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Have you ever dealt with an angry customer?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Jamba Juice interview

As we stated in another interview answer: Is this your first job? If so, describe how you have studied retail, and talked to friends and family about this job, and you understand customer service. With that, describe how you will hold your composure, you will remain friendly, and do whatever you can within company guidelines to help the customer have a positive experience.

If you have worked in retail before, then great! Easily give an example of when this has happened, and describe how you held your composure, and helped the customers needs.

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Have you ever dealt with an angry customer?
Yes, but I managed to calm the situation down very quickly by getting her what she wanted.
I have not, but I have dealt with angry people in general.
Yes and I handled it very well. I made sure the customer never felt disrespected and that their problem would be solved in a timely manner.
Yes, and when I believed that I did as much as I could to alleviate the angry customer, I brought the manager to the scene.
No but usually because I am always calm and apologetic if I make a mistake.
No, I have not but I think if I were to deal with one I would stay calm and try to calm the customer down and help them in any way I could.
I Deal with them by having smile on my face and agreeing to all their complaints, and trying to solve the problem swiftly and quickly as possible to fit their needs.
I personally have dealt with an angry customer when I worked at the Bruce McCandless State Vetrens Home summer of 2009.
Not personally, but the customer was angry with my partner, I felt the tension.
Yes I have dealt with an angry customer before and it was difficult but I believe I handle the situation well.
I never had a previous job, but I was in the Attendance Office and had to help angry parents.
No, the people I usually handle are happy with what I leave them.
Yes, in our yearbook staff. People are unsatisfied with yearbook ads and pictures or design often.
I have not, but I know to remain calm, and to try to appease the customers demands and needs to the best of my ability, and if it gets too out of hand, to call over the manager.
No I havent but im sure when the time comes ill be able to handle the situation in a calm and professional way.
No I have not, but I will be respectful to them and try to comply to their needs.
No, I have never had to deal with an angry customer. However, if I did I would do everything in my power to ensure their satisfaction with the product they ordered,
No because I have never worked before and I hoping I would work soon.
I have not, but as a volunteer I have dealt with young children volunteering at a after school program.
Yes when I was working for my grandmas boutique a while ago I listened to what the issue was and came up with a solution by giving her what she wanted.
I have not worked but I have dealt with angry people.
Yes and I usually just go and get the manager.
No, I have no work experience but when I have to deal with angry customer in the future I would stay calm and make sure the customer know that we can fix the situation and the problem will be solved in a timely manner,
Seeing as I have never had a job, no. But, I have been yelled at by coaches and teammates, which I would say is pretty similar. The customer is always right. I think that anger is another feeling of frustration, so if I can make the customer happier by fixing the problem, then they would calm down.
I have never had a job so I have not experienced this.
I have never dealt with an angry customer since I have never had a job.
Yes. I do no encounter angry customers most of the time as I try to diffuse the situations before the customer becomes too irate.
No i've never dealt with an angry customer, but if I did I would remain calm and listen and apologize.
Yes I have but after I helped them they were no longer angry.
No, but I do find myself level-headed when dealing with someone who is angry around me. I believe that it's a lot more beneficial for me to stay level-headed because it saves me energy and prevents the person from becoming more aggravated.
I have not dealt with an angry customer before. I would be able to handle the situation because you cannot let a customer interfere with your customer service. You must keep a smile on your face and just do the job right.
No I haven't but I would apologize for the reason why they were angry and ask the costumer what I could do to fix it.
Yes, a man came in because a book he had returned hadn't been properly scanned and he has received a fine on his account, I asked him to wait, found the book in the stacks and scanned it properly, then I introduced him to my manager to take the loan off his account.
Yeah I usually try to keep my calm tone because I know that they will eventually calm down.
Yes but I made sure to remain calm and do whatever I could to fix the situation.
No I havent but if ever I would first listen and understand them. I should keep calm and handle the problem in the nicest possible way. I should not let the customer go without a smile.
Yes, the customer was upset regarding us not being able to adopt to him because of his past of abuse towards animals, I calmly had to explain to him how I was following policy and asked him if he would like to speak to my manager and she then handled it from there.

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