you eat now, will affect you in the future.
A healthy lifestyle affects your health as you continue to age. Not only does a healthy lifestyle lead to a longer life, but it also has possibilities of lowering risks of health diseases.
Its very important. I am constantly eating healthy all the time, especially lots of fruits and veggies. I also love to exercise, stretch and do yoga. I remain active almost everyday and I have been doing track and field for the past three years so I really love staying and feeling healthy.
Having a healthy lifestyle is completely important to me, I feel like there are so many people out there who are clueless to what they are actually putting into their bodies and just how damaging to their health those things really are.
Living a healthy life style is extremely important especially in today's society because their is so much mislabeling. It is important with all of this technology that we continue to live healthy lives because technology is making it easier to fail at a healthy lifestyle.
Very important. Having a healthy diet gives you energy and prevents any illnesses.
A healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I always stay positive to the best I could, a negative mind will never give you a positive life.
It is very important to me to eat the right amount of grains, protein, and dairy. However recently, I have not been able to continue a healthy lifestyle. With that being said, I feel like if I work at Jamba Juice, then it will motivate me to exercise more and think more about what I eat.
I am extremely conscious of what I put in my body and the quality of the kind of food I put into my body is very important to me.

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