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Have you ever been yelled at by a customer before?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Yes, the customer was upset because we were unable to adopt to him due to a past of him abusing animals. I tried defusing the situation as best as possible by talking the customer through the situation and how I was following policy, I then asked him if he would like to speak to the manager and she handled the situation from there.
No, but I do get yelled at by many other people on a day to day basis, including friends, family, and teachers, and I usually am able to remain very collected and composed and take their reprimand as constructive criticism.
Yes, and I did not yell back. I listened to what they had to say and respectfully handled any issue they had.
Yes I have been yelled at by a customer, while I was a receptionist the woman called and started yelling at me because the she was getting solicitation letters in the mail from the company and she told the receptionist before me to take her off the mailing list and she never did, so when I answered she was ferrous and I calmly told her I totally understand why she is upset and that I would personally take her off the list right away.
Yelled by a teacher but never by a costumer. Never had a job.
No but somehow I get the feeling that it feels like being scolded by my angry mother.
I have never had a job before so no I have not.
I have not personally been yelled at by a customer before however in the event I was being yelled at, it would be necessary for me to keep my cool while maintaining a positive and polite attitude.
Not once, I like to build friendly relationships with customers so they always want to come back!
Never but if I had then I'd remain calm and stay patient.