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Have you ever dealt with an angry customer?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Yes I have dealt with an angry customer before and it was difficult but I believe I handle the situation well.
No, I have not but I think if I were to deal with one I would stay calm and try to calm the customer down and help them in any way I could.
No, the people I usually handle are happy with what I leave them.
Yes, the customer was upset regarding us not being able to adopt to him because of his past of abuse towards animals, I calmly had to explain to him how I was following policy and asked him if he would like to speak to my manager and she then handled it from there.
I have not, but I know to remain calm, and to try to appease the customers demands and needs to the best of my ability, and if it gets too out of hand, to call over the manager.
Yes, in our yearbook staff. People are unsatisfied with yearbook ads and pictures or design often.
Yes and I handled it very well. I made sure the customer never felt disrespected and that their problem would be solved in a timely manner.
Yes, a man came in because a book he had returned hadn't been properly scanned and he has received a fine on his account, I asked him to wait, found the book in the stacks and scanned it properly, then I introduced him to my manager to take the loan off his account.
No I have not, but I will be respectful to them and try to comply to their needs.
No, but I do find myself level-headed when dealing with someone who is angry around me. I believe that it's a lot more beneficial for me to stay level-headed because it saves me energy and prevents the person from becoming more aggravated.