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How does Jamba Juice, fit into your career plans?
Describe how you believe Jamba Juice will provide you with a great opportunity for learning and/or developing skills such as; teamwork, job responsibility, communication, customer service, and your leadership skills. Describe how you would love the opportunity to advance within Jamba Juice, as you know from researching their career website: found here: That they provide their employees with many advancement opportunities. Be sure to research them all. Also, don't be afraid to say, if an advancement opportunity does not arise from within Jamba Juice, you know having their company on your resume will make you a stronger candidate for your own future opportunities.

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User-Submitted Answers

How does Jamba Juice, fit into your career plans?
Jamba Juice is a great starting place and a place I would like to remain at for a long time. It will enhance my customer service skills and many other things that will benefit me in the working world.
It would be a fun job that I could have so I can save up money for school in the future.
I want to go into a medical field, which not only emphasizes proper care of the human body, but also talking and working with people every day.
Through working with Jamba Juice, I hope to get more one-on-one customer experience and experience working with a variety of co-workers.
I live a healthy life style and my career plans are related to the health/medical field.
I am looking for a job I can go to while still taking classes in college.
It will most definitely give me good experience in making drinks and smoothies.
I plan on working for Jamba Juice as long as I can until I have to go to school at UC Merced after the summer is unfortunately over. Jamba Juice would be great to put into my resume.
Great summer job for me to get work experience and make good use of my time while making money for college.
It fits into my career plans because I am young and I think that the enviornment of Jamba Juice will really make a great first job experience.
It fits into my career plans because I am young and I think that the environment of Jamba Juice will really make a great first job experience.
Jamba Juice would be a great place where I can start my first job, while I save up money for college.
Jamba juice would allow me to further learn about being healthy and working in a face pace environment and allowing me to be able to communicate with customers.
It would help me obtain better customer service skills and be able to help me with any other job works in the working world.
I want to own a business one day and this is definitely the first step.
One of my desires has been to help people become more serious about health and wellness. I believe jamba juice can give me the opportunity to make that happen.
It will help me gain the experience I need for future jobs.
I have always seen myself going into the nursing field. Jamba Juice provides health benefits with their smoothies. There smoothies are healthy and they give you so much energy. I see Jamba Juice fitting into my career by providing me a healthy option of drinking my fruits instead of eating them when we are in a rush.
I believe the face paced, multitasking and friendly environment will help me be able to work at an efficient pace while being more friendly with people. I want to be a nurse so I will eventually be talking with people all the time. It would be a fun experience.
It fits into my career plans because this will help me learn to work with and get to know other people.
It gives me the opportunity to better my customer service, or hospitality skills.
It reflects my positivity goals, and commitments.
It teaches you how to be social with others which can help in any kind of creed goals in the future.
Maybe not a career, but I think that Jamba Juice embodies what I would ideally hope my lifestyle to be like.
Well right now im a high school student and dont really know what I want to do have school but I know working here will help me understand the work world better.
Mainly to help me get started with my first job so I can get more experience.
I am not sure to be honest.
For me, Jamba Juice is a job that I would like to work part time during high school and into college before becoming a police officer after acquiring my necessary degrees.
I feel like Jamba Juice is a great place to experience the real world. Working with coworkers and costumers.
I love learning new things, and embracing new opportunities.
I just want a job to gain work experience and to save up money.
Jamba Juice fits in as a stepping stone towards my future life.
It fits into my career plans because its a healthy choice to drink and I love living a healthy lifestyle .
Jamba Juice fits into my career plans because it will help me deal with people because I want to work in a school district.
It really will help me increase my customer service I will want to be a owner of a store and starting off with a place full of good vibes will help me achieve it.
I would love to be a nurse and with customers consistently coming in I would talk and get to know them. Making me gain experience to keep a conversation going. Also by learning all the fresh and healthy ingredients to eating healthy will help me learn what the patients should or should not be eating.
Jamba Juice fits into my career plan because when I grow older I would like to be a social worker and working at Jamba Juice will help me get more practice talking to different types of people.
By communicating to people daily. I would like to be a nurse and by working here I would help the patient by serving them healthy things that can help them.
I see myself working at Jamba Juice for a few years possibly until I graduate in Spring 2019
Jamba Juice fits into my career plans because I to want to create something for people that makes them happy.
Jamba Juice is great way to start learning how to become a leader and hoping to grow with the company.
Jamba Juice fits in my personal career plans as a way for me to gain experience in the work field.
I'm working on getting my first job at either a food service or retail franchise. I want to work at a place that will help me build experience in customer service, teamwork, positive attitudes, and healthy living.
Jamba Juice will help me get an experience in the working field. I will also teach me more about healthy tips because learning about the fruit and its benefits will help me when becoming a nurse.
I know that I want to go into business/accounting majors. I feel that Jamba Juice can offer the epitome of the business major.
I want to learn how to deal with tougher situations and be a good people person and I think that's important for any career.
It will be good work experience for any future careers I might have.
I think that any job that allows me to connect with people and just work as a team or talk to customers will fit into my career plan because almost every job requires you to work with other people.
It will strengthen my abilities to work quickly and be with other people.
Jamba juice is a good starting career for me because I am sure that I will get a lot of experience and knowledge from you. I actually plan on making my own cafe someday and I think jamba juice's creativity would help me find my own creativity.
Jamba Juice fits into my career plans because its going to provide me with the extra customer service skills I need in the future when I become an athletic trainer, along with the knowledge of healthy options that I can provide to my students.